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Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008 Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

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Unread 04-13-2008, 06:42 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

I have six little incisions - all above my belly button (I had robotic surgery). They are healing well, but I'm still having swelling "down there..." meaning just over my pubic bone. It just feels like it's bruised. I called the nurse who told me that this sometimes happens when they remove lymph nodes because the fluid is just looking for a place to go - elevating my feet seems to help although that doesn't make any sense to me since the lowest region of my body at that time is, well... there. I checked other threads on this site and other women were having the same issue, but not many. I found advice to put a pillow under my butt, and I thought it was working but... now it's not.
Siddartha - (love your screen name!) I certainly do give you a LOT of credit for doing this with two little ones in the house. I spent some time with my 18 month old grandson yesterday and he completely wore me out! Just take care of yourself and take it easy.
Barbara - I'm so sorry you had a rough time. I'm glad you're feeling better.
Enjoy your weekend, fellow princesses.
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Unread 04-13-2008, 06:49 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

LOVE the story of your shopping spree. I bought one dressy pair of jeans (stretchy - one size bigger than usual) and a nice pair of dress slacks (stretchy, too!) that I alternate during the week at work. As soon as I get home, I tear off my clothes and put on my yoga pants - ahhhh. If I try to wear my old clothes I get SOO grumpy and uncomfortable. (my sig. other calls me "scratchy.") It's not quite warm enough here in Ohio to wear my cotton summer skirts and I definitely don't want to even THINK about pantyhose or tights ugh! It's just not worth it. I'm wondering if my tummy will ever go back to its pre-surgery size (I definitely didn't have a flat belly due to 5 pregnancies, but it also wasn't this tender and swollen.) ...Anybody on this site back in their regular clothes?
Unread 04-13-2008, 07:32 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Jeannie and all..I have that pubic bone swelling and also had the lymph nodes removed. the explanation I got was that it was all nerves that needed to regenerate or adjust to the surgery. I think your explanation makes more sense. I keep using ice packs but not sure if that's doing anything. I've complained before about buying at least 4 different types of underwear all to no avail.
I have 5 incisions..the camera hole is just above my belly button and now it appears that I have two of them! then 2 incisions on each side. the ones closest to the center were surgeon tools..the outside ones were assistant tools. They must both be right handed as my right side was blue, then green, th en yellow...lots of action on that side.

I can wear few regular pants and I have no dresses. Even elastic waist things are too uncomfortable. It seems the combo of elastic across the line of my 5 incisions and swelly belly are making life a tad miserable. My cords and jeans are too tight-they fit just below the waist which is achy even when it's "nekid". I bought maternity pants with a high panel but that's tight too...shrunk with washing I guess instead of stretching with wear. I found my old pair of overalls that I can wear if I don't button all the buttons! Those won't work for school though.
Someone said earlier (and I paraphrase) that the first two weeks we could feel lots of progress, the after that there is a lot upping and downing. I expected to be riding my horse by now ..to be pain-free...all that stuff...all implied by the surgeon...male of course.
The one and only pair of pants that feel great is a pair or very high waisted, stretchy riding pants..very tight legs, leather on the inside of the legs and zippers on the outside to fit over my winter riding boots. Again...not school wear!!
Keep healing ladies..I'm sure we'll all fee much better very soon! Joan
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Unread 04-13-2008, 07:59 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

I can wear most of my regular clothes. Of course, they are mostly all drawstring waist sweat capris and shorts and denim or other capris made with that material that has some stretch to it. They are also all low rise. I wear everything below the navel because of my belly ring. Not to mention they are just way more comfortable that way to me anyways. My belly still gets swollen and I had a TVH. It is so weird to put my pants on and then all of a sudden after I have been walking and/or standing for a little bit to feel them get tighter. Strange. My doctor told me that it would still be a little while before that goes away. Yippee!!!

I have been feeling much better over the last few days at least. I am not getting as sore. I have actually been able to take my 7 and 9 year olds outside to play. I am not going as far as trying to run around with them yet though. Maybe next week. More just supervising them riding their scooters etc. I only really partake in the bubble blowing. I have missed playing with them.

Well, I need to finish getting ready for church. I hope everyone has a great Sunday! (My Sundays will be great again once football season starts up. Can't wait!!!)

