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Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

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Unread 03-29-2008, 10:08 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

I love the story about passing out leftover tampons! I may have to do something ceremonious--like burning them or something--yippy!

Feeling pretty good today--the tummy feels more and more like part fo me instead of that weird attached feeling--the swelling has FINALLY gone down and seemed to stay down mostly--just a little swelling at night.

No pain, but still little tugs and things that feel weird so I know I'm still healing--glad my body keeps giving me hints or I know I'd overdo it regularly (MEW/Marta, you know you have been doing too much! ... so chill!).

I'm home alone for about the first time in weeks and enjoying the silence with just me, the dog, the cat and the occasional squirrel along the fence for the dog to chase. I'm dressed and ready to go yard sailing or to the flea market I haven't tried yet, but somehow feel like just sitting here and looking out over the yard. ah. Knowing I have until 4/9 until going back to work (which I found out that is a huge deadline so my desk is being confiscated to pile working drawings all over--coworker suggested I wait until noon to go in (so I won't be in the way or get stressed). good idea.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend--next weekend I'll finally get to go see the Grand Prix here in St. Pete -- I always seemed to have work before--I'm going to make sure to have some fun this time!

Kim :dance2:

ps. We couldn't see the shuttle, it was dark here by then but we sure got the sonic boom! Neighbors were all coming into the street "what was that?" (those who didn't know the shuttle was landing)
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Unread 03-29-2008, 10:24 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Sheila--I was typing at the same time you were! So glad to hear the strength in your words. My mom has dealt with and still does--the guilt she has over my childhood--I forgave her WAY long time ago, but she has only partly forgiven herself. No matter what your children think or do--whether they realize their lives are now their own--as mine is now my own--whether they have grown enough to forgive you or not--you must forgive yourself. Whether we have families, children or husbands or not, we are all alone inside.
Billy Joel said it "you always wake up with yourself" and he's right.

To put these smilies in just click on the button that says "Go Advanced" right below where you type...then scroll down to the window where your words are typed and with your cursor wherever you want an icon just click on the smily or icon and it will insert itself there--then click preview to see if it shows up where you want it.

If you click [more] a whole page of icons will pop up--you can widen the window to see them all and you can click on any of them, except the ones at the bottom below the line that says CROWN JEWELS, as you must upgrade your membership to use them.

Have fun with them!

oh and Peace, take it easy! wow, you scared me, glad to hear you are ok and I hope this doesn't set you back too much. hang in there!
Unread 03-29-2008, 11:48 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

If you really want to see a difference go back to page 1 of this thread and read a few posts then come back here and read the last few posts .... night and day ! Its amazing how much can change in 5 - 6 weeks; I know I felt like I would never be "normal" again and now we're there or almost there or working on getting there.

I really worry about over doing it. I admire those of you who have the courage to exercise. I'm SO wanting to go in my pool this week (hubby is off this week too - its spring break here and he works for the school system). I'm afraid to. My doctor said I could go back in after two weeks but all his instructions are SO much less restrictive then the other stuff I've read ... I trust him, but I can't believe that everyone else is "ultra conservative". I'm still spotting a very little bit so I know my cuff is not fully healed - which is why I hesitate to go back in. I may just chance it anyway - we'll see how "nervy" I am come Monday.

I can't believe I go back to work on Thursday. I'm going to go into culture shock ROFL - I'm used to be a pampered princess !!! Other than lifting I've been pretty much back to regular activities the past few days. I went grocery shopping yesterday and pushed the cart myself - it was probably a little too heavy - my abdomen ached quite a bit after that. I'm SO out of shape after doing vertually nothing these past 5 weeks. I'm going to wait a couple/few more weeks and then I'll start exercising again. I had alot of adhesions on my bowels so I want to be a little extra careful - I know my bowels oozed alot of blood during the surgery so I want to make sure everything is good and strong beforehand.

FortL - this is a great time to go to the Keys - enjoy !
Jett - my continued good wishes on your radiation. I hope the side effects subside a bit for you. Your comment on looking like a Picaso was cute - keep up the good attitude. I feel it it in my heart - you're going to come through all this with flying colors
Mew - I miss talking to you also ! I wish I had some pearls of wisdom for you. Keep the faith and your family will be rewarded.

my "big win" today was waking up, and staying awake, since 7am - a normal nights sleep waking at a normal hour. It should make returning to the work world a little easier.

I'm reading my third book right now. Its about Chinese Medicine. This is the first non-fiction book I've read since surgery. My poor ole foggy brain couldn't handle this book until a few days ago. If you've ever read about Chinese Medicine (of which acupuncture is a part) and its basis / theories you'll know that its like a whole new language .... but VERY interesting - I'd say fascinating.

Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend, both mentally and physically. Onward and upward ladies !
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Unread 03-29-2008, 11:57 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

sheila, thanks for sharing. you are absolutely right about our spirtuality. it can only be that way. we will never reach spirtual perfection and cannot ever assume that we are spiritually perfect-we would be lying to ourselves. we can only hope to try each day to live our lives worthy of the Lord and when we mess up (which we always do) it is how we pick ourselves up and correct our mistakes that we can still glorify God. It is a privilege and honor to get to know each of you. <please keep support on the boards as per the website guidelines ~ thanks!>

I am hurting now....i definitely over did it. i just went to the grocery store again and it was a big list (some heavier items such as a 24 pk of water and gallon jugs of hawiian punch). my kids were still sleeping when i went. shame on me since i am not even suppose to be driving until wed. and i am sure that even though those things weighed less than 15 to 20 lbs, adding the into the basket, out of the basket, into the basket, into the car was more than my body could take..........i need to rest now.

hope everyone is doing better than this. for those of you who aren't-know that you are not alone...we will overcome this together.

blessings ladies
Unread 03-29-2008, 04:35 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Marta - I thought you were going to rest after having your house full of kids and the next thing I know you've gone grocery shopping!! You seriously need to chill! I'm going to have to demote you from Mother status so I can ground you!

I am happy to say that I am having a great day. After resting more the last couple of days my swelly belly was much smaller this morning. I feel like I have about 80% of my normal energy level. I get tired quicker than normal but I start out with lots of energy. My belly has been growing by the minute the last hour or so but at least I made it through most of the day. I put away my Easter decorations and went to my DS soccer game. I'll work tomorrow morning and that will be a true test of my newfound energy. I just hope my belly is smaller again in the morning so I can fit into something decent. I've just about decided to go buy new clothes and I'm considering shopping in the maternity section.

Someone asked what happens to our thread as time passes. I think they just move it to a different section don't they? Does anyone know for sure?

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Unread 03-29-2008, 04:50 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Hi sisters...I just wanted to send a quick message before we shut everything down for earth hour here...Today was a great day and I went grocery shopping, Costco and La Senza Lingerie shopping..looking for something special for the next week BLUSH!!! Is anyone else thinking about that???

In any case, we had supper with our oldest ds and his girlfriend and we're sitting here waiting to turn the lights out...Is anyone else participating..?

Have a great night ladies!!
Unread 03-29-2008, 05:45 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

