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Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008 Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

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Unread 03-21-2008, 10:46 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Originally Posted by jewjew
i am 16 days post op tah kept ovaries i have felt fine up until 2days ago when i started with pain again not massive ammounts but enough to be uncomfortable i seem too have a swelling on my left side too i must admit ive not really rested much done pretty much normal things except no really heavy lifting i just cant understand why im taking a step backwards
can anyone help
love jewjew
I think you answered your own question. You are not resting enough. Major surgery requires major recovery. Get the to the couch dear sister and give your bod a chance to heal itself. Love peace and healing to you.
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Unread 03-21-2008, 10:49 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Hi, Ladies glad to see everyone is well, last few days been kinda sad, seems like i am goin backwards....I think its the full moon!!! anyway pain still there, sooo bored cant take it, still have no where to go, no one to take me , & no one to visit. I'm harassing my teens just to talk, dont know what i was thinking there LOL.Not gonna say too much dont want to bring anyone down...think my hormones are out of control, i am takiing my ERT. But geez last night had a dream i was out and got my period with no tampons or pads WOW scary...I hope everyone has a great day!!! LOTS OF HUGGES TO YOU ALL

xoxo Rachel
Unread 03-21-2008, 11:23 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Just checking in. I find it so interesting the range of experiences people are having. From the start I've felt like I'm somewhere in the middle. Started driving, and enjoy that freedom, but find myself staying off the major roads, and driving cautiously. Haven't gone too far. Weather is bad here today, so DH stayed home. Nice having him around. Enjoying watching the snow.

This range of when/how people are returning to work interersts me as well. My doc said 6 weeks. I didn't challenge her at the time, but knew I would return sooner. My job requires no lifting, and I have a lot of freedom to determine my schedule...even to work from home, so....

I don't want to milk my short term disability provider, nor my company, but want to make sure I stay out long enough so there is no setback. When I hear of people on the three or four week out mark having unanticipated difficulties, it makes me want to put the breaks on.

So....right now I'm thinking about returning part time on April 1st. That would be 3.5 weeks from surgery. I could do a fair amount of that work from home. Going full time on the 7th.

I consistently have decent energy, but also continue to experience left side pain if I exert too much. Are any of you struggling with when to return?
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Unread 03-21-2008, 12:30 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Originally Posted by lotsofquestions
Are any of you struggling with when to return?
I agree with not wanting to take advantage of the disability provider or your work but my opinion is to take the 6 weeks. Take the time and rest. I struggled too, logging on from home and keeping up on the drama and it hit me yesterday that it will all be there when I get back, I need to enjoy this physical and emotional break while I can. I will return back April 21.....just my thoughts.
Unread 03-21-2008, 12:34 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Originally Posted by tbowen0523
Day 16 post op

I was concerned about not being able to enjoy the big O like before surgery but me and hubby had "outside sex" last night and it worked just great actually much better than before because no more pain! My sex drive seems to be much stronger now than before surgery I hope that continues. I hope this is not but I was very worried about whether or not I would have difficulty in the sex department but so far

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Thanks for the personal info, I needed to hear that someone else took the sex plundge and nothing blew up. I've been going bonkers but I think I might attempt some "outside" sex with the hubby tonight!
Unread 03-21-2008, 02:19 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Had a really good day. Got into the 70's with lots of sunshine, so I took advantage of it to feel human. Spent an hour or 2 out on the deck with my book and walked around the yard a bit to check on the spring flowers blooming. I'm getting so spoiled that it will be hard to go back to work after 6 weeks of this lounging and relaxing! But, I also get a bit bored, so, I'm sure after all that time, it will feel good. I saw where some of you have tried to work from home or go back earlier. My company won't allow me to even read email without total clearance from my doctor to perform the job 100%. It's probably a good thing. I'd go and do something stupid and land back in the hospital again. So, even working from home is not on my agenda for now. I'll just have to be bored for the full 6 weeks, until I'm healed. So, I've made up my mind to enjoy it while I can. My husband bought me tee that says "It's good to be Queen" and I'm determined to live up to it.