Unread 04-13-2008, 08:48 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

I was back in my regular clothes the day after I got home from the hospital. At least I was in the morning after my shower; by evening I was suffering swelly belly & uncomfortable. I haven't yet ventured to pantyhose, but that is due more to bladder issues.
Equinox, I too thought that I would be 100% by now. This whole bladder thing is getting to me. I'm sure it's just a matter of time, but I wish it was over NOW. Get this - one of our regular subs came in last week on Wed. & Thursday. I knew she had been scheduled for an oopherectomy sometime in April. It turns out she had a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy on April 1. She was cleared by her doctor to do whatever. I thought I was doing really good, now I feel like a big whiner! How can I glean sympathy from my co-workers when she comes in like a big show off? Actually, she is such a great lady, I'm really glad she's coping with this latest health issue so wonderfully. She had a double mastectomy about a year & a half ago and barely slowed down for that. Hats off to you, dear!
Back to work tomorrow. I think I can get the whole week in this week. No wimping out on Friday. I did wimp out on helping with track meets after school. Even though I usually help with the numbers up in "the box", just the thought of walking all the way from the school to the far side of the track after working 8 hours makes me tired. I'm sure someone else will step up.
Every week of recovery has been getting easier, it seems. Two steps forward & one back, but progress! One day at a time & we'll be back to normal, whatever that may be!
Unread 04-13-2008, 10:31 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

Hello Ladies glad to see so many feeling so wonderful!!!!! and to the ones still struggling your not alone..I was def, hoping by now that i would be great and ready to go go go, but i cant even go mentally. I was great for a week or so moving around getting rides out and sitting up in the living room for a bit with my kids, then all the world came crashing down, Now i'm at that i hate the world bit,i'm bitter and jealous of all around me who can move without being kicked in the butt with a gas pain. I hate that it takes more out of me to find something to wear!! even though i spent all this money on xxlarge and maternity clothes! My sone makes fun of me he said i look pregnant with my big shirt and belly and 2 little stick legs i wanted to throw my self on the floor and have a temper tantrum litterally. I have these god forsaken stretch pants i bought (yeah they were cute in the 80's when i wore them) but i still have to put slits on the sides and right where my double belly button is which is a awful color of i dont know what. my side insicion drives me crazy cause it rests on my thigh when i sit up compliments of the belly that i still have to hold and rub (trust i'm making wishes as i do it) My pelvic insicion keeps swelling and those little hairs that insist on trying to grow thru it OMG..which of course i cant see past my belly and still trying to find a way to use a mirror. The one day i did i cried cause nothing looked normal..the black and blue feelings are driving me crazy...i still cant bend but i cant even squat cause my legs wont let me,especially behing my knees. I have yet to lose a pound even tho i have not much of a appetite. For the kicker i am waking up with these full moon pimples!!! what is that??? all my skin is lumpy and ashy i tried going and buying a one piece bathing suit to at least tan my legs which i would say are like a canary yellow limeish green with a hint of blue color too them, LOL i asked my daughter to put some of my face bronzer on them to try and make me feel better..insted it looked like , makeup on my leggings (reverse of the collar) I drove for the first time on friday holy crap did i feel scared around me wanted to drive with the hazards on LOL. Realized i wasnt ready my SUV felt like a MAC TRUCK. Been in bed ever since. My new puppy isnt working out well, she jumped clear across me yesterday and landed on my belly i think i passed out with my eyes still open LOL..my shes showing signs of aggression as they lies about her breed, shes not a lab mix but a chow mix with her nice purple tongue, so thats scaring me (had that breed before didnt work out well) so torn between what to do should i take her back...today is my last pill for my hormone no refills yet..think i want to stop them since i have these dreams that i am like directing a full fletch movie insane...but other than the loneliness i am just peachy huh...I would give anything just to cuddle and lay on my side. I have 6 week check up on thurs, and dont even want to go, i know i will have my internal again-not happy, might pass on it. But again i thank you for the posts that make me laugh, the ones they make me feel like i'm not giving up,and the ones that keep me on my toes..I wish you all a beautiful day...even tho i am used to being wonder-woman and we all are..I think i've come to the conclusion in bed or not in my heart i still am, shes just in time out LOL.To those working please please be careful and listen your mind and your body, no one will hold it against you if you cant do it..Lots of hugges and kisses to you all.

