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Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

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Unread 03-15-2008, 07:11 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hi everyone,

Yes, I agree that is does seem like everyone seems to be doing better. It is great to see us all coming along! Remember back in the first few weeks, we were all venting about how much we hurt (well, not all of us, but most of us)? It is amazign how the brain has the ability to forget pain.... not that I have completely forgotten it, but now that I am feeling better (not 100%, but a LOT better than I have) I am looking back thinking that the time went fast. It is still very real in my mind, though, what I went through these past 6 weeks.

I was just talking to a girlfriend of mine who still has her uterus and she was telling me how envious she is of me that I no longer have to deal with periods. She told me today, "I want a hysterectomy". haha. I responded to her by saying that the price you have to pay to no longer have any periods is pretty big... I have NO regrets even at this moment about this surgery, BUT to go through what I've gone through with this recovery, I told my friend that you only want a hysterectomy IF you really really need it! In my mind, it's not worth it JUST to get rid of your period, if your period is normal and not painful and heavy like mine were and many of the women's on this site were.

BUT, I tell you, I'm SO excited to never have a period, and this price I've paid over these past 6 week WAS worth it because I never have to let my period control my life again! :-) Woooooo Hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so here's my news for today.... DH and and I "did it".... :-) Everything went well.... had to use lots of lube being that my VaJJ has been "vacant" for actually about 10 weeks.

(PREGNANCY & CONCEIVING mentioned here....)
The reason why it's been about 10 weeks is that I was really afraid to have intercourse the month before my surgery. I had my last period the first week of January, the the week of my surgery was when my next period was supposed to come, but the doc removed everything before aunt flow could show her ugly face. Anyway, I always got pregnant SOOOO easily. After our last baby (when we knew we were done) sex was stressful for me (intercourse that is) because literally every month I'd be so stressed out even if my period was a few days late. It was always on my mind if I'd possibly be pregnant. Anyway, so after my last period in January, I knew that my last period would be about 2 days AFTER my hysterctomy, SO I just did not want to have intercourse at all that whole month only because I thought what IF I did get pregnant in January (obviously NOT planning on it) and then had the hyster just before my period was to start. Pregnancy tests do not show a positive until after you miss your period. I just told DH after my period in January that for my peace of mind for the rest of my life, I do not want to have intercourse at all after my last period in Janaury because I don't want to be wondering my whole rest of the life, "what IF I had gotten pregnant and then they took my uterus out..." or worse... what if the path report came back saying there was an embryo... anyway, I know it was probably a slim chance, but with me, I swear, both times we decided to "try", it took ONE time for me to get pregnant.

So, anyway, because of that, it has been probably 10 weeks since we've "done it".... and I'm happy to say it worked fine.... went slow... but no major pain for me, no bleeding.... so all is good. I definitely know that our sex life will be improved now that I have had this surgery.... just becasue of what I wrote above.

so, anyway, that is my big news for the day. :-)

K9Krazy -- Sounds like you've been doing really well!! It's great to hear from you because I haven't seen you post for a while. I love reading about your dogs! I know you have said before, but what breed of dogs do you have? And, what kind of training do you do in the field? Is it just behavior, or is it more than that (tricks and other things)? Do your dogs like getting a bath? I remember our dog, Scooby, hated baths. He'd just sit there and shake and put his tale between his legs as if we were torturing him. haha. And, then after the bath was over, we'd try to dry him as best we could, but he'd get away and just dash out and RUN like crazy all over the house and roll all over the carpets and on blankets.... haha.... it was always so funny. He had short hair, so he was pretty easy to keep clean.

that is great you were able to wear jeans with the suppport undies.... I'm not to that point yet, but like I said earlier, I can now wear jeans... as long as I don't sit down! haha!! half-way there.

Katsme: Congrats on the consumation!! Sounds like I'm not the only one getting busy around here. HAHA!! hopefully the "practice makes perfect" theory will work for you guys and each time the burning will get less.