Take care and hope all of you feel great soon!
Unread 03-22-2008, 02:32 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Hello everyone. Glad to hear it is mostly going well with you all.
Unfortunately I can't say the same. Last Friday (14th) after several days of increasing pain I was rushed in to see my surgeon and readmitted into hospital (day 11 TAH BSO and a TVT)
I had a fever, was in excrutiating pain, and whenever my bladder was full I was unable to even walk the pain just doubled me over. Anyway to cut a long story short it turns out I have a 750ml (25 fl oz) collection of blood (haematoma) within the cavity (also smaller ones but nothing else as "impressive" to use my doctors words...LOL) which of course is pushing on EVERYTHING, bladder, bowel, etc.

My doctor was horrified that I was in such a state, as I had been in contact with his office each day, however I do take responsibility for allowing it to get that bad as I had been told I had a bladder infection post op and thought over the week that it was just that getting worse (although of course I was on antibiotics etc) I guess its just a case of not knowing how much pain is "normal"!

So anyway, I have been back in hospital for the past week on IV pain relief and antibiotics. The collection hasn't passed however it is reabsorbing. I am still on loads of pain relief and antibiotics as the worse thing now would be that it becomes infected. Now I have thrush, so basically if its not one thing its another! I do feel much better but I am so tired and have no strength. My emotions are very raw and I feel very low. However I know that will improve as my health does. I hope I don't sound like a whinger as usually I am very stoic and have a high pain threshold. I just don't think I was expecting this set back to be so debilitating.

Unread 03-22-2008, 06:20 AM
Happy Easter

Good morning sisters,

It's interesting to read everyone's posts to see where they are. And again I am amazed at what a big deal this surgery is, I guess other than having a big hole cut into my stomach I thought it would be like getting a tooth pulled (well not exactly) judging by the people I talked to who had it done and were pretty nonchalant about it - Oh yeah, you'll be so glad, I got it done, I feel great, blah blah blah.

I am doing a little more each day. Yesterday I did some things around the house, stamped some, and for my big outing, took the dog to the groomer. I did a little shopping and made some things to take to my in-laws' for meals this weekend. When DH got home and saw the dog he said to her - How did you get to the groomer? Did you ride the bus? Take a taxi? He wasn't as upset with me as I thought he would be that I drove. Technically I am not supposed to drive until next week but hey, what's a couple of days?

I was in a little distress last night and took some naproxyn before bed. I slept well on my back and the bottom of my incision was dry this morning. I think a nerve is exposed - when it is touched I feel pain on both the outside and the inside. I will be so glad when it is healed. I wish it was not so ugly.

Today we will make the 2 hour drive to the in-laws' and spend the night. My MIL usually waits on me hand-and-foot anyway so I know she will be extra attentive. She has already set up the aerobed on the ground floor since I am not supposed to take stairs. She has brought out the rocking chair, which was sent to another room when they redecorated, and which she knows I love to sit in. And since my active niece and nephew will be there I will have to be extra careful to make sure they don't jump on me which they have a tendency to do. But it will be good to see everyone and be pampered, and have DH pampered a bit too b/c he deserves it.

I have been really careful not to do any heavy lifting. My doctor said no more than 5 pounds. I did have to help the dog's fat *** into the car yesterday but she did help a little(she weighs about 20 pounds). I carried in some groceries, but they were light. I have emptied the dishwasher and done laundry. I do, however, move pretty slowly and carefully. I am terrified of having something pull loose and have vaginal prolapse. I have continuing bladder spasms but may go provide a specimen next week just to make sure. It is not any better but it is not worse so that makes me think I do not have a UTI. My body temperature continues to even out - last night I did better sleeping without the whole covers on-covers off drama. I think I had the right combination of light PJs and covers.

I can't believe some of you are thinking about having sex!! It is the furthest thing from my mind. That really makes me nervous about something pulling loose. (I had everything yanked including my cervix.) I also can't imagine having an O with all those twinges in that area or having any pressure on my abdomen. I do hope that I get the reported surge in libido when all is healed - I would be thrilled to want to attack my DH on a daily basis, as would he. (He is 11 yrs my junior and doesn't need any other reminders that he is married to an old lady.)

