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Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

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Unread 03-11-2008, 12:05 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Just a quick hello to everyone. I am posting from work and I am not supposed to be goofing around on the "unclass", but since this is mental therapy, in my mind, it should be ok. Right???

Nothing particularly interesting to report. I had a busy weekend and made it to the gym for a good workout on Sunday - 45 min of cardio and 30 min weight lifting. Then i helped my new roommate install some shelves in my basement.

WOrk is brutal this week with a 4 day, 24 hour test in progress. That means 12 to 14 hour days for me of constant analysis and meetings. Luckily I feel good and energetic with absolutely no pain to speak of. Just lucky I guess.

I have been back to work for 3 full weeks now. Hard to believe that it has gone that fast!!!! Sometimes I really wish that i was at home getting some rest, but too late now. Next time I have major surgery I will plan to stay home longer. This time i was in a big hurry to get back, and even though i was ready, it still would have been nice to stay home longer.

Sigh..... Of to my next meeting....
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Unread 03-11-2008, 12:06 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Oh - and PS - i am having the brain fog CONSTANTLY!! lol. Just takes me a little longer to think things through, but they come back eventually. Frustrating.
Unread 03-11-2008, 01:28 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hey all,
Well, I went to my doc appointment... I don't know if I'm happy or mad. I had a pelvic exam and it wasn't too painful. More pain when he pushed on my stomach then when it was all internal and pushing. Told him that was one of my best exams I think I've ever had pain wise. He told me my incision looks like it's been there 100 years already after I asked about putting something on it for scarring. <sighs> Even made a point to show the nurse that came in as I was asking about it (showing off his work) I'm trying to keep my temper in check, sorry. I asked him all sorts of questions.. some from the list we are sent on our checkpoint and some from just reading the forums on the site. He commented they were very good questions. And thankfully I asked them or I dont think he would have volunteered the information. I had to ask him about going back to work. He said no restrictions, but when I asked about going back to the gym he said no restrictions but if you have 10 things on your list make your abs #10... still trying to make sense of that crap. Use common sense basically, but work isn't going to want to hear that lol. I asked him if I needed any paperwork for work and he said no, if they do call him and he'll set it up. <sighs>
He still insisted my estradiol is synthetic, even when I told him my research shows its bio-identical (which is natural)... he also told me he put me on a higher dose because of my age. Grr, I had surgery because of severe endometriosis, and he has me on estrogen (that's what feeds it!) But he stated it was produced in a lab therefore I didn't need additonal HRT etc. I dropped it because I didn't want to end up telling him off..(no it's isn't menopause that would have driven me to it, I've always been like that lol) Oh! When I asked him what stage endometriosis I had he said he didn't know, he didn't stage it, that was mainly used for fertility, he told me to look up the stages and whatever was the highest that was me, because it was horrible in there. (comforting)
I stopped by the gym on the way home to "look into" a personal trainer... yeah no thanks, at least the one I spoke to, she seemed like she just wanted to dig into my wallet. She was preparing me for standard 3-4 times a week. I asked her if there was a way I could consult with her, then maybe get a regime going up for my situation. She didn't agree with the doctor on not having restrictions so at least on most points we agreed. I explained to her I'm fairly knowledgable about working out in general, I need guidance in doing it safely during recovery. Like for example, do such and such exercises at so many sets/reps for this long then either up it or meet with her again to add different exercises to my routine. She didn't seem willing to work with me that scarcely. She said she has one person she only sees once a week and that's only because she's worked with her in the past. I'm not ignorant in the gym department. I told her I needed to make sure I wasn't doing a machine/exercise for say my legs and not thinking it was targetting my abs, when in fact it was, therefore hindering any healing I have already done or any future healing... <sighs>
I'm so frustrated!! Not to mention they don't have dieticians at the gym anymore, so I couldn't speak to one of them either. Sidenote: I didn't speak to the personal trainer on premises, she called me back a couple hours later on my cell phone and we spoke.
I don't know what to do... do I go to the gym (say tomorrow) and just wing it? They want $50 a session... 3-4 times a week. NO THANKS lol. I was thinking more along the lines of maybe that a month for either one or two months. I never had a personal trainer before and did fine, but with the given situation I thought it would help... blah

I was just thinking... I can't remember who mentioned how many posts we have here etc and how social we all are on this forum, but I giggled when I thought to myself others don't have "full-time access" to Loves To Run like we do hahahaha <3 ya Kathy, but it's true.. you have 583 posts LOL. You know we love them all

Oh yeah, back to my rant.. you all know I'm in the middle of moving so does that mean now I can help more, (I'm not stupid enough to lift couches etc 5 weeks post op) so what are my actual restrictions.. a box 10 pounds? 50? Seriously, how can "no restrictions" be in his vocabulary this dang early?! Not to mention he wants to see me back in January for my annual. Also, I'm supposed to take my hormones until I'm 50 yrs old, I'm 34 now. <shakes head> I don't know. I'm going to end it for real this time and go rest a bit before I have to meet my daughter at the bus stop. I also have a friend coming over tonight to help me move some stuff over to the other house. No worries, I'm not foolish lol I'll be safe.

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Unread 03-11-2008, 01:40 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Originally Posted by Sassibella
I was just thinking... I can't remember who mentioned how many posts we have here etc and how social we all are on this forum, but I giggled when I thought to myself others don't have "full-time access" to Loves To Run like we do hahahaha <3 ya Kathy, but it's true.. you have 583 posts LOL. You know we love them all
Hi Sass....

