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Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

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Unread 08-17-2008, 03:18 AM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

Hi I am having a hysterectomy on the 20th and it will be done partial vaginal and with the da vinci robotic. Has anyone had this? What should I expect. What should I bring with me to the hospital. I am nervous only 4 more days. Wow it is really close.
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Unread 08-17-2008, 06:38 AM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

I had the daVinci and did not bring anything to the hospital - I was there just over 24 hours, and most of that time was spent resting or walking around the halls after the operation. I have five small incisions that were covered with band-aids or steri strips when I went home. They gave me Toradol shots for the pain while I was in the hospital and I was in no discomfort. I had a catheter, which they removed not long after the operation, and I was able to pee the second time I tried.

It was an easy operation, I think, but I was not prepared for the length of my recovery. I have had no complications - it's just that I didn't expect it would take me this long to recover. Best wishes to you!
Unread 08-18-2008, 09:14 AM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

Hello. I had a Da Vinci. My surgery took 6 hours, whereas they had anticipated 3, but mine was complicated by the fact that they were checking for cancer in two areas, so my surgery isn't typical, seems to me. I ended up with four small incisions, one above the navel, one under my last rib on the left side, and two small ones on each side, inside my hips. I healed externally very quickly. But please be forewarned. I tore my internal vaginal stitches at about 10 days out, requiring a cold cauterization in my doctor's office. I had not heeded the advice about weight restrictions, I imagine because I healed so well on the outside!

They pumped me full of liquid, so that I weighed 11 pounds more 6 hours after the surgery than I did before the surgery. I had been a size 6 or 7 panty and I swelled to a size 10 or 11. So take some huge panties in, and wear something loose (I chose to wear a loose dress, almost like a moo moo) into the surgery, so that you can come out in that baggy dress with only panties underneath. Take pillows in the car, so you can sit on a pillow and wear a pillow across your tummy between you and the seatbelt.

I was in and out in less than 24 hours. I could have stayed longer, but I was roaring to get out of the hospital! When they took too long to get a wheelchair to me, to leave, I asked if a floor nurse would walk me down to the exit. She did! I worked on getting the catheter unhooked early and got up just as soon as they suggested I could walk. I'm not sure I recommend all this to anyone . . . but if you feel up to it, get yourself going. I tend to associate being in a hospital with being sick, and by golly, I don't want to be sick. Yeah, a bit nuts, I guess!

Best wishes to you. It will be over before you know it, and you will have a new normal to discover, each day. Patience, calmness, positive thinking -- these I gained as the days wore on to weeks and months.
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Unread 08-18-2008, 04:24 PM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

Originally Posted by queen92880
Hi I am having a hysterectomy on the 20th and it will be done partial vaginal and with the da vinci robotic. Has anyone had this? What should I expect. What should I bring with me to the hospital. I am nervous only 4 more days. Wow it is really close.
I had a Da Vinci (total hysterectomy plus BSO, everything removed vaginally) on August 6.

I packed a small bag and had my parents bring it to the hospital once I was settled in a room, just in case I ended up there 2 days instead of 1. In the bag:
  • a book - in case I couldn't sleep and/or in case there was nothing interesting on TV
  • lip balm - I'd been told by others that my lips might feel pretty dry after surgery (and they did, so I was glad I had it)
  • my migraine meds (just in case!)
  • a lightweight bathrobe - more coverage than an additional hospital gown worn backwards as a robe, much softer, and made me feel a little pampered.

Other than that, I figured if I needed anything else, either the hospital could supply it or my parents could bring it later.

I found that when I woke up from surgery, I hurt less than I expected. However, the next day, I was sore all over the place - the nurses said that's because of the position I was in for 3 hours. That achy feeling only lasted about a day, though. My pain scale in my abdomen started at a 4 and went down quickly from there.

