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Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

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Unread 02-18-2008, 08:24 PM

Good evening everyone,

I enjoyed all your comments today and late last night, you ladies were busy over the past weekend, my DH has been playing security guard for almost two weeks now.

I went in today for my first post-op appt. and my doctor removed my steri strips and cleaned my incision with a alcohol pad. He told me and my DH, because I told him he needed to hear what the doctor said also.

To clean my incision daily with the alcohol pads and blow dry with a hair dryer on low to make sure it is completly dry. He said I was healing well and told my DH that I can leave the house, but for me to judge myself on how I felt. HaHa!

So after we left the doctors office we went to the grocery store together but I drove one of those carts instead of walking, we both got a kick out of that but it was fun to get out.

My doctor also showed me the pictures of my uterus and I thought I was going to be sick looking at all those fibroids I could not believe that was walking around with that much stuff inside of me. Thank goodness it is gone. I told him I was having hot flashes sometime but he insist that this is just temporary because of the surgery and should stop soon. I told him my BM are back to normal, I started eating raisin bran daily and this seemed to do the trick for me.

But he told me he wants me to take the entire 6 weeks off for my body to heal properly so I am off from work until March 17, once I really start feeling better and the weather warms a little I will really enjoy that.

I hope you all got rested from your fun weekend outings and have more energy soon.

Carla SAH-02-07-08
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Unread 02-18-2008, 09:41 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Fia - You are named after one of my past programs that I worked on as a SW developer and in Operations :-)

I have also been to Daphnes - in Seal Beach. Is that a chain? I had the gyros pita and it was yummy!!

I had a friend over tonight and we made spaghetti and meat sauce and watched the Nanny Diaries. It was OK - I'm sure he hated it - such a chick flick. Otherwise I have been really taking it easy today and feel pretty good. I have not had any medication since Saturday and am feeling no pain at the moment. I think that I must have just overdone it on Saturday and paid for that yesterday when I was feeling gimpy. Now things seem back on track and I am gaining momentum for Wednesday.

I can't work from home since it is a secure area and nothing can leave the facility or classified networks. I do, however, have a bunch of online training that is required and I can get to on the "unclassified" network. So I plan to go to the office for about 6 hours the first 2 days and then do 2 hours of training when I get home. My couch will miss me by then,and i can do it laying down with the cat curled up at my feet (like right now!!)

Well, off to be for me! See everyone tomorrow!
Unread 02-18-2008, 10:24 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hi all,
Feeling a little left out at the moment, can't get on line when everyone else is talking......I'm sleeping. I had a terrible day today, nearly passed out twice from pain trying to have a BM. Waiting for a call from my Gyno as I speak to see what he suggests. I have the enema here ready and waiting !! Will also mention the continued pressure on my pelvic area, Thought it was getting better but it's come back with a vengence.

Gyno has rung me back and assured me that all is normal. Pelvic pain - he says everything there has been altered a lot and it is to be expected that there will be some discomfort for a while longer yet. BM- Stool softeners (surprise, surprise) I was 99% certain he'd say that but the pain was unbearable and I got scared. I'm not using that enema unless I have to. enema=enemy.........

I guess we all overdid the weekend. Mind you it's late Tuesday here.
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Unread 02-18-2008, 10:51 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

I was put on Estrodiol on the 14th, took my first dose on am of 15th. I don't really understand why I'm having to take it. I feel abnormally calm.. more emotionally and physically balanced then before my surgery. (everything removed except my frozen cervix-due to endo). The reason he put me on it I think, it because I asked him about it. He told me in the castle we would discuss it at post op when I got my staples out (22 of them from what DH says). We both forgot so I called him the next day and he called a Rx in for me. <shrugs> Anyone else not getting "menopausal symptoms"?

I had a pretty busy day, because of president's day my kids were home (7 and 14.. plus a friend of my son's stayed the night) my daughter busted her lip open and I had a slight moment of panic/emotion.. I felt so useless if it would have been more serious to be taken to the hospital. I can't drive yet.

My mom came by today to take me to the grocery store to pick up some things. I feel bad because she's got a bad back and I feel like I've been running her ragged. My husband has been working long hours. I am doing ok with "fending for myself" to a point...I live in a two story house, I plan my moves carefully. I usually stay upstairs in my room (tv master bathroom, and mini library) I usually go down only for a snack or drink which isn't too often. When I go down (or up) I make sure I stay where I end up for a while to not push myself.

