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Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

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Unread 02-20-2008, 11:39 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008


As far as I know excersize is not permitted until 6 to 8 weeks after surgery.
As far as the bathroom thing I feel a bit of pain also. When I go tinkle it seems it goes then stops then goes again sometimes up to 4 times. BM's are just plain uncomfortable any way they happen.

I am still losing weight. Anyone else still losing? I lost a pound from yesterday. I didnt eat much though as we need groceries I guess I will have to go get some today. Thinking of eating healthier as the chips and ** **'s are not giving me energy! I still dont have the appetite I had pre surgery. I am not complaining just wondering if it is normal.

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Unread 02-20-2008, 11:58 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

I'm really sorry to read about the problems some of you are going thru with bleeding and stuff. My heart goes out to you!
I had my 2 week post op today, he said I was looking good. He threw the gauze I put over my incision in the trash, I told him I had it on there so I didn't have to look at it, and he got a mirror and said, why? look how beautiful your scar is! LOL I said, sure, it should be in pictures!
Ok, tell me if you all think I'm being paranoid...in the recovery room after the operation in the hospital, as I was coming to, I heard 2 nurses talking, one said "He had to take her ovaries and everything...I found my voice and said Do I still have my ovaries, she sounded startled, I couldn't see her, my eyes weren't working yet, but she said "Yes, you kept those". I said "I thought I heard you say he took them out", and she said "I guess you did hear me say that". Then that was it, I blacked out again. I have asked my doc 2 times now about it and he says I have my ovaries. Today I picked up the short term disability papers the DR had sent to my employer and on it, its written Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy. I didn't even know what that meant, had to look it up.
I know, paranoid, but I can only laugh nervously about that.
Anyways, hoping you all a full recovery, and that everyday will be better than the last.
Unread 02-20-2008, 12:20 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Welcome digital! I had my surgery the same day. This would be a question for your Dr. Ive been told limited activity, walking, etc. for at least 6 weeks, but it would depend on the type of hysterectomy you had also. Your Dr or one of the nurses in the office could give you a much better answer.
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Unread 02-20-2008, 12:42 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008


Hmmm.... I would be paranoid, too. Did your doctor specifically say before your surgery that he would be keeping your ovaries for sure? Did he at all say there is a possibility he might need to remove them once he gets inside of you and he sees them? Just wondering what your understanding was before your surgery?

If your understanding was that your doctor was for sure keeping your ovaries.... for sure.... then I'd be a bit paranoid, too.

You could always request an ultrasound. That way you could SEE if they are in there. if your doctor is saying he kept them inside of you, but you heard the nurses saying what they did say, yet on your papers, it said Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy.... Isn't BSO removing ovaries? Maybe I'm totally wrong. My doctor did not remove mine, but just from this site, I had thought BSO means removing Ovaries. Please correct me if I'm wrong about what BSO means. I might be totally wrong.

I know on my surgery papers, it said: Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, and so my doc only took my uterus and cervix, and so that is what TAH means.

It sounds like you are getting conflicting information.. You could ask your doctor for an u/s so you can see. If he says no, then go to another doctor and explain the situation and ask to have that doctor send you in for an u/s...

But, maybe I'm just being paranoid for you, and we both don't need to be paranoid. HAHA!!

Let's see what others say.

Unread 02-20-2008, 12:45 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hey Digital!

Welcome. I agree with Specs... talk to your doctor. Everyone is given different instructions about when they can start any physical activity. I know for me, even if my doctor said I could do sit-ups now, I couldn't even imagine doing them.... I'm still "rolling" off my couch to get up. HAHA!!

But, talk to your doctor!! He/she might have a time-frame for you and possibly suggestions of other ab exercised you could do instead of sit-ups.

Take care!!
Unread 02-20-2008, 12:53 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Sister 444.. Im confused too! Idont think the surgery papers you recieved match what your Dr. seems to be telling you. I would get some clairification on this from someone... your post surgery decisions on HRT, etc. would depend on that.
Let us know.. Im sure theres some mix-up thats easily explained.

Loves to Run.. how you doing today after yesterdays outing? I was back in bed for a nap by 11:30 this morning..lol. Am thinking about making some decadant chocolate brownies this afternoon though, and making picking up some Chinese take-out for dinner.
Unread 02-20-2008, 12:57 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Sister 444
I am pretty sure that if he took out your ovaries, you'll start to be able to tell because you 'll have menopause symptoms. You might look on the site for information about when those kick in (I know they don't start right away, necessarily, because you stll have hormones in your system.)
If it were me, I would ask for the surgery report, the pathology report, and ask my doc why he put that on the disability form.
I wouldn't worry about the nurses, because...you probably were not the only person in the recovery room and they could have been talking about someone else --not even that day's patient, for that matter. But what he put on teh form would make me paranoid, too!
Unread 02-20-2008, 01:28 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hi Specs...

I feel like I got run over by a truck today. HAHA!! that outing yesterday just wiped me out! Gosh, here I am... young, 36 years old, very athletic, very energetic yet a 1 1/2 hour outing to and from the hospital to visit my friend wipes me out for more than 24 hours.... haha!! To be honest, it just makes me laugh becuase this is SO opposite of who i am.

But, I know... i realize this is all about the healing process, and i jsut had major surgery! PATIENTS... I need PATIENTS!!!

This morning, i woke up at 6:30 AM and actually felt pretty good. I didn't think I needed a Percocit. I've been taking a Percocit only in the morning and the evening now.

But, by about 8 AM, this INCREDIBLE exhaustion just came over me. It was intense. I actually felt nauseated because of this immense exhaustion. I felt like every single muscle in my body just became so weak!! My husband was about to leave for work, and the kids are at home with me today due to a school vacation.

I laid on the couch and told my husband that I feel like I'm about to pass out...I was just really weak and exhausted. I told him he can't leave until the kids are totally entertained w/out needing me! So, he put the boys in front of the computer and let them play their computer game (which they could play ALLLLL day long if we let them).

My husband told me the kids were mesmorized by the computer now, and I won't hear a peep out of them.

So, he left for work, and I IMMEDIATLY fell asleep. I woke up at 10 AM! I slept HARD for 2 hours. The boys were still on the computer when i woke up. I feel kind of bad just throwing them on the computer, but I had no other choice... it's just me and the boys at home right now.

Then, my husband had good timing. he called me at 10:15 to check in on me. I was SUPER groggy and I did NOT want to move or get up. I felt like every muscle in my body was so weak! So, my husband said he had a 1 hour break at work and he could run home if I felt i needed it. So, I told him I am hungry, but I would rather have hunger pains than get up off this couch to get me food. HAHA!!

So, he came home JUST to make me food.... what a guy!

So, he made me some yummy food (left-overs, actually... he does not cook, but he can re-heat things! haha). Then, he hung out with the boys for a little bit....

I ended up finally rising off my couch around 11 AM, which is when he had to go back to work. But, then about 11:30, more pain and achiness started to set in.... no matter how I sat or laid down, I could NOT get comfortable because of the new level of pain. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, i took a percocit (sigh). Oh well. I have been taking only two Percocit in a 24 hour period for the last several days, which is a HUGE improvement for me.

Today I actually thought I was going to be going down to 1 Percocit a day (the evening before bed), because I didn't feel I needed one this morning. But, I did take one a little bit ago, and i am feeling a lot better.

So, not off the Percocit yet, but I'm ONLY taking it when I absolutely need it....which like I said seems to be two pills in a 24 hour period...

so, that is how I'm doing. I have NO energy right now.... yesterday, I had SO much energy. So, I think that outing really did me in!

I'm doing nothing today, except eat, sleep and poop.... and watch some TV and do email and post here! HAHA!!

Maybe tomorrow my energy will start to come back after a FULL day of rest!

I can't wait to feel completely normal.... I can't wait to go out and run 6 miles for my morning workout! I can't wait to start up volunteering at my kid's schools again. i jsut can't wait to get back to normal life!

Also, my parents have been helping out SO much. They've been taking our kids a LOT. So, today, I didn't ask my parents to take the boys because I just feel bad they have had to take them so much.... M-W this week was a school vacation, so they've been out of school this week.

But, my mom called a little bit ago, and she said, "gosh, you sound so tired! I'm coming to get the boys from you today!" I tried to talk her out of it, because I really just feel so bad they've been doing so much and having the boys so much. My kids are SO energetic, and my parents are in their late 60's so I KNOW it wears them out to have the boys.

But, my mom insisted... so she is coming at 1:30 to pick up the boys, and will keep them till 5 PM. Bless HER! I know it'll be good for the boys, too.... I just can't do much with them right now, so I feel bad. But, this way, they will get out of the house and get some activity in today!

So, that is my update about me as of now. :-)

Take care!!

Kathy, aka: couch potato!!
Unread 02-20-2008, 01:32 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008


You are not being paranoid. You have a right to know what and why something was taken from your body. The procedure you decribed (without looking it up) does sound like he removed at least one of your ovaries. If it is written on you disability forms I would call your doctor and find out just what is going on. If your ovaries were removed I would imagine there is a lot more info you would need regarding your options and maybe HRT. I would also be curious as to why the ovaries had to come out (if they indeed did) due to submucosal fibroids. I would think endo or something else would be reason for removal or ovaries not just the type of fibroids your signature shows. Also if you are not grossed out by it ask for pictures! I got pictures of my uterus and ok it is gross but I know exactly what they took and why!

I hope you find your answers soon I know that not knowing can be frusterating and if you have no ovaries you are going to need more information!

Best of luck and a good recovery to ya hun!
Unread 02-20-2008, 01:44 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008


You have the right idea! Just take it easy today, listen to your body. I am in the same boat as you today although not quite as bad. After my outting last night I am taking it easy today. Doing some school work and just relaxing. My husband is working from home this week so his conference calls give me something to listen to besides the television..lol

If I am feeling up to it I am going to go to the grocery store later but if not ... oh well I am getting used to lounging around! I managed to cook up some CNS (chicken noodle soup) for myself and also had some canned peaches for lunch. It was not awesome but I think good for digestion. Plus I am proud I actually made my own meal (as easy as it seems it is not always).

Well back to the school work for me I am hoping to do half my stuff this afternoon so I better get to it.


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