The bloating from the C02 went away after about 3 days, and the swelling/weight from all the IVs (I came out of the hospital 10 lbs heavier than I went in) took about a week to subside. I was off the diuladid (narcotic for pain) except at night after day 3 (and off it totally as of late last week), and cut my motrin use down substantially after about a week. I took the lowest dose of Senecot for about a week, and then have been weaning myself off of it in half doses for the past few days.

By day 9, I felt much more like myself, except for tiring more quickly and still not having a robust appetite. As of today (Day 12), I'm pain-free, don't need naps, am taking 2 20-minute walks and 1 or 2 10-15 min walks (plus numerous shorter ones - to the mailbox, etc.) per day. I'm getting about 9 hours sleep per night. Still no raging appetite, but it's getting better day by day - foods that seemed yucky before are sounding good again.

I had thought I could go back to work next Monday, but they want me out until after Labor Day, so that's a little discouraging (I miss my co-workers!) but I'm trusting that my doctor knows how much healing I need.

Other than the first week, I've had no 'swelly belly.' The incisions (5 of them) itch quite a bit, especially toward the end of the day, so you may want to invest in a gel pack you can freeze -- I find that the one I have (originally for migraines) feels soooooo good on my belly, if I wrap it in a bandana first (too cold to put directly on my belly).

Additional advice/tips:
  • You really do want to avoid constipation. Even 'bearing down' a little to have a BM can be painful. Lots of fiber (I'm doing a combo of All Bran for breakfast, a glass of prune juice during the day, sticking to whole grain breads and grains, and having a teaspoon of orange-flavored Metamucil in a big glass of water in the morning and again in the evening), some Senekot, and lots and lots of water (or other beverages, but watch out for the dehydrating ones, like coffee/cola/tea) are all good ideas.
  • Did I mention water? Drink lots. It will help to flush out the IV bloat and will help with the constipation issue.
  • Walk, walk, walk. Even if it's just walking up and down your hallway several times a day at first. Walking will help with the gas, it will help with getting your digestion working, etc.
  • Advice from my doctor: Get up every morning, take a shower, wash your hair, and get dressed. But keep a bathrobe nearby -- if anyone says they're going to drop by for a visit, put the bathrobe on over your clothes. He said that in his 30 years as a physician, he's noticed that if a patient is in regular clothes people will think they're more recovered than they are, but if you put a bathrobe on, they'll take care of you. I thought that was hilarious....but probably true.
  • If people offer to bring food by for you, don't be shy about letting them know that your appetite is poor (if it is) or that certain foods are really off-putting to you right now. For instance, I told everyone who offered to bring food that all I really wanted was fruit. Or I told them that I was all stocked up on food but would really enjoy some conversation in lieu of food.
  • Get a few pairs of comfy shorts. I got some boxer-length madras plaid pajama bottoms for the apartment, but my parents thought they were actual shorts, so I've been wearing them outside, too -- they're a little loose, and have a drawstring, so I don't have to have the waistband digging into my incisions (which is, trust me, itchy and uncomfortable). I've also found that my summer-weight skirts have been a good idea - elastic waist that sits a little higher than shorts, and so is comfy. My yoga pants are also comfy, but only during the several days of cool rain. Now that it's in the 80's again, they're too hot to wear.

Best of luck with your surgery!
Unread 08-18-2008, 06:38 PM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

Dresses are my new best friend . . .
Unread 08-18-2008, 09:57 PM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

I had the DaVinci on July 24th and Here is my story. I arrived on time was prepped and in surgury by 7am. My surgury went on for nearly 5 hrs due to the size of my uterus, adhesions endo . My Dr had to pry my bladder and my bowels away from the uterus. Anyway when I awakened in recovery I was pain free. within 1 hr of recovery I was taken to my hospital room and was given a morphine pump, I only remember using it twice. I was up and walking 3 hrs after recovery. By midnight all I needed for pain was 2 percocets. The next morning I was awakened by the nurse who removed the catheter. I pee'd on the first try. By noon I was beeing wheeled out to my car via wheel chair. From the moment I got home, I made frequent trips to the potty, it seems that my bladder and my bowels were working a little too good. LOl, but I was still pain free. I took percocet "just in case" for the first 2 days at home but I didn't really need it I could have easily taken tylenol or motrin. I was really amazed at this. I did have complications that arose later, I had what was initially diagnosed as a urinary trac infection. I then had a bad reaction to the cipro that was given to treat that. I was readmitted into the hospital after 8 days. This was due to severe dehydratyion. Now my appetite was decreased severely and I couldn't tolerate anything in my tummy. I lost 12 pounds in those 8 days. I have lost an additional 2 pounds and Im only 3 weeks post op. My appetite comes and goes but Im drinking lots of fluids to make sure that I don't get put back in the castle. Overall my experience was good. The surgery was a breeze! Im still amazed at how well Im getting around, im amazed that I have no pain and Im amazed that everyone isn't getting it done this way. Good Luck on your trip to the castle.
Unread 08-18-2008, 10:29 PM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

I was in and out of the hospital in 24 hours with the davinci I was in surgery for about 3 hours and go back to the room about 7:00pm I think...I was on a morphine pump when I woke up (so far out of all the surgeries I had this has been the best time waking up!) I slept for most of the night and the next morning they pulled my cath and took me off the pump and home I went.....The only thing I brought with me was my contact case, glasses and lip balm, I wore big comfy sweat pants there and thats what I wore home...The only complication I had was that 7 days letter I got an infection in/on? the vaginal cuff and had to stay in the hospital 2 days then, but as soon as the infection was over I felt great and still do! Good Luck!
Unread 08-18-2008, 11:31 PM
Thank YOu

thankyou: I appreciate all the info, advice and support. Tommorow is my pre op and wensday is my surgery 10:45 am. I am going to be positive and I will let you know how I do. I trust in God and know this will improve my health greatly. Thank you again I love this website....
Unread 08-19-2008, 10:08 AM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

Oh yeah queen92880 I forgot to add that I left the hospital in one of those cute night gowns that you can get at walmart for under 10 bucks. Nothing fancy it was big roomy t-shirt type with little hats and shoe patterns all over it. Good luck and God Bless! Don't forget your lip balm
Unread 08-19-2008, 06:32 PM
Questions for those who had Da Vinci hysterectomy

Hey there,

I had my surgery 3 weeks ago today and started back to work full time yesterday. I am tired, and a little sore, and having some backaches, but other than that I have been very pleased with my recovery and I think you will consider yourself very lucky to have Da Vinci. Look under Hyst-stories to see my full story. Following is my list for the hospital and what I did/did not use:

Chapstick - never used
Lotion - never used
IPOD - never used
My pillow - only used on the car ride home
Pantyliners - used 1 to wear home / but stock up on these as I have worn them everyday since about day 3 and still do
Notebook and Pen - never used..but my mom had her own for notes...what Dr. said, etc.
Slippers - used day 2 for walks
panties - used day 2 to go home in
Toothbrush/toothpaste - used once before going home
Hairbrush - never used
Deodorant - never used
Light robe - never used
Ear plugs - never used
Nightgown - wore for a few hours after cath was out (day 2) then I put back on my big sweats/comfy shirt that I wore in...and wore them home that day
Eye mask - used alot.....even druggy I don't like lights, etc.
Eye glasses - used 2nd day when awake
Book - never used

What I wished I would have taken - (or had brought to me) Gatorade, favorite flavor of Jello (one meal, they only offerred me broth or lemon jello,....... LEMON...even all druggy, I told them that was just gross)

In my experience on taking things....less is more...I probably should have had a extra bag w/ book, ipod, etc ready for if I stayed longer but for an overnight stay you just don't use much.

Good Luck, and feel free to ask any questions. This surgery is still fairly new and I know I had a million things to wonder about.


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