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Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008 Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

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Unread 04-02-2008, 07:17 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Thanks so much for the work update. I will be going back on Monday beacause even though my 6 week date is tomorrow, my doctor could not see me until Monday. I understand about the tugging when I am just sitting. I'm cool when I'm doing stuff, but when I sit down...YIKES! Please continue to rest and take care of yourself. We need you!

Congrats on a great check up. Enjoy your dinner, have fun with DH!

I'm so happy the treatments are going well and I understand about the cleaning, I was cleaning the tub way too soon, but please rest, your healing is so important!

Mew, Sorry you missed church, hope you feel better tomorrow.

Good night ladies. Sending thoughts of healing, peace, love and joy to you all and the best IS yet to come!
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Unread 04-02-2008, 07:20 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

So I saw my PCP today and he doesn't think my new pains, nausea, etc. are related to gall bladder or appendix (as my gyno had suggested). He thinks it's either related to surgery or diverticulitis. He had me go to the lab for blood work and he'll call me tomorrow. I will see my gyno on Monday unless I need to sooner. Neither dr seems as concerned as I am, just told me to rest more. I guess I just need to chill and maybe stop trying to work. Well, that's my update. I'm going to rest now.
Unread 04-02-2008, 10:36 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Homebuddy: [font=Comic Sans MS]I have not read "Eat, Pray, Love" yet, but I've heard alot of people talking about it. It is now on my list!

Shep: Steve Martin makes me laugh too. I used to love him on SNL!!

Dan's_Wife: I haven't returned to work yet, but have called in to arrange my schedule. The Unit Secretary said, "Oh. You still work here?" Hmmmm. I was cautiously anticipating sex (all the way) with DH too, but we did it tonight and it was GREAT! Even my swelly belly didn't bother me, and it didn't hurt at all! YAY!! I haven't been napping, either. I have, however, been going to bed late and sleeping 7 - 10 hours at a time! Kudos to you and Sunflower for revving-up your activity level. I've been walking more, and trying to get motivated to use my exercise bands and free weights. At this point, I've pulled them out of the closet and they're in plain view!

Poet: Did the Dr. say ovaries go into a "shock" period after surgery? I'm still losing a lot of hair.... I've been doing laundry during my recovery time (just mine). We have a front-load W/D, and I don't like the bending required to get stuff out of the back off the drum! We don't have them on pedestals so we can use the top as a folding table.

Peace: I agree this thread has been a wonderful way to connect through a similar experience for each of us. I'm glad you have the extra support around for your next few weeks! And Thank You, everybody, for the support you've offered me!

Melee: Did the Dr.'s office call back? Are you on medication that could cause that metallic taste in your mouth as a side effect? Have you been eating a lot of seeds lately? Seeds can exacerbate diverticulitis. Hope you're feeling better.

Bella: Your devotional quote reminds me of "Hinds Feet in High Places" by Hannah Hurnard. Have you read it?

Mew: Sorry you weren't up to church tonight...sounds like an important part of your life. I hope you had Church at home!!

[color=Magenta]Jett: [font=Comic Sans MS]Sounds like you did a whole lot today...how'd you feel this evening after all that? I've considered using a steamer on my tile, too. Does it really work well on the grout? I love that you do natural things to help your symptoms. And I LOVE that you're planning to celebrate your victory over cancer; now THAT'S faith in action!
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Unread 04-03-2008, 06:58 AM

Louise: CONGRATULATIONS! YAY..I wish my dh would have taken me out to celebrate..ummmmmmm…scratching head thinking why would I wait for him to ask me? I should ask him? I’ve been having good days since last Thursday and although I had some irritation last night I hope that’s the end of it.

Sylvia..I wonder what the tugging is when we sit? I mean aren’t we supposed to be horizontal..hahahaha

Mel: Hopefully you will have concrete news soon. Keep smiling..fake it until you make it I always say..

Sore: YAY YOU..my my these ladies have been getting some action lately (blush)..If I were you I’d go ahead with the free weights before introducing the bands..I’m avoiding anything that is a ‘stretch’ like exercise…just until I get a few weeks of my controlling the situation first.

I've been reading the "Friday Night Knitting Club" and well I am a knitter..oh my, it is really quenching my thirst to go out & find a new pattern and some nice yarn to make myself something. I haven't made anything for myself since my last pregnancy..LOL..that was 16 years AGO..!