I'm sure your 85 lb. lab will definitely help you get your muscles back into shape. How old is your dog? Is he/she pretty active? I love labs.... is it a black lab or yellow? (aren't there white labs, too??)

Roberta: Glad to hear you guys finally bought the dining room table set!!! I'm SO with you... I hate shopping... honestly, I would not have lasted 7 stores. haha. You are a trooper and I'm sure your DP was very happy you stuck with the price comparing and made it through the 7 stores. What does the table look like (I know... dumb question... you're probably thinkign.... it's flat on top, has 4 legs, and chairs sit around it). haha... Anyway, just wondering color, shape, style, etc. $700 is a GREAT deal on a dining room table! I'm glad you guys got such a steal!!

And, believe it or not, up until I was about 18 years old or so, I was INCREDIBLY shy... it was almost painful for me to talk to people I did not know.... but when I hit my 20's, I just kind of transformed into who I am now. My whole entire family are introverts... I always say I think I was switched at birth. (although I look JUST like my mom and my brothers and I really look alike, so I guess the whole switched at birth thing is probably not a possibility). haha.

Ok, ladies.... hope you all are having a great evening...

Take care!!
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Unread 03-15-2008, 07:20 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

LTR - Max is a chocolate Lab and will be two in May. He's a real sweetie, and spent alot of his time keeping my feet warm while I was in full resting mode.
Unread 03-15-2008, 08:21 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

LTR - I have Golden Retrievers (Doc, Merit, Shelle (she is Doc's daughter) and Bobby). I am learning field work to put a title on my young boy (he's about 2 1/2). I also show dogs (my own and other peoples) in confirmation (the beauty pagent stuff). All avenues actually do require training of some sort. Some things come a little more naturally, this boy is such a natural for the field and so smart!!! Then I have to train for confirmation because what we actually need them to do is not always the most fun thing for them, it is boring but there is food involved!!! And I have 2 that love baths and 2 that don't - the young boy actually tries to jump into the dog tub when the others are in there getting their baths because he just can't wait for his turn.... But they are all really fun.

Glad to hear relations went well for you!!!!! Remember when we were all excited about having a BM?

Katsme - don't push it with Max, those big boys just don't always know their own strength. Don't let him hurt you! They are such a joy but you have to know their limits with you!

I have missed "chatting" with all of you for the past week!!! So now I'm not going anywhere for a few weeks now - so I can keep in touch. I have to get my sewing/embroidery maching hooked up to this new computer so I can get some orders done within the next few weeks - and I'm excited about feeling good enough to want to sit at the sewing machine (thank goodness for laptops and not having to sit at a desktop during recovery)!

You guys all have a wonderful evening and I'll chat with you tomorrow!

Happy Healing!
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Unread 03-15-2008, 09:12 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008


The table set, including 6 chairs, cost about $1,500 including tax, delivery and a 5 year everything covered warranty. The savings was $700 off. Still a good deal. Here's a link to a pic. This has the leaf open. I know there's one with it closed...good luck getting there. http://www.allyourfurniture.com/cata...etailerID=937#

And I'm right there with you in terms of being shy and introverted until around 20. It was 19 for me, actually. When I came out and realized I wasn't alone in my feelings, I shed a huge burden and so many of the puzzle pieces came together. I'm 180 degrees different from when I was in school - was fun to go back to reunions and blow their minds, too. haha
Unread 03-15-2008, 10:50 PM
update on almost six weeks post-op

Hello sisters - wow. It's hard to believe that I'm almost six-weeks post op. Had a TAH-BSO on Feb 5 due to cysts on both ovaries that I knew NOTHING about until I went for a physical in early January. Had very regular periods with mild, if any, cramping. I remember that my last period started January 19 and I thought "I wonder if this is my last period forever?" Then I laughed. Well, it was. Came out of recovery in surgical menopause. Then I cried.