Unread 04-13-2008, 10:33 AM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

By the way i named my regular clothes "The I think I can Pile" and of course "The I can't wait pile"
Unread 04-13-2008, 11:22 AM
clothes question

As for clothes, I did wear my jeans two weeks ago, but ended up with swelly belly,so went back to my soft, jersey shorts and some dresses that have no waist. I go commando most of the time, so I don't have to worry about the panty irritations. When I have worn them, I have worn some made out of microfiber--got them at WalMart. They feel barely there and are very comfy. They come in every waist elevation know to womankind! With all the different altitudes of our incisions, I am sure we can find something that won't irritate. My incision is bikini level, so the only thing I haven't been able to wear are bikini or low rise underwear. I would love to have more clothes to wear, but hate to shop even when I feel great--so it's really hard to get out there when I feel icky in the middle.
Unread 04-13-2008, 01:16 PM
Hysterectomy dates Mar 03-Mar 10,2008

[quote=mizfish]I. Get this - one of our regular subs came in last week on Wed. & Thursday. I knew she had been scheduled for an oopherectomy sometime in April. It turns out she had a Laparoscopic Hysterectomy on April 1. She was cleared by her doctor to do whatever. I thought I was doing really good, now I feel like a big whiner!


I wouldn't feel like a whiner!!! I had a laparoscopic hysterectomy on March 5th ( a Wed.), and was told I could go back to work that following Monday. Well I went back on Tuesday, and I wish I had waited longer. I had a rough time. I work as a teacher aide at an elementary. And when I finally went for my post-op appointment 1 month later, I told the doctor I thought he gave the go a head to do things too soon. It is hard for me to take time off, because I work with a special needs child, and she does not adjust to changes very well. Well I could take off if needed, I just try not to for the child's sake.

Also ladies, I can wear my regular clothes mostly, but if I wear a pair of pants without elastic, by the end of the day my belly button incision area is sore.

Take care all.
Unread 04-14-2008, 02:57 AM
Groundhog day today!!! Work was so depressing!!

Hello everyone, and thanks heaps Jemry for your comments on my shopping spree...about the only thing good about going back to work today was the fact that the black outsize "bloater" pants with the elastic waisband were terribly comfortable!! And Sweatpea35 - I felt so sorry for you after reading your post and truely hope you have a better day tomorrow and every day after. I feel just like you do at the moment!

Well, here's the report on my first day - I drove to work, found a park without much trouble, and physically got through the day better than I anticipated. Apart from feeling quite tender with a few twinges tonight - I coped fairly well, and ignored the heavy library books on the returns shelf. The boss can get those tomorrow, or our male colleague when he returns!!!

What I wasn't ready for was the depression and horrible feeling of tearyness that came over me soon after I was re-ensconced in my dungeon of an office, with the nasty little louvres high up in the wall. Thank God they're tearing down our old dump soon, as it's so grotty, dark and gloomy.
The fact that our part-time librarian breezed in to say hello and good-bye as she swanned off for two weeks holiday didn't help either!! Wish she could have stayed a couple of days more, till I'd caught up.

Anyway, "groundhog day" dragged on - I've been in the job on and off for 6 years, and normally really enjoy it, but after having such a long time off (which I found very pleasant) I've hit a low point having to come back. The boss was very nice, after all, she's a fellow hysterboss from last year, so knows exactly what I'm going through. Although the fact that she looks fantastic and slim, while I feel like a giant fat toad doesn't help. I don't normally feel this low - normally I'm the one joking about and keeping people's spirits up - so am sure I'll feel better tomorrow, and increasingly better as the days get closer to the next pay day as I've run out of sick leave.

Well, I always find writing things down makes me feel so much better - I love to write and may publish "The Olde Fartette's Guide to Surviving Hysterectomy and other Menopausal Melodramas!" if I ever get my energy back to start it! I've decided to try and do more walking, and even re-join the good old Weightwatchers up the road to get myself fit and beautiful again. I'm not really that toad-like, just feel like it, and the swelly-belly certainly doesn't help!!

Well - enough drivel from me, and time for wondrous words of encouragement for all of you out there. It's great on this thread with all of us at the same stage, and this website has been a godsend to me for support, even though I was an old nurse in a past life, before ending up reborn as a medical librarian, and I've looked after umpteen ladies with hysterectomies in the past. Sure is different when you're on the other side of the fence.

Until later on this week, or whenever, keep safe, continue to get well and keep smiling.

Hugs and best wishes

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