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Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

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Unread 03-24-2008, 09:23 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Well it is week 6 for many of us (congradulations) and for me! I have to say, I AM feeling much better. Although I am still taking it slow, my activity has increased 10 fold since week 1. I go back to work full time next Monday and have to admitt that I am a bit nervous. I am a teacher in NYC and have an extreme commute to deal with, walking, biking and public transport baby.....No car here! I trust that I have been doing the right thing by getting out and walking every day and eating right.
To those of you that continue to feel on the down side of the curve, health will come. I wish you all the best. Peace Light and Patience to all, AMEN
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Unread 03-24-2008, 09:58 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Hi Ladies, lovely to hear what everyone has been up to lately.

I had planned to go for a walk around the block today but so far have managed to get from the lounge to the computer chair. Is there anyone else having difficulty walking around? I had a TAH and removal of right ovary, and it is the right side which is giving me trouble. I can't lie with my legs straight, cannot extend my right leg when walking due to pain. (I'm trying not to whinge, I'm just frustrated) I know things will improve with time, but I was just wondering how things compare to other ladies at the same stage.

And if anyone wants to drop in for a cuppa in Australia, my door is always open and the kettle is always on!
Unread 03-24-2008, 10:06 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

I went to work for the first time today and it was harder than I expected. A lot of my work is at my desk so I figured I could do half days this week. I expected to get pretty tired but it was actually sharp pains that sent me home after 2 1/2 hours. I came home and slept 3 1/2 hours. Since then I've been pretty sore and have an occasional sharp pain. Our staff meets on Tuesday mornings and I want to go the meeting tomorrow morning. I'll wait to see how I feel in the morning. I did have a pretty big day yesterday (Easter) so maybe I should've waited a day or two before going to the office.

Liilaa - I think you've been more active on a daily basis than I have been so you will probably do better when you go back to work next week. You might want to have a back up plan for getting home in case you aren't up to the walking, public transportation and biking on the way home.

I'm curious how many of you ladies still have the "sunburn" sensation on your belly and how many still have numbness on one of your thighs. I still have both.
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Unread 03-25-2008, 03:02 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

ladies, i am devasted and ask for prayers. my sister called me a couple of hours ago and told me that her husband of 17 years may be seeing someone. she told me that there were tons of calls to a lady they both know and who has children that their children play with. we talked for a while and then she went to wake him up to talk to him. she just called me back a while ago and said that he told her he didn't love her anymore but wasn't going to leave her because they have kids. he admitted talking to the lady every day and said that they have talked about being together but he won't do it because he is married. my sister is devasted and not sure what she is suppose to do. i love her so much, she is the kindest person i know and does not deserve this. i just didnt' have anything to tell her about what to do. i am so upset with my bil-i never expected him to do this to her and the kids. i told her to come spend a few days with me while she figures out what she wants to do, i told her we could make up an excuse so that the kids wouldn't suspect anything but she didn't answer me. she is in shock and i can't blame her. they had no problems in their marriage-he just said he stopped loving her but wouldn't give her answers. he told her nothing good could come from it so why talk. i want to punish him in the face but i know that i need to let that anger pass without doing anything. i need to take hold of my emotions and just be there for her. my heart is broken for her. anyway, i am so torn up and my dh is asleep because he has to wake u in two hours for work and i had no one to unburden on so i got on here. i am sorry if i am rambling. i know that this site is about our recovery but you have become my friends and encouragement. she told me that she just needs to pick up the pieces and start a new phase in her life but i know she has no idea what that is. they have three kids, the oldest is almost 13, a 9 year old girl, and an almost 4 year old. she just had major knee surgery in november and is still recovering. she is out on leave from work and having trouble with her knee (they had a lot of scar tissue they removed from 2 previous surgeries and had to make many repairs of repairs and put in a cadaver ACL. doctor told her it wll take several more months before she is healed. so she has all of this to deal with as well. just pray for her that she will have the strength to endure all of this and to make wise choices for her family. God saved my marriage and i know he could save this one but at the same time, like i told her, my husband allowed God to work in his life. God is right there to help all of us but sometimes we are too blind to allow him to work. I am afraid my bil is blinded right now. i asked my sister if he would go to consuling but she said he wouldn't talk to her about anything. pray that i would help her and not make matters worse by inserting my opinions. my brother and his wife are separated as well right now and my sister and i have been very careful not to let our own opinions of what should be done interfere. i am there for both of them but never say well you ought to. my sil has enough friends just taking sides and that has made things horrible. i do take my sister's side and will be here for her for whatever she wants and needs but i dont' want to put my opinions in her head-she needs to decide what is best for her. anyway, just pray for my whole family-they all seem to be falling apart. it makes me very thankful for my testimony of how God saved my marriage so many years ago and i am so thankful that my life is stable and centered in God. my prayer is that God would reveal himself to all of them and they will begin to trust Him. thanks for the sounding board, i am going to try to go to sleep.....its 4 am and my sister told me she would call me back in a llittle while. i haven't slept all night so maybe i will doze before she calls back so that i can be alert for her. i wish we lived closer to one another, i told her i would go over and she told me not to (she lives almost an hour from me). her husband just went to sleep after he told her this. how can someone do that? i would be wrecked with grief knowing i hurt someone that i loved or at least once loved. anyway, thanks ladies. by the way, i too am having some pains on my right side.....they kind of stab me every now and then.....not i need pain pills bad but annoying.
Unread 03-25-2008, 04:49 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Jett - I'm so happy to read the good news about your treatment

Mel - the sunburn feeling on my tummy is pretty much gone, but my left thigh is still numb (it was itchy yesterday and no matter how hard I scratched it still itched -- too numb to feel me scratching it .... drove me batty LOL

Marta - I'm so sorry about your sister's troubles. You and she have to remember that things happen for a reason. Keep the faith that this WILL work out.

I've been doing really well. My swelly belly is still tender if I press on it, and my energy level isn't 100% but I can feel a small improvement each day. My goal for the week is to get my sleep schedule back to "normal". I can't believe I'll be going back to work next week. I don't feel ready yet (still get too tired) but I'm hoping that resolves ALOT over the next week.

My best to all
Unread 03-25-2008, 06:03 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Joann, thanks for the words of encouragement-i know that God works in all things, its just so hard to see my sister that i love so much have to go through this.
it seems now like our six weeks flew by-at week two and three i was thinking wow this is going to be forever, but its almost here!!!
my swelly belly is still quite tender as well but i can function a lot more. sleeping on my tummy is okay but i have to fold my leg up underneath me a little to feel comfortable....hard to explain and i have a weird feeling like i am pressing up against something in me when i lay that way.
i hope everyone is doing okay this morning. i haven't slept yet and i am about to try to close my eyes for a little while. its almost time to wake my kids up, i may let them sleep in if i do get to fall asleep.
blessings to all for a wonderful day
Unread 03-25-2008, 08:43 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Hi sisters,
Jett, I'm so happy to hear that you will not have to have chemo, this is proof that prayer works. I was really praying for you and I am so glad that you can now take your Vegas trip. DD and I are planning a trip to Vegas for the July 4th weekend.

Irish, I'm so glad that this site brings you comfort. There is truly a spirit of love and caring here that unless you're one of "us" you won't understand. Continue to be encouraged, we're all here for you.

Mew, I'm so sorry to hear of your sister's troubles. I know how she feels. The same thing happened to me after 18 yrs of marriage and 2 children. It was my husbands secretary, who I spoke with on the phone everyday, had just purchased a Christmas present for...blah, blah. I had no idea what was going on even though later I found out people from my job had seen them together and everyone at his job knew about it. Because I am a Christian, after I found out I told him that if he stopped and we went to counseling, I could forgive him and continue in our marraige. But he did not stop, the next weekend he stayed away from home for the entire weekend and when he came home just went into the bedroom and went to sleep! I took his house keys from his pants pocket and told him to be gone when I came home then the kids and I went to church. I'd prayed about it and thought that a separation would make him see how much our family meant to him. It did not. I prayed and waited for over a year. He did not come back. As a matter of fact, I found out that during the separation, the girl (I say girl because she was only 5 years older than our son!) was pregnant and she had the baby before we'd been separated a year! I was hurt, but mostly angry. I thank God that He kept me from doing something I would later regret to them both. It was so hard for me and my children, only God kept me sane. It was then that I began to journal and write Christian poetry because you can only talk about it for so long to friends and family, but you can talk to God anytime. My journals became my therapy as I emptied myself of the hurt, anger and shame. It took a while, but God kept me. They eventually married and now have 4 children, thanks to God I was able to call her after some time and tell her that I forgave her and I also told my husband that I forgave him. He hung up the phone on me, he said I'd made him look bad to his family by revealing his infidelity and he would not forgive me! Anyway, I am so happy now. I'm healed and God has sent me a real man of God. The only sad thing is that my ex does not have a relationship with our children. I have always encouraged them to keep in touch with him, send father's day cards, etc. because they are Christians and are accountable to God for their behavior. But year after year he forgets their birthday and Christmas, right now the gifts they purchased for him AND his wife and children are sitting in my daughters room waiting for him to call her to say when he can pick them up. His entire family has no contact with my children and it breaks my heart even though my kids say it does not bother them. I pray about this daily because it really hurts me to see them hurt and if I had any thing I would want you all to pray concerning me, it would be that my ex would at least call my children. Well, this turned out to be longer than I planned, but what I am saying is that God gave me a word throughout my trial. It was Romans 8:28, that ALL things work for good and Jerimiah 29:11, He knows the plans He has for me and my life, that I have a future and that it will be good. Only God gives us beauty for ashes and this is what I would like for you to share with your sister. She is not alone and I am praying for her and for you and her family. Be at peace, Gods will will be done. Sending much love to you and your sister.

Well sisters, I've recovered from my busy weekend and am planning to go to work for a Board meeting on Thursday. Keep me in your prayers Love yall and the best IS yet to come!
Unread 03-25-2008, 09:08 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

First mew, hang in there and your family is in my thoughts. I am so sorry to hear that all of this is going on. I hope they do what is best for both them and their children. Sometimes, I think being together is not in the best interest of the children unfortunatley. I know she wants to teach them what a loving marriage is supposed to be.....and he is robbing her of that choice at this moment to some degree and making this very hard for her, that is the biggest hurt and shame on him!!. So my prayers are with you and her.

My recovery is very difficult right now. Since my fall the pain is quite rough. I have been struggling a bit, and staying tired. I am so sorry to hear that everyone is not doing so well. I hope everyone who starts work rests up before starting.

Last night my husband was dreaming and I had dropped my pillow and his elbow made contact with my belly, I got up and left, I need NO MORE accidents or mishaps right now. I took a sleeping pill and slept on the couch!!

I refuse to call my doctor and even tell him personally what happened with the shower incident it is bad enough the nurse knows at the call center at the hospital LOL. He laughed at me for hanging the curtains I cannot imagine what he would do with this one. Well I am still exhausted so I am going back to sleep, as I said that is all I am doing, so maybe my body is trying to repair whatever I did when I fell. I am hoping I am rounding the bend to recovery on that one.
Thanks for being there
Unread 03-25-2008, 09:21 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

slvia, thank you so much for sharing all of othat, and i will pray for your children. you are a woman of God and that i what i strive to be. this past night i struggled with that because parts of me are so angry with my bil. my sister is sitting in a hotel parking lot right now trying to get sleep and it breaks my heart. i hurt more for her right now than i did when my dh and i were having problems so many years ago. as a christian i know that there is a possiblity of reconciliation, and i know that God works all things for those who love him, and i know that there should not be a "but" when you are talking about faith-but i am not talking about my faith-i know that God will bring my sister through this and i know that he will work everything for HIs glory but it pains me to know that my sister is hurting so much. I have never, ever heard some much pain in her life. she is the one who dotes on her husband and fixes his plate of food and is willing to do whatever her wants to do. she honors him as her husband and now she is the one who is lost and not knowing what to do. i want her to come stay with me. she needs to know that she can truly trust God. i Know that she knows of Him and she has told me that she trusts Him but i am not sure if she really comprehends that and has given her life to Him. I want to talk to her about it but can't seem to find the words. I am praying that God would simply work through me to help carry her through the situaion. Everyone thinks she is weak, everyone always takes advantage of her because she doesn't always stand up for herself-she is meek mannered and will not be confrontational.......but she is strong. she made a bold move last night and this morning and i am so proud of her. thanks again for your testimony and i will share those verses with her and your testimony when she is ready to hear it. thanks for the prayers......i am a total believer in prayer.
i forget that this i not really a private site and that many people read our messages but i have such a comfort coming here and talking with you ladies.
i got two hours of sleep and i now i am awake and worried about her. keep her in your prayers.
Unread 03-25-2008, 09:39 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

I'm glad I'm not the only one that has taken up sleeping as a short term career. I slept for 15 hours Sunday evening - straight through ! Even after all that sleep I went to bed at 9:30pm last night. I sort of forced myself to get up at a normal time (5:30am) - 8 hours sleep. I'm exhausted and could use a 3 hour nap. I really need to get my sleep cycle back to normal and from all the research I've read it says the best way to to do that is to force yourself into the new schedule --- of course I didn't take into account that I'm still recuperating I'm not doing anything today, so I'll try and stick to the 'forcing it' thing for today, but I'm not real hopeful

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