I'm feeling really good physically. I need to find a "maintenance" gyno going forward. So I'm G-shopping. A gynecologic oncologist performed the surgery and I don't/didn't have any malignancies (thank God); thus, no need for me to continue to see the gyno/onco any longer, who released me from his care three-weeks post-op. My internist had always performed my annual paps. Now I need an HRT specialist who can guide and monitor my progress if I decide to go the HRT route, which I likely will. Because . . . .

I'm starting to flash regularly . . .

not much sweating but just a few minutes of heat regularly. In the last 20 minutes, I've had two hot flashes. No HRT yet. I'll go check out the hormones forum for strategies on managing surgical menopause. What a bummer. On top of everything, my mom has stage IV cancer. I'm thankful I've been off work to spend much more time with her these last few weeks. When I put my surgery in perspective with what my mother's battling, there's no comparison, and I feel selfish for dwelling on my surgery/symptoms. Then, on top of that, after my surgery, I told my boyfriend of many years that I wanted to adopt a child since I'm 44 with no kids. He has an almost 21 year old son. He said he didn't want any of that responsibility and just wanted to hang out and fish during his free time. so that's that. That's typical of the support (uh, or not) I've received from him over the years. I'm thankful that I'll live the rest of my life with him as my ex. I'd rather be single and happy than have a non-supportive, selfish husband. I'm so glad we never married.

That's all for now . . . .thanks out there for listening! It's so nice to have this forum to yack, sister girlfriends!!! As Gloria Gaynor says in the song . . . "I Will Survive!"

Unread 03-15-2008, 11:23 PM
Double Whammy!

I have my post-op appointment next week, but I had to call into the clinic today because I suspected I had either a UTI or a yeast infection. Well, it turns out I have both! I was so thankful that even though this is a Saturday, they had an OB/GYN on duty and she was able to check me out and prescribe some meds. I knew I couldn't hold on until next week until I saw my regular OB/GYN. I was just too uncomfortable!

Although I do not post messages, I have been reading your posts almost daily. I just wanted to let you know that you have all helped me in this recovery period. Thank you so much!
Unread 03-16-2008, 12:31 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Just finished up reading all the posts from the day... Ok I sooooo called it that week 6 would start with the sex talk! lol
WTG ladies on being brave enough to go there and I am happy to hear that it was not a bad experience.

Someone (sorry to many posts to remember whom) asked what I played in rock band. I play it all. I probably sing the most, but I play the drums and do the bass as well. I like the drums the best. I love music so it is a fun game for me. I also just got the American Idol game in the mail on Friday. It is official... I can't sing!! lol

I spent the day pretty much relaxing today with a few trips out here and there. The day started pretty bad when I walked outside and got into my hummer and saw that the gardener had shattered my window with a rock while weed wacking. He of course denied it although it was pretty obvious as he had just done that area of the yard and the window was still making noise when we got in the car. Since the reason we were going out was my bird going back to the vet to check his progress I had little time to argue with the gardener about the incident. After that, all went pretty smooth today. I ran out and got a few more books as I was out of unread ones. We bought the Bee movie at walmart and watched that.. It was ok, more for kids I guess.

I doubt we will do much tomorrow as it is supposed to be cold and rainy.

Monday is my 6 week appt. and I am hoping the doc clears me for bowling and shooting. This is a great time of the year for outdoor activity in Phx before it gets to hot. My DH and I love to go shoot skeet. I also need to know how much I can lift as I think we are going to move at the beginning of May. We decided not to buy a home when we relocated back to phx a year and a half ago due to the slumping and falling housing market. We rented a house a year ago which we really like but we are overpaying by about $700 per month. We have found several homes that are comparable with this one in the range that they should be going for as opposed to the over inflated price we are paying. Soooo my guess is unless the owners of our home want to knock 700 off our rent we will be moving May 1st. It is really weird for us to be renting as we have owned our last 3 homes but it is a safer option for us in this market. Hubbys job has moved us about once every two years and we could take a terrible loss on a home if we bought now.