I kind of wish I'd have read this book first while I was still off with lots of time on my hands.

Ah well, today I go in to work for 1, have a meeting from 1 - 2, another from 2:30 - 3:30, and a conference call from 4 - 5..sigh..not a productive day at my desk I guess but what can you do.

Hugs to all, enjoy your day!!! I look forward to catching up tonight.
Unread 04-03-2008, 07:46 AM
Healing Waters

Last Saturday we cruised to the Florida Keys aboard our boat with friends to help with chores. Since then we are anchored in Islamorada - over the weekend we had fun with the "weekend crowd" and I did very well - except I did not feel like any cocktails, and by 7pm I was ready for bed. My friends were great always with a hand out to help me.

Yesterday we drove to Key West and had lunch and a little shopping on Duval street...I was bored.

I took vacation this week to "be myself again" and I feel depressed, fighting with SO ( significant other), the nobody loves me depressed feeling.

I am soooo anxious about flying on Monday to NJ for work and working all week - that sounds exhausting.

Overall, physically I told my uncle last night that I am in the 90% range. I have little pain and discomfort. My biggest complaint is night sweats and not smiling too much -

It is already Thursday and friends are coming tonight for the weekend, so mabe some fun coming...I will try.

I have been reading and following our journey...

Jett - get tickets to Bette Midler in Vegas - best show I have ever seen, funny, great songs, inspirational....she is a true entertainer.

Anyway - off to start a new day - Enjoy everyone!
Unread 04-03-2008, 08:05 AM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Good morning all. well, yesterday was my anniversary of surgery but today is my 6wk anniversary from when i almost died! my dh and i were talking about it last night. i didn't get my chocolate cake yesterday and last night i was telling him that i didn't get my anniversary cake, he said he would make it today. well. i said, "yeah, well it could be for my anniversary of when i almost died and didn't. he said "that is exactly what i was thinking but i was afraid to say that". well, we laughed about how we think so much alike but its true i am thankful that God intervened and allowed them to wake me up. i still have a bit of a residual from that. i have had a bloody nose when i blow my nose on the right nostril ever since i have been home from the hospital. once the headache went away and i stopped taking the mucinex for the "clogged head", it has bothered me. i will talk to the doctor about it on monday. my head doesn't hurt anymore and i don't have that clogged feeling in my head but i am still a bit concerned about all of that. anyway, i am feeling a little better this morning than i did yesterday and i hope that means today will be a better day. at least that is what i am hoping for..yesterday morning wasn't as bad as the afternoon. i think i need to get out of the house and do something and maybe that will help me. hopefully it will be a nice day around here.
glad to hear such good reports from you all. hope all goes well for you today.
talk to you all later today
Unread 04-03-2008, 03:18 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Sore, Dr. did say that my ovaries were shocked. Hoping these last 10 pills will be the last of Premarin for me. But if the night sweats come back, I'm calling for a refill! I hate those!!!

Fort, (in the words of Tony Soprano) "Whatz da matta wid you? Being bored shopping???? I can't wait to hit the mall. I have not officially been shopping since before my surgery. I went to work today to help out and went over to Macy's for a new lipstick, I tried to make DD go over to Old Navy and then I would have wanted to hit Sears for pantyhose, and so on, so she nipped it in the bud and made me leave Macy's as soon as the MAC lady put my lipstick in the bag! But seriously, I hope you can shake off the blues and have a good time, you deserve it!

Cynthia, very funny about the horizontal! But you are right! And all of you ladies out there getting busy are making me jealous! My fiancee and I have decided to not have sex until we get married (December 6th!!!) and so I'm sure I should be ready by then! It was funny in the hospital when I was being discharged and the nurse was explaining to him that he would have to wait for six weeks to do the nasty and he was like "I wish it was only six weeks!"

Today is my 6 week anniversary and DD took me out for lunch. It was so nice, I haven't been to that restaurant since I left work. I was planning to stop for ice cream but I remembered that I need to stop rewarding myself with Hagaan Das and so I will eat one of the sugar free fudgesicles I have in the freezer. I'll celebrate on the 4th of July in Vegas with DD when I am looking too cute in some new shorts! Did ok at work, but so tired now. I totally think that I will only be able to do half days when I go back next week.