I will write more later about my day, but just a quick note to say:

"at your service ladies". HAHAHAHA!!!!! :-) I'm glad you all have full-time access to me...... HAHAHA!! that is SOOOO funny... I dind't realize I had so many posts... of course I posted a TON, too, per-surgery because I wanted to get every single little tiny question answered before going into it.

I love posting here, though, and I post the most here on this thread than anywhere else.

Ok, I'll respond to everyone else's posts a little later. I'm going to go take a nap... I'm WIPED out! Just got back from my class a little bit ago, and I feel like I'm now having an out of body experience because I'm so tired! (of course, I had enough energy to come read all your posts first... hee hee!)

More later.... :-)
Unread 03-11-2008, 01:43 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

LOL I'm glad you got a giggle out of my post, mission accomplished
It's not a bad thing to have so many posts lol. I wish I was as lucky as most here seemed to be with having this site pre op. My problem was I didn't know I was having a hyster until it was done. Woke up and found out "they took it all"
Bye for now,
Unread 03-11-2008, 01:57 PM
Ridiculous amount of sleep

Well so much for a doze, I have been asleep for nearly 4 hours - who ridiculous is that when the only thing I have done is a little lunch? And I still feel completely exhausted. A

Linda - how very very annoying for you at the Drs. but of course you have to remember we are just little old women who cant really cope with all the detailed information we need. Good grief we will be wanting the vote and equal pay next lol

Kathy - I am now being just plain nosy, what is it you teach? And when are you coming to London, is it for purely business or will you get chance to play as well.

Hope everyone has had a pain free day

Ally x
Unread 03-11-2008, 02:16 PM
Really feeling low....

I went to work today for 2 hours... 2 measly hours and Im exhausted and hurting. I feel like im hurting more this week then i was last week, but then I am doing more this week then last week. The burning is more, the numbness and just all of it seems worse this week . I know some of it is the lack of sleep too, these past few nights have been pretty bad. I called my Dr today, asked for the sleeping pills, shes out of the office till tomorrow so they cant call my husband to have it filled till then. Just knowing i have to go thru another sleepless night made me start crying. That was an hour ago and the tears are still right there. I stopped at the store to buy the makings of mostaccolli, but i dont have the energy to make it. Just called my husband and told him to bring something home for dinner. I really thought Id be in better shape this week than last, and its so disheartening to not be. I cant imagine going back to work full time, just the thought exhausts me. Maybe its the mental energy it takes at work as much as the physical that is causing all of this. The new software application is still a work in progress, my staff, while great, are starting to feel the pressure of being understaffed for such a long time. I had 2 of them come to me today with thinly veiled complaints about the other.... our insurance area is a mess.. and im feeling responsible. Okay, chalk that up to more tears! lol..
Sorry this is so long, and dreary, I am really really sick of this.. and i know this is the one place someone will understand.
Unread 03-11-2008, 02:52 PM
Be kind to yourself

Hi Paula
I just want to come over and say there there, it will be alright and at the same time I want someone to say that to me. This sure is a roller coaster of a ride isnt it? I am full of admiration for you going back to work and its not surprising you are so tired and feeling low, lots of mental energy,lack of sleep and loads of physicl energy being used up on the healing.

Put your feet up, do nothing and treat yourself as kindly as you would someone else.

Big hugs to you

Ally x
Unread 03-11-2008, 03:05 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

Hello World

Ally, I live in a little town called Gunnedah. It's about 5 hours northwest of Sydney. I love Sydney, it's a great place, lots to see and do. There is so much more I want to do there but when I go I seem to be too busy with other things, or the children, or I just don't have enough time. I've been to London too.... mind you it was 20 odd years ago.... looking forward to going back there after the kids are off our hands. And Lancashire !! I've been doing some research on my DH's family tree. It turns out one of his ancestors (Ralph Brideoake) was Bishop of Manchester Cathedral back in the 1700's. I have been doing some ground work here at home via the internet so that when we travel (after kids) I can show Peter where his family came from all those years ago. When I travelled 20 yrs ago we went to England and ventured into Manchester. Got as far as the first or second round about, got scared of the traffic and confusing roads, turned around and travelled onto a tiny village off the beaten track. Stayed at a pub and had a wonderful time....LOL

Thanks for everyone's support, depression is a vile thing. I'll take your suggestions on board. I ended up with a migraine yesterday so maybe the low day before could be attributed to that. I also could be suffering from PMS. My cycle was never regular so I really didn't have any idea when I was going to have a period from one time to the next, we just all suffered with the PMS just before hand.

Regarding the sleeplessness - if only we could all have a good old fashioned roll in the hay, perhaps that would calm us down and get us off to sleep !!! LOL

Unread 03-11-2008, 03:41 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 04-Feb 11,2008

I had my 4w post-op today. The Dr fussed at me for waiting to get more pain meds. He gave me some percocet and told not to hesitate to get more. He also gave me some Zoloft, not my 1st choice but it is the inly one approved for nursing. He confirmed that I should be behind most of you in the healing department. Proof that I am slow. I left the house at 10 am and got home at 5:30. I am pooped. I was given permission to take a bath tonight. In 2w all restrictions will be lifted. I am looking forward to sex the most. We haven't been together since we conceived(June). I know my DH will be happy. After being out of the house for 80+ days, I am looking forward to it. I hope I'll be in the mood.
He said my incision looked great and that the Swelly Belly would eventually go away. I gave him the name of this website for other women that he makes undergo this surgery. I wish I'd have known about it from the get go. I am glad to see all of you chatty. That helps me feel better!

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