i know, i know..mel- i haven't been behaving but believe me i am suffering the consequences now. i have been in bed since i got home from walmart just watching season one of MURDER ONE online-its a tv series from 1996 but its really good. if anyone is interested there is a free site called hulu.com that has all kinds of tv shows and movies you can watch. anyway, i did have to take a pain pill and the pain has not subsided really....my right side hurts and it is going into my right leg again. laying on my stomach hurts a bit more but even on my side is uncomfortable. if i am still hurting on monday i will call the doctor but i think i just need to rest because i must have over done it. my swelly belly has grown as i lay here in bed. i got home from walmart and put on pj pants that have a drawstring. fit me when i put them on but about 2 hours later i had to untie them.....not a good sign. hoping to feel okay at least to go teach sunday school tomorrow-we will see....i promise that if i am in pain i will stay home!!
sorry mom i will good please dont ground me!! lol
have a great night ladies
Unread 03-29-2008, 10:51 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Cynthia - I just heard something about a town near us participating in earth hour on the news. The news is on late because of the basketball games. Anyway, I had never heard of earth hour before so I was really surprised when I read your post about it minutes after I heard it on the news. Pretty cool. It sounds like a great idea. Oh...I was thinking about being intimate with my DH again. In fact we actually tried earlier this week. I don't want to give TMI but my door was not ready to open up for company yet. I don't think it was a matter of lubricant which I've heard could be a problem. It just really felt like there was a door that didn't want to open. I hope there is still a lot of swelling that will eventually go away. We've decided to wait a while before trying again. Even though we weren't able to have intercourse it was nice to enjoy eachothers' bodies and the closeness again.

I am feeling sick to my stomach tonight but it's due more to emotions than anything physical. I feel like my extended family is falling apart. Long story short...one of my brothers is getting ready to move out from his home. leaving his wife and four children, another brother divorced not long ago and tonight my teenage niece called to tell me she's pregnant. I had to ask who the Dad is...that's never good. Anyway, there is more but basically I'm just sad about the choices that are being made and the consequences that they (and their children) will have to deal with now and in the future. Also, my 18 y/o niece (on my DH side) spent several days in ICU last week due to auto-immune hepaptitis which was caused by an acne med she had been on for years. She is doing much better now but we were very worried for a while. So, it's been a lot to deal with lately.

Back to my recovery, my belly just kept a swellin' this evening. I've been sitting here with my shirt pulled up so that my belly is sticking out. I knew I had done that before but didn't realize I'd been doing it a lot until my DH asked "So...does your belly get too hot...is that why you keep doing that?" I said "Sorry I know it's not the most attractive look!" and he said "It's ok I was just wondering." Does anyone else find that even your shirt on your belly is uncomfortable, particularly at the end of the day? Just wondering...like my DH I guess.

Night ladies.
Unread 03-29-2008, 11:25 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

I realize we've all had different types of hysterectomy and every body recovers differently, but I am so envious of some of you (not the sister who is about to be grounded for doing a lot ) for what you are managing to achieve with your exercise, walking, shopping etc.

I walked around the block 2 days ago and then spent the rest of the day with swelly belly and pain. Yesterday I did a lot of sneezing which kept me tender all day, once again I could feel every little bit of my insides. Today I drove to the shopping centre and walked around for an hour, my
DS needed shoes, the desire to shop for myself is missing at the moment but I know it will be back! I was wilting at the end of shopping. After that, I had some painkillers and DH took me for a coffee and cake and a bit of timeout with each other, that was lovely.

Dans-wife, had to laugh at you blushing and thinking about next week, I am definitely not thinking anything like that at all, I keep telling DH that everything is shut until further notice although I am looking forward to feeling well enough to want to think about it!
Unread 03-30-2008, 12:41 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Sheila, Kim's right about forgiving yourself. I have a 27 year-old son, and recognize a LOT of mistakes I made raising him. He has forgiven me, but I still find myself mulling over my bad choices and apologizing often...self-forgivness is hard to do, but very necessary!

Cynthia, I have also anticipated next week !! I was really concerned I would not get sooo wet anymore, but this past week just being intimate without penetration proved it was not an issue

This swelly belly stuff is for the birds! I start out with a morning weight of 152, and end the day at 156, with a pooched out abdomen. Next week I can start doing a very few ab exercises. I did a really good walk today...even managed some hills. Of course, I needed a nap before going to dinner, but was even able to pop around for a few things at WalMart on the way home! I hate shopping at WalMart--especially around spring break! It never sees a "slow time"! Anyway, I'm ready for more sleep. You guys have a great week! Blessings, Lynn

<oops! personal details removed from this public message board for your security>

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