Take care my sisters. Sending thoughts of healing, love, peace and joy to you all. Love you guys...as my kids say "We are the bomb"!
Unread 04-03-2008, 03:36 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

sylvia, glad you enjoyed your lunch! happy anniversary.

i'm still so tired....not sure why-the last couple of days have been weird....i am so worn out for some reason. i don't hurt very much its just completely drained and when i pee there is pressure on what i guess is the pelvic floor.
well, i just been hanging out doing nothing so maybe i will recoop soon.

hope you have a wonderful evening everyone
Unread 04-03-2008, 03:52 PM
Hysterectomy dates Feb 18-Feb 25,2008

Well my blood work came back. My hormone levels were low. So they are changing me from vivelle dot .1 to estradiol 2mg. I hope this works with my crying spells and thinking no one loves me anymore :-). I have read that some gain weight with this, geez I hope not!! I don't want that, but in the spring and summer my husband and I love to bike so maybe that will help some. I am really hoping this is the answer. I lit my poor husband up for staying up and reading about work and when I gave him some stuff to ready about the silver nitrate he did not take five minutes to read it and he had three days to do that. However, staying up until 2am for work stuff was not a big deal. Then after the ER experience he work his nametag at my post op visit to drum up business (the er experience where the entire time the er doc was doing the pelvic the er doc was talking and shmoozing with my husband and not paying attention to what he was doing and being rough and even the nurse noticed how it was not going well). Anyway, we talked about that the day of the visit. I told him not here, seriously did he think that was appopriate. There is a time and a place and this most certainly not it! So I guess I am being overly sensetive, but at the same time I reminded him over the summer when he had cellulitis and they were digging in his arm and getting the infection out I did not speak to the doctor so they could concentrate, and I knew he was in pain. The doctor spoke to me several times, but I hardly spoke back, because I wanted all of his attention on my husband. I am only looking for the same consideration. Am I asking too much? Am I being too emotional? Maybe me wanting him to read the stuff about the silver nitrate is too needy, but I don't feel it is at this moment I mean five minutes.....come on!!!
Well thanks again for listening. Maybe this new medicine will help. I love him so much, but right now, I am feeling a little neglected.
Unread 04-03-2008, 04:00 PM
I Drove My Car Today!!!!!!!!!

Hi ladies,
This week I decided that I would drive my car for 10 minutes. I Due to the fact that it has been sitting still for 6 weeks, I thought I would just turn it over, It sounded okay. I went out today to drive it and it was totally dead!!!!!!!When DH was alive, I never had to concern myself with car problems. I was sensaibile and took out Car Cover. I complety forgot I had it---like the sister who is also forgetting things. It happens to me all the time.
I did call them and they arrived within 45 minutes and sorted it all. The guy told me that if you just turn a car over, you drain the battery. The trick is to turn it over and let it tick over or take it out for a run. End of yet another panic trauma for me and I then took it out for about 10 minutes.

Some messages now for my sisters-------
Cynthia---you must listen to all the advice you have given us about taking care. Leave the super red cape in the closet. You are super as you are!!!!
Louise---I am happy for your good news.
Jett--you are an amazing woman. Radation is walk in the park. Forget the bath tub. Las Vegas---YOU GO GIRL.
Mew---You may not have been in church, but God does not live there. He is with you all the time. Hope you are physically better.
Poet---I do get a "pinched" feeling in my middle and lower tum. I guess it is just healing.
Mel---sorry about your difficulties. Please let us know your blood results. Hang in there.
Sore44--I heard about "Eat Pray and Love" on Oprah. could you let me know the publisher and author please.
Fortlauderdale---I am so sorry your vacation did not go as well as you mght have wished. Please do not be hard on yble of returning to workurself. We have all been depressed/nobody loves me etc. Cut yourself some slack girl. Remember what you have just been through.
Kim---you always bring a smile to my face. Please keep doing it.

I gave up my job when DH became ill. I know I am not capable of doing my job(Addiction counseller). It takes me all my time to keep myself on track. I feel very bad when I read about your struggles and fears about returning to work. I worry for you all. I wish you could all be Pampered Princesses for as long as it takes.

You are all important to my ongoing recovery.

With love and gratitude.


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