As for work, I am getting a few emails to my home account about work-related issues but they are minor. Some about happenings at work, i.e., someone got fired. My boss has not contacted me other than to visit me the day I came home but she encouraged me NOT to read my work email b/c if I do and I respond then people will think I am ready to work or to come back. (Plus she can relate - she was off six weeks over the holidays after having a bladder sling.) I most definitely am not ready. I did bring some work home with me, mostly typing that I can do a little at a time as I feel like it. I have two presentations to prepare as well. But I do still have to do our taxes, which I will work on next week, and that will have to come first. I took a full 6 weeks FML with pay, I had 8 months of sick time saved up, and since this is my time I am taking it with no guilt. You should do the same if you are able. You earned it and you deserve it. Like the book says, time to send the SuperWoman cape to the cleaners!!

Special message to Chia: I am so sorry you have lost your dear kittie. I cannot imagine having to deal with those emotions at this time, and my heart really goes out to you. We have four cats who are like our children and just thinking about what it might be like they day we have to say goodbye makes me cry. If it is feasible I say get a kitten - it will lift your spirits and bring new life into your heart!

Okay, off to get another cup of coffee and to start getting things ready to go out of town.

I wish all of you a lovely Easter/Passover/Spring weekend and continued good healing!!
Unread 03-22-2008, 07:00 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

This is to Chia; my heart goes out to you and my sympathy is with you over the loss of your kitty. I've had cats all my life and whenever one of them passed, it was devastating. The one thing I learned is that you have to grieve. When the time is right for you, consider bringing another furry little creature into your life to bring you joy once again. You can't replace the individual personality of each pet, but you can love another again. Just allow yourself the tears right now and know that others are thinking of you.
Unread 03-22-2008, 07:27 AM
furry family members

Summer and Stamper, thanks for your comments. It's been rough, and I think having to deal with grieving at a time when my hormones still shocky from surgery made it even more difficult. I still have my ovaries and I've definitely been PMSing for the past week, so I'm prone to being weepy and cranky lately. I don't think we'll replace Timka, as she was living with Mom and Dad and they're retired and like to travel. I have my rescue dog who's an absolute delight and I successfully nursed her through puppy distemper in the first few weeks after I got her. She's now 2 and a heck of a lot bigger than I thought she'd be (55-60lbs worth of sweetness). I like to refer to her as my miracle baby.

I overdid it yesterday, ate too much and stayed up way too late. We did a pre-Easter dinner at my parents' for the Houston family and it was a lot of fun. I'm paying for it today, with a resurgence of swelly-belly and tender ab and incisions. Mom's signature baked beans probably didn't help, either, but they were yummy.

Today, Mom, Dad and I are heading over to Austin to spend Easter with more family. I'm not driving, which is wonderful, and I can put the seat way back and nap on the way. We'll stop a few times (it's only a 2.5 hour drive) for restroom/drink breaks, so I'll be able to get out and move around a bit. I'm going to take it really easy while I'm there so I don't end up going backwards and not be able to start back to work on Tuesday as planned (which would really be awkward as the doc already did my "work release" paperwork).

My family seems to get too much of a kick out of my doc clearing me to resume all normal activities except for sex, for which I have to wait another 2 weeks for clearance, because I've been unattached since my divorce 3 years ago. I think the doc even snickers a bit, although she did sort of offer her husband ("but he's getting old and slow") when I lamented my lack of even a date for so long. The sad part is that my doc is younger than I am and her hubby not much older than me. *sigh* At least with the pain of adnomyosis gone, I'm finally in the mood to go on the prowl again. And birth control is now the least of my worries. I'm not sure how happy I am about that, as I'm childless and my peers all seem to be in breeder mode. At least I'll be surrounded by babies to love and then leave when I've had enough drool and diapers.

Wishing you all a happy Easter/Passover/Spring weekend. If I'm lucky, all the wildflowers will be out and we'll get to see the purty Texas Bluebonnets along the drive.

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