I got back from the grocery store, son put away food etc and I collapsed. I never thought less than an hour at the store would drain me so badly. A funny moment was when my mom took me to WalMart the other day, I was in one of those carts and she walked beside me.. picture it a 34 yr old woman in the motor scooter thingie and a 59 yr old woman with a cane walking beside her.. imagine the looks we got ROFL!

When you guys mention swelly belly, does it feel like your whole stomach is a big bruise?? That is my major complaint, I walk like a 90 yr old... very slowly.. and it hurts!

Unread 02-18-2008, 10:55 PM
Positive experience - TAH - Feb. 8, 2008

Hi Hystersisters!!

My name is Irish Bridie. This is the story of my hysterectomy surgery. It was a very positive experience in my life. I made it through! I had a Total Abdominal Hysterectomy on Friday, February 8, 2008. The doctor took my uterus and cervix and left my ovaries and tubes, due to a fibroid in my cervix the size of a baseball. I’m 44 years old.

Just to let you know….my husband and daughter are mentioned.

History of my fibroid:

I had this fibroid for 10 years. At my pap smear 10 years ago, the doctor found this fibroid in my cervix and said it was the size of a pea. She said no need to worry, just keep it checked yearly. I did. Five years later, it grew to the size of an egg. I had ultrasounds and CAT scans to check it. It wasn't causing any problems and my cycles were regular. At a follow-up appointment later, the radiologist saw that the fibroid had necrosed (death of tissue or cells due to lack of blood flow) and flattened out like a pancake. My doctor said the fibroid basically leveled out, would always be there, would never regenerate and probably never cause any future problems. Well, 5 years later, which is now, I started getting nauseous daily and there was a pushing feeling under my ribs and on my bladder. In the mornings, I had to race to the bathroom so I wouldn't go potty on the floor! My family and I knew that I probably had a new fibroid because of the past one. We just moved to a new state (we live in the USA), got new health insurance and now I had to find another new doctor. I was lucky to find a wonderful, female OBGYN here. I had my appointment, told her of a suspected fibroid, had an ultrasound and the news came back that my fibroid regenerated and grew to the size of a baseball. It was tipped sideways and was pushing up towards my stomach. She said the previous doctor was wrong in telling me that fibroids don’t regenerate. She said the core of fibroids stay mushy even though they may flatten out and that they always have the chance of regenerating. So, there you have it.

Surgery date:

The doctor said I could wait until summer to be operated on, but here it is February and I have been sooooooo nauseous every morning! I couldn’t imagine waiting four more months with this nausea. One night we were riding in the car and I had to tell my husband to pull over and get a plastic bag from the trunk in case I threw up. I never actually vomited but the feeling of always being nauseous is over the top. My family and I decided to get the surgery date as soon as possible. I asked the scheduling woman to please look for a date for me before the month was up….and she did. She found me a surgery date for 3 weeks after my appointment. It ended up being just the right amount of time to prepare for the big day.

Preparation for surgery:

I have found that if I am calm, then the rest of my family stays calm. No use getting all worked up about anything really. The days come and go and we could decide to get to those days all nerved up or with the attitude of “calm water…..smooth sailing.” This was a big operation for my mind, my body and my soul. I accepted that it was going to be a part of my experience as a woman and that I must….go with it. No choice in the matter really. I also knew that on the other side of it, that my body would feel better and the dreaded NAUSEA would disappear! So….we got everything ready. We got all the cleaning done, laundry, dishes, filled the refrigerator with ginger ale, pasta salads, fruits, vegetables and yogurt. We filled the cupboards with saltine crackers, bread and cereal. We bought my surgery prep (magnesium citrate) and put it in the refrigerator so it would be all ready for me. We checked with the health insurance if all would be covered. We drove to the hospital and went to the surgery area, the floor where I would be staying post-surgery and even where we would park, so there would be no questions or stress on the day of surgery. All of this preparation was a relief to my family and I as we knew what to expect. We knew it would go smoothly if everything was ready…..and it did. Ready, set, go!

Surgery day:

The day before surgery, I drank the bottle of refrigerated, lemon flavored, magnesium citrate, sip by sip, accompanied by a glass of water and a Sprite soda. The citrate tasted like Sprite to me because I drank them together. I drank it slowly over the period of ½ hour and then it started to work by the end of the hour. The bathroom routine lasted about 6 hours and I was able to finish packing the necessities for my hospital stay. My husband and daughter packed some board games and a deck of cards to play at the hospital while waiting and it all went like clockwork. The next morning when I woke up, I thought to myself…yikes…this is it! I opened the blinds to a sunny day and looked at the beautiful sky. I sang to myself ….”Here Comes the Sun…” It worked……it helped me to stay calm. I was only going to be positive to get through this surgery. So, we drove there, waited, I was called in and started my prep. I had to give a urine specimen because they check all women going in for hysterectomy surgery to see if they are pregnant and do not want to be responsible for surgically removing a womb with a fetus. It wasn’t upsetting at all. I understood this procedure because my doctor told me they would be doing it. As I was putting on my hospital robe, I surely had a reality check that this surgery was happening! I have had previous surgeries and I was always prepped and then would lie in the hospital bed and would be wheeled to the operating room. This time was kind of surreal. I was all ready to go, my family came in to sit with me and then the nurses and everyone who was going to care for me showed up with a wheelchair. I said…”Wow…so much attention…I feel like a movie star”…..they all laughed. They wheeled me only around the corner hallway and said here we are. I got up and walked into the operating room! The assistants were in there all dressed and ready to go, the nurses and doctor were all talking very calmly to me to step up and lay on the operating table and then they started the medicine and the overhead lights were blaring in my eyes. I mentioned that I was going to think of the most beautiful places that my family has traveled to and then fell asleep thinking of that. I woke up to bold pain and remember telling the nurse of the pain being an 8 on a scale from 1-10 and she said “Don’t worry honey, the medicine will kick in soon.” The next time I woke up, I was in my hospital room looking at my husband and daughter walking in with a giant balloon and a stuffed animal! And…..the nausea was gone….Thank God!!! The nurses were very helpful especially the first one who came into my room post-surgery. She made sure I was comfortable and had everything I needed. I was told by my family that the doctor said that my fibroid ended up being larger than the baseball size that she originally suspected it was. It turned out to be very dense and the size of a grapefruit. The fibroid overtook my cervix. Even though it wasn’t the size of a baseball, I still feel I hit a home run getting it out of my abdomen! So, I stayed at the hospital for 2 days and then came home. The car ride home from the hospital was a little hard due to the bumps in the road, but my husband and daughter brought blankets and pillows for me to sit on which helped immensely.

Post-surgery recovery:

We set up the guest room upstairs as my recovery room. My family is taking good care of me…they are like 2 private, home nurses! I have a tv, computer, our bookcases and 2 windows where the nice sunshine comes in every morning. For the first week, I had to take Percocet every 4 hours for the pain. The pain felt like a sunburn on my incision. At exactly one week, I just couldn’t take Percocet anymore. It was kind of making me sick to my stomach. I am extremely sensitive to all medications so I was only taking ½ of a pill of Percocet compared to the recommended dosage for an adult which is 2 pills. The ½ pill of Percocet takes about 30 seconds to stop any pain in my body. I took it before for leg surgery and it worked very well, short term, for my pain control. At 1 week, I switched to Tylenol for the pain and Advil for the swelling, alternating every 5 hours. It works very well. The nurses had me take Colace stool softener twice a day for bowel movements, which didn’t work at all for me and it caused terrible gas pains. They didn’t allow me to take the Metamucil fiber drink because it might have caused too much bulk. It took 6 days for me to have a bowel movement. Now, I am on day 10 of my post-surgery and I am back taking my daily Metamucil and I am regular with little gas pains. What a relief! This is the first time I’ve been able to sit at the computer and write about my surgery experience. I’ve just been resting, watching movies, sleeping, eating soft foods and fruits, drinking ginger ale and juices and wearing out a path in the carpeting doing my laps around the 2nd floor of our house! I only bled a small amount of dark red blood at the hospital that they said was normal for post-surgery and there hasn’t been any discharge since. I’m wearing a panty shield just in case but it sure is nice to think of the future with no more monthly cycles……….Hip, Hip, Hooooooooooooooooooooray! Here comes the sun………….!

Best wishes to all of you on your way to surgery…..take it one step at a time. Best wishes to all of you recovering…..soon you’ll be able to skip and hop down the street!

Irish Bridie
Unread 02-18-2008, 11:01 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

oh! quick addition about the estrodiol. From what I've read online, estrogen is what feeds any endo I have left. It's why my doctor told me I didn't have to worry about it anymore in the hospital since both my ovaries are gone.. but now I'm taking estrogen... shoudln't I be concerned?

Unread 02-18-2008, 11:04 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hi Gizmax!

Good to hear from you.... oh, I'm sorry you feel left out, but it is only 10 PM here, and I see you just wrote. :-) Probably the ladies on the east coast of the USA are in bed, but us west-coasters are probably awake!! So, it's still possible to "talk". :-)

I just think it's so amazing that YOU are in Australia and the rest of us are across the world in the USA and we are talking!! That is so cool.... and all of us post at all different times of the day, so you are SO completely included because you post along with all of us. I totally think about you and wonder how you're doing... you're the only Aussie here!! That is cool.

Anyway, i think a LOT of us had bad days. Isn't that funny? I wonder if there is something about the 2 week mark (or almost the 2 week mark) where we all take a step back? My day got better as it went on.... I had a very rough night last night and a rough morning/early afternoon, but by about 1:30 PM, I started to feel better. But, I did lay on my couch pretty much all day, except to get up to get some food, go to the bathroom, and take a shower. So, maybe just laying down all morning/early afternoon is what I needed.

I'm feeling pretty good this evening, too. I hope tomorrow is a good day!

Gizmax.... what you are experiencing with the painful BM is VERY normal... we all here are experiencing that. For me, it's just terrible. I hate it... like I've said before (and stole this from someone else on this board), I say "I'm giving birth to my BM" because it is AS painful as birth! haha.

But, I don't know if it's what I ate or what, but today, it wasn't AS painful... it hurt, but maybe it's getting better for me.... I'm probably jinxing myself and will have the most painful one yet tomorrow. I am goign twice a day now, so that is nice! That is the only part of me that is actually starting to feel NORMAL.

Well, hopefully you won't have to drag out that enema!! EWWW! Just hang in there.... drink pear juice or prune juice, eat lots of fiber, drink lots of water, walk as much as you can.... eat fresh fruit.... if you do all of this, it might make things come outeasier.... but the pain will probably still be there.

Good luck my Aussie friend!! :-)

Take care and talk to you soon.... I'll be online for another couple hours for sure if you want to talk some more!
Unread 02-18-2008, 11:08 PM
abnormal reaction to surgery

Hello All~

I had a TAH and a LSO on Feb 11th. Today I just came home. I have had quite a week. I went in thinking I was having just a normal hysterectomy....It didn't turn out that way.

I went in last monday morning. Had my TAH and LSO surgery. Within a couple of hours out of surgery my hear rate increased and blood pressure dropped. I was wisked back into surgery very quickly. (I have little memory of this) I was bleeding internally and needed blood transfusions. They fixed me up and about 3 hours later once again I was in recovery....my heart rate went up and my respirations stopped. I guess they did one of those 'code' calls that you don't want to hear at the hospital. I had too much pain medicine on board so they had to reverse the effects of the medicine. They gave me shots of narcon (sp?) after the second shot I responded but when back under, one more shot and I woke up looked around the room and said, "there are alot of people here...that can't be good" Thank the Lord for modern technology. I ended up in ICU and needed 6 blood transfusions. Oh my. Found out I may have some sort of blood condition called DIC. I don't know enough about it yet, but will be investigating.

I came home today...I am very emotional about the whole thing. This experience is NOT typical...just happens to be mine. My emotions are all over the board..I am thankful to be alive and well enough to be typing on this computer. I am having pain in my gut, but hoping that will get easier as the days pass...

Glad to have all of you hyster sisters....I debated if I should even write this...but then decided it is just my experience and very rare....

Lots of Hugs

TAH and LSO 2-11-08
Unread 02-18-2008, 11:15 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hi Sass,

Yes!! My tummy feels like a HUGE DEEP bruise! I am SO fearful someone is going to bump into it or i'm going to bump into something. I don't even like to touch it.... it is SOOOOO sensitive. I've been trying to figure out a way to describe how this feels to my family and friends, and you articulated that so well... a big bruise! But, it just feels like it's not a surface bruise, but it's bruised really deep, too. I hope it doesn't last the full 6 weeks!!

Irish Birdie.... welcome to our cool Feb. 4 - 11 club! A bunch a great women post here.

Loved reading your report! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad it was so positive... It's always relief to hear positive stories, because that is what I wish for everyone. :-)

I look forward to chatting with you here on this thread


Welcome! Wow... you really went through a LOT! Oh my goodness... you should not have debated writing your story... that is your story, and it's good for peopel to read because you never know when someone else here could relate and feel like they are not alone.

I'm really happy you are home and that they got everything under control!! wow....

keep on posting here and on the forum below! I have read lots of stories from other women who had hysters at different dates who have had a lot of complications like you... so I'm sure you can find people who can really relate to you!!

Thanks for sharing your story!!

Take care!
Unread 02-18-2008, 11:18 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008


wow! I am glad you decided to post on the forums. It took me a few days after finding to to catch up and post. I'm glad I did too. It's helpful in many ways.. if nothing more than to not feel totally alone. Even with your difficult situation we have not having a uterus in common. I hope things improve for you quickly.


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