Oh well I think I am going to start one of my new books. Glad everyone had a good day and I am sure we have a lot more of those to come.

Unread 03-16-2008, 02:31 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

What amazing posts you have all written. Just by the length and number of them it is obvious that we are all feeling so much better. Lots of tales of trips out and activities accomplished. It is so exciting reading about what you have all been up to. It reminds me just how big the US really is, all the different places you all come from.

Never thought I would say this but its great to read about your sex lives lol Sounds like it went well if a little cautiously. I cant wait to be given the all clear but I know both me and DH are aprehensive.

Paula - how is Riley coming along? I hope he is doing well and that he will be back home soon.

My big news for today is my doggie - Jake - is coming home. He has been staying with my mum since I went into the castle and boy has he been spoilt. My mum says things like - he doesnt like his breakfast without hot milk on does he? Errr he does at my house, or He so enjoys a biscuit mid morning, errr no he doesnt, I dont give him biscuits. And the best one - he doesnt let me go to bed until I have made him a piece of toast. I am not sure but I suspect he may have put on some weight whilst being with my mum. It always surprises me how quickly a dog can learnt new tricks that suit them eg barking and being given toast, but how slowly then can learn things like Stay, or dont jump. I wonder who really trains who lol But anyway I cant wait to get him home.

So my plans are to walk round to my mums with DH, pick up Jake, take him a walk, with my DH holding the leash, and then back home and sit down, Jake and me on the couch, and do some reading.

Hope everyone has an outstanding day

Ally xx
Unread 03-16-2008, 06:14 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Morning all.. its early here and im up,,, not much sleep last night, didnt take the Ambien just to see how it would go... and it didnt go well! lol.

Ally... thanks for asking about Riley! The kids pick him up today, but they talked to the vet clinic and they said he was up and out of his crate, eating, had been out to potty, taking his pills, wagging his tail, basically doing well. They still cant believe they have a dog with a pacemaker! ( neither can i) What kind of dog is Jake? I have a golden retriever, rescue dog, love him but he is 75 lbs of per energy and we havent been to the woods or park since my surgery and he is certainly getting cabin fever like I am. They were here yesterday with my granddaughter who was whiny and clinging to her Mom.. i said..I'll bet shes getting sick, and sure enough, by the time they left, she had a 101 fever and a running nose. Ive been staying away the past 6 weeks on purpose as to not get sick. I guess if iget sick now it wont be as big a deal, but i really am hoping not! Going to disinfect everything she came in contact with! lol.

It is great to hear everyone is doing so wellll... I did a lot yesterday, vacumed for the first time, washed the kitchen and sun room floor, cleaned the bathrooms, dusted. Then the kids were here for pizza, by the time they left around 9 I was beat and sore. My legs ache too, and i think thats just cause i havent been walking. I have pretty bad varicose veins and need to walk to keep the muscles around them in shape or they hurt. So Im planning on getting out today and walking.
LTR... whooo hooo! "doing it!". Glad it went well.
Everyone..have a great Sunday! Im going to go get the Sunday paper, make some coffee and read thru it.
Unread 03-16-2008, 11:29 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008


I missed your post that your pup Riley was at the vet. I am glad everything is ok. I am also glad you posted this morning as I thought when I first read Allys post she had confussed the names as we took our Reilly to the vet yesterday (my Reilly is a bird). I think it is great we have so many animal lovers on this thread. Animals are proven to help healing so we should all be doing great soon!

For those who don't have dogs of their own who may be considering becoming a pup parents.... In Tucson they confiscated 800 dogs from a little old couple's house. There are now 800 pups who need a good home. For those who are bird lovers... There was almost 100 birds as well. They say they were breeding and selling on the internet and things got out of hand.... It makes me cry when I think about how those poor babys lived.

OK my phone is going to give me no peace today so I will shut up and finally answer it.. Have a great day ladies :-)


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