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Unread 04-09-2009, 10:13 PM

Not sure what the abbreviations mean--will find them LOL

Enjoying reading some 'tips'.
I have a question re: bowel preps....wasn't one brand determined to be harmful, something like "sodium phosphate"? in bowel preps on the market?
I have no idea what bowel prep I will have to do until the pre-op appt. the 14th.
Also, I am concewrned because I haven't been in the best of health. Meaning nothing too serious, trips to the ER pumped full of Dilaudid bloodwork, pelvic u/s, and an endometrial biopsy.
I'm tired! My body is tired!
I haven't exercised in over a month, and I am smoking 1/2 pack a day. Before my last surgery, I eased up on the cigs, and I weighed about 20 more punds, so that's a plus, I guess....
However, right now, I am battling an infection in my lungs and am on Cipro (per my surgeon) for 10 days~I like this because it will be in my body when I go in for the surgery, and any infection should be gone by then. Last surgery as well, I received Levaquin drip via IV right before the surgery, and I ended up with c-dif, from either the surgery or too many antibiotics prior, but don't remember being on many antibiotics prior...

I am afraid because of my smoking history, I take Clonidine, and my tolerance for anxiety meds and pain meds is quite higher than average.

I printed out the list of questions to ask at the pre-op, and know they will get the information they need, however, my #1 concern right now, is, "am I healthy enough ie; lungs, heart, anxiety level, stress level" to do this?"

I said something to the RN yesterday at my appointment about just this, and she didn't say anything....

I guess if I was having emergency surgery, these things wouldn't even cross my mind~but they are, and they do, considering my last surgery was in 2005.

Any thoughts and/or input would be greatly appreciated.
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Unread 04-09-2009, 11:22 PM
Re: concerns

hi, Just wishing you good luck!
I wasn't asked to do a bowel prep (each doctor and/hospital) has different procedures - but.....You've still got plenty of time to work out your other issues -
anxiety: get your questions answered rerocedure, meds, etc. by the doctor or his nurse at the surgeons office before you next week.
stress: being prepared will calm your nerves,
health: being sure that this surgery is for your best health will alieviate your fears (I hope!)
heart/lungs: You've got 17 days to surgery - right? the 24th? - so start now, cut back on the cigs even more - smoke only 1/2 the cigarette and stamp it out. Eat well, rest well, drink plenty of water, take a multi-vitamin, and think of all the good you can do for your body! Make this the start of a new regime that you'll continue even after surgery! a new and improved you!
At least that's what I've been trying to tell myself! I'm still working on me! Good luck!!!
Unread 04-10-2009, 06:48 AM
Re: concerns

I mentioned all my pre-op concerns at my pre-op visits with my dr and then again at the hospital. The anesthelogist was the one concerned with any breathing problems that I might have had. Be sure to mention your concerns to yours

You can find the abbreviations by clicking on the Quick Links button in the purple banner near the top of the page here.

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Unread 04-10-2009, 07:05 AM
Re: concerns

My surgeon didn't order bowel prep at all, so I didn't do any except drinking lots of water, and eating light a few days before surgery. Yogurt and salad got me ready.

I stopped smoking Feb 22 in advance of my surgery. I have always smoked, or so it seems, and I had read about the negative effects of smoking and the recovery process. I also didn't want to have the need to go outside to smoke and I was afraid of coughing after abdominal surgery.

I used the patches, and I am still not smoking (although every day is a day!). I am really glad I made the effort, because coughing is very, very painful after surgery - as is sneezing and laughing.

I know you're stressed right now, and smoking seems like a good coping mechanism, but it really isn't. Trust me - the benefits of stopping beforehand outweigh the difficulty, and I am saying that as someone who loves to smoke.
Unread 04-10-2009, 09:04 AM
Re: concerns

Thank you.

smoking~I have been putting it out after a few puffs, then picking it up a few minutes later, I can only smoke 1/2 the cigarette lately due to the pain and ill feeling, maybe I can limit myself to 10 a day--geez that sounds like a lot in writing~YIKES!

I agree, being prepared will calm my nerves, I have plenty of time, 2 weeks from today, yes, April 24th, 2009.

I was just thinking, it shouldn't be a problem to start a Multivitamin now? I can't believe I haven't been on one for years!! I so agree, I told myself, I am on my way to total health in ALL ways starting before this surgery and continuing one day at a time to really get healthy, I need to feel better, I am not taking care of myself the way I would like to. All the best to you too 'happyinnewyork'.

I will mention all my concerns for sure.

"sjvl"~how many days/weeks was that when you stopped smoking before your surgery? May I ask what you had done? Maybe I need to just stop a few days before? What do you think?

Thank you "sisters"
Unread 04-10-2009, 10:58 AM
Re: concerns


I stopped smoking the day OF my surgery. My surgeon told me to try to quit before surgery. My surgery was scheduled 1.5 weeks from my initial I didn't have a lot of time. But I'm not sure I would have stopped smoking then anyways.

I told the surgeon that I knew that I would not be able to quit smoking while I was so freaked out worrying about surgery and pathology.

Anyhow...If you can stop now that would be great. Maybe cutting down to 5 a day before surgery may be an option for you. My husband is trying to do the 5 a day thing right now.

I am now smoke free for almost 4 months. But I still crave them every day. No...make that every hour of every day. At least it isn't every minute. So I guess I am improving. may not want to start a multi-vitamin so soon before surgery. Usually multi-vitamins are on the "do not take" list before surgery due to the some interference with clotting by some vitamins. Check with your doctor on the vitamin thing.

You will do great with your surgery. You say that your body is "tired". My body was tired also. I had one thing after another for years. Not major things...just one alilment after another. Thought I was just getting old and falling apart slowly.

I am beginning to realize that a lot of my pre surgery issues have resolved themselves. My 'girlie parts' were causing me a lot of problems for a lot of years and I never knew it.

Good luck to you.
Unread 04-10-2009, 01:16 PM
Re: concerns

Congrats on being smoke free for 4 months! That is wonderful! I too, soon hope I can make that happen for myself.

Thank you---I so hope that this stuff has been the cause of all my years of suffering as well--I have had every test in the book~~an EGD, colonoscopy, bloodwork, my heart hasn't been good, once in a hwile my CRP is high, and a "D-Dimer" was high-had a CT angiogram last year=normal.

I wanted to cry when I read that part about your parts were causing problems and you "never knew it", I feel that way SO much, but my abdomen is so swollen, I can't cry.

I am sitting here in so much pain. 2 weeks to go. I am going to go lie down with my heating pad HOT, I had to take a second Norco, took the first at 7am, it hurts like you wouldn't believe. If it doesn't get better, I may call my obgyn by the end of this Friday. It hurts in my upper right quadrant, and my lower back, and shoots down my legs from my ovaries. Oh boy!

I'm also on Cipro right now from my obgyn for some infection or bacteria that has lodged itself in my chest, and WHY are my breasts so engorged? He said it is usually from an infection, because he gave me the Cipro for swollen glands under my armpits. I am just a perfect picture of health! NOT

It may be the Clonidine I just started, I hear it can do that. I feel like I'm pregnant, and I'm not, and my period isn't due for 2 weeks. I feel like I'm gonna blow up it hurts so bad.

Thanks again, off to lie down, and pray I get ANY relief.

This is getting to be too much for me. I think my head is telling me that 2 more weeks is a long time, so I hurt even more, but I know this is not all in my head, I have some serious stuff going on and after all other diseases/conditions have been ruled out, I'm wondering if when he goes in that my whole abdomen is going to be filled with things, I've had everything from chest pain/rapid heartbeat/and bloody nose, now during my whole cycle, not just the week before and first few days of, like it was last year.

Thanks for being here, going to lie down---oh Norco please kick in, I really don't want to have to take more than 2 today.
Unread 04-10-2009, 08:19 PM
Re: concerns

Hope your heating pad and Norco did the trick for you.

I was on numerous rounds of antibiotics before my surgery. I just didn't feel 'normal'...for years. An infection here, another infection there, low immune system, random pain in my hips that radiated down my leg, terrible lower back pain, really bad headaches almost daily, random bowel problems, random urine problems, and I was just so tired all the time.

It was getting more and more difficult to get through my days and try to appear normal. I truly felt that I was falling apart at the seams. When my Gyne doctor ordered an ultrasound for what I assumed was just some weird menopausal bleeding ...I thought it was just another country heard from. Ya know? Like what the hell else is going to go wrong now?

The ultrasound showed that both of my ovaries were enlarged. They were the size of my surgery was scheduled pretty quick with a gyne/oncologist.

Thankfully, my grapefruits were benign. But those big ovaries were causing all kinds of problems. Not only from the size of them pressing on other organs...but they had my hormones all wacked out also. Everything was off balance...thyroid...adrenals. Never underestimate the power of hormones gone wrong.

I am not 100% healed yet. Probably more like 95%. Had some minor incision problems. I am still trying to get my ERT/HRT into something that feels right to me. I waited to start estrogen at 6 weeks post-op which was definetely 6 weeks too late. Whole other story there.

But I feel good. I have more energy than I have had in years. I'm not running marathons, but I am not totally exhausted after work like I used to be. Most of my aches and pains are gone. I feel like I got my life back. Really.

And I don't for a minute regret telling my surgeon to "take it all" while he was in there. Done and over...a country never to be heard from again.
Unread 04-11-2009, 06:51 PM
Re: concerns

Thank you for sharing your story~I pray I can say that about this event I'm about to emabrk on!

Last night ended up in ER AGAIN! This time, a CT scan of pelvis/abdomen~pain just too bad. More Dialaudid~5mg to be exact, it did the trick, but heart was racing so bad all night, have to try NOT to have that until surgery, because I am allergic to Morphine, and not knowing what else they use for pain post-op...

The CT scan showed "Quesationable right adnexal cyst, approximately 2CM" Is that big? Or does it just confirm my right ovarian cyst? I googