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Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

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Unread 02-24-2008, 11:36 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

[quote=Loves to Run]Bluejay.... Oh my goodness!!! wow... I'm SO sorry about your aunt. Were there any witnesses at all, or did your aunt get a good look at these guys to help identify them? At what point did the police get involved? Wow.... I really hope they catch these guys and lock them up! I really hope your aunt will be able to do OK after this.... and just the whole family. What a huge trauma. Please keep us posted on this situation.

No there were no witnesses. My Aunt opening the back door to let the dogs out and got jump there. They were cover head to toe. Once my Uncle (handcoft and legs tie, in clouset with fieling cabint in frount of door) hooped to the kitchen and my Aunt (hands and legs tie) crawed to the kitchen and got a knife to cut the ties, then call the police, almost 8 1/2hrs. The police did not even take the only things that would have there DNA on it. I guess their CSI team is not the good. The 3 were in a house behind them wachting for a week to pland the move. I do not know what was in that house. My Uncle could tell they were not from the town he lives in. 15 cops were there and 2 tv crews. My Father walk by my Aunt's house about 8:30am and had no clue what my Aunt was going thou. Not until they had drop me off at my house (shoping) and went home did they found out. The cops had to let them thou the yellow tape so they could get home (three houses down).

Maybe there is something like this wonderful site for their trauma. I will have to see if I can find one. I have been cold all day and it is 76 in the house and in the 80s out side. A headake and very very . Thank you Ladys for all your words.
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Unread 02-24-2008, 12:30 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hello all....

Bluejay, I'm SO sorry about your aunt and uncle!! DP was robbed at gunpoint at the store almost 6 years ago, tied up with duct tape on hands, ankles and across her eyes, and had a very hard time for a while. She still can't have silver duct tape in the house, tho colors are ok. She had to go through intensive therapy and treatment for PTSD and although she still has problems sometimes, it's pretty rare now. Unfortunately, PTSD is something that will be with her and them the rest of their lives. If they can get hooked up with a victim advocate or services, those people deal specifically with traumatic events and know how to treat PTSD. Your father will probably need some support as well...I'm sure the guilt will really bite hard. I really hope they get the help they need.

Kathy -yeeha on the Perc ending! I hope it continues and you don't have to go back on it.

Madge - hormones, dear. It's all your hormones playing games and fluctuating. As Kathy said, there are other ways to achieve the big O without intercourse/penetration. As long as your doctor says it's ok, go for it and enjoy.

Armywife - WOOHOO on the cancer report!!! No better news today!!!

Karen - I'm so sorry you're having a rough time. I guess despite feeling great, our bodies still need to remind us that healing is a process and to take it easy. Ultimately it will get better.

Michelle - welcome to our party! Sorry to hear about the reation to the tape. Sucks. Years ago, I had a lumpectomy (benign) and my breast skin reacted to the bandage tape by blistering. Definitely not fun.

As for me, I'm trying jeans today for the first time since surgery. So far so good, but after I put them on, the incision felt over-sensitive to the pressure and zipper so I put a pad on for cushioning. I'll let you know how it works later. I'm going to head out of the house alone for the first time today, probably hit Target (no pun intended) and buy some tummy flattening/firmer panties. Been wearing the grannies or boxers, and it seems the boxers that offer a tad more support feel better. I want to see if real support feels even better. Worst case is I waste a few bucks.

I had the visiting PT come today. Really didn't need her, but since the rehab doc ordered it, had to. She was pretty impressed with only being 17 days out from surgery and felt that while I don't really need PT in general (after 20 years, I've adapted as well as I'm going to), the thought of it this soon after surgery was absurd. No kidding, but hey, had to play the game.

That's about it for the first post of the day. I'm sure I'll be back later.

Unread 02-24-2008, 01:02 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008


It is so amazing how your DP had the same experience as Bluejay's aunt (not that I'm saying I'm HAPPY they had those experiences.... at all... believe me, it just sounds like the worst thing anyone can imagine). But, isn't it amazing how you having your hyster during the week of Feb. 4 - 11 and same as Bluejay that YOU could offer her such support from a first-hand (well, almost first-hand) experience? I do not know anyone in my life who has ever been robbed of anysort, let alone by gunpoint and tied up?

I think it's so amazing how all of us women never "knew" each other prior to our hysters and now we are able to all come together and relate to each other in many ways, whether it's our recovery experience, our things in our personal lives, such as work, family, sports, and tramautic things like being held up by gunpoint! Anyway, I am happy you were able to offer those words to Bluejay. I'm really sorry your DP still has a difficult time even seeing duct tape, but I do not blame her!! I would, too!! I know this is NOTHING EVEN CLOSE in comparison, but when I was about 6 years old, my brothers and I were on a beach, and my brother played a trick on me and found under some rocks those little black crabs (have you seen those before?).. Anyway, he gathered up about a handful of them, and came over to me and dumped them on my head, and they went in my hair, and even down my shirt... it was SUCH a tramatic experience for me... I practically ripped off my clothes right there, and I was screaming, and my brother was just laughing at me. Anyway, TO this day, when I see those little crabs under a rock at a beach.... 30 years later.... my heart races and I get panicy! So, I can't IMAGINE going through something like getting tied up and robbed by gunpoint! Oh my goodness.... I'm glad your DP went through counseling.

Bluejay, I hope your aunt can also find some good counseling to deal with Post Tramautic Stress.... and you're right... maybe there IS a good site like this for situations like what your aunt went through. Please keep us posted!

And, Roberta, good for you for being able to wear your jeans. I'm jealous!! I want to wear mine so bad, but the thought of even putting them on does not sound good to me. Although, I wear pretty low-cut jeans that are kind of tight, so I think that is partly why it doesn't sound good to me. Oh well...no hurry.... Seattle is about one of THE most casual places in the USA.... I can walk into the grocery story with my PJ bottoms and nobody would even bat an eyelash. I love the culture here... no pressure to look a certain way before leaving the house. :-)

For all of you who are having a not so good day, I hope your day gets better.... just get out the sweets and treats and indulge!! It'll make you feel better.... that is what I have done on my bad days. :-)

Take care everyone.
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Unread 02-24-2008, 01:25 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Dang it, I knew all was going too well for me.
I had some discharge last night, no biggie. But today I am having it again................. and it is not pleasant. So I called the doc and she wants to see me tomorrow. Or if I spike a temp, ER time for me. This is not fun. I miss fun. Blah blah blah
Unread 02-24-2008, 02:33 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Im sorry Dawn, it does sometimes seem like for every step forward there is a step backwards doesnt it? Im tired today too, and except for a few loads of wash and straightening up the kitchen have done nothing but lay on the couch. Let me know if you think we should cancel our lunch tomorrow.
Unread 02-24-2008, 03:00 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Dear I'll Take the Rain - and all of us who are barely into week three of recovery...
Please read (again) the Hysterectomy Checkpoints on this site that are relevant to your timeline, just to remind yourself how much is going on on the inside that still needs your devoted rest and minimal activity, not to mention no stress. I am taking eight weeks off from my job, and I have done emails and a couple of calls but that's it. Please stay away from your workplace if at all possible, they can manage without you until you are properly healed - who wants to go back to hospital with complications? Sorry to sound like another mother hen, but I am repeating this to myself as well, to remind myself that I had serious surgery and must allow my body to heal, and that means lots of couch time and a little bit of walking outside. Thank goddess for the Oscars couch time for sure! happy healing, t'woo.
Unread 02-24-2008, 05:26 PM

Dawn You are a strong woman. My Dr. said that is all right unless it is very red blood and/or fever 101 or more. You are your own . Think of the wonderful and beatuful times in your life, and not of tomarow Dr. vist.
Unread 02-24-2008, 06:15 PM
Recovery Progress Reports for Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008 Reply to Thread

Jeans, I'm so jealous! I just washed some and reakky wanted to test the waters but then decided there was no real purpose for it right now (after all, I'm not going anywhere). But you don't want to wear them every day to give the incision an chance to recoop after being in denim.

BJ so sorry to hear about your Aunt and Uncle - I can't even imagine what they must be going through!

Hey Nicole, How are you feeling after getting home from the castle? I hope you were able to rest sufficiently with having kids (am I remembering correctly - you know my memory just isn't the same since surgery).

I've had a good day after shopping yesterday! Tried a pair of my support panties and let me tell you, they are actually very comfortable and supportave (much more comfortable then the abdominal wrap they gave me in the hospital).

Everyone is starting to feel better about now, so we have to remind ourselves that we really aren't out of the woods yet - so everyone, pamper, pamper, pamper.....

Happy Healing!
Unread 02-24-2008, 06:57 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hi Everyone-

Thank you all for sharing your experiences during this tough time...I really appreciate reading where everyone is at. (and I *love* that some of you shared some info about how all your wiring was working with the O...its such a private thing but something I bet many of us worried about!)

I finally feel like i turned a corner today - I finally slept a little longer with no sweats AND i had energy all day to ride my exercise bike and tidy up. I'm sure I'll still need a few longer rest days but it feels good to know there might be energetic life coming my way again soon!

Hope you all continue to feel good and look after yourselves!
Unread 02-24-2008, 07:31 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hi everyone,

Well, I am almost nervous to be so optimistic, but I just feel so great! I still have aches and this wierd tingling sensation in my abdomen. which kind of feels the same as when your face starts to come back to life after dental work... you know that tingling sensation?? I have that in my abdomen, so I'm guessing that has to do with the nerves repairing themselves.

I also peeled off a few of my Steri Strips that were starting to come off. But, the rest of them are still stuck on strong, so I'm leaving those until they start to peel off. My scar does not look as bad as I had imagined! So, that is good.

I did take 2 Tylenol today in addition to my Ibubrofin just because at one point in the day, I got a little too achy.... and the Tylenol did the trick! YAY!

But, today I found myself standing up almost straight, and I just felt really good.

So, tomorrow.... I'm goign to drive for the first time since surgery. I'm excited! I feel ready!

And, my dh and kids got home a few hours ago, and they had a great time, so though I enjoyed my quiet weekend all to myself, it's nice to have them back. :-)

I'm glad to hear from so many of you.

Karen -- how are you feeling as the day goes on. How is that pain on your side? Is it better or worse, or the same? I hope you start to feel better.

Madge -- yes, tell us how your surgery was performed, and what all you had done. I'm sorry you are still not feeling well... believe me, I understand the frustration. It was just the last day or so that I finallyl started to feel remotely normal, and I'm not even close to normal yet.

For the rest of you who feel you've taken a step backwards today.... well I'm sure two steps forward is just around the corner. My doctor told me to expect throughout my 6 week recovery 2 steps forward and 1 step backward. Not that I WANT it, but I am expecting in the next 3 weeks that I will have a couple steps backwards.... I think it's just normal and expected in our recovery, no matter how frustrating it is.

Ok, back to watching the Academy Awards! :-)

Take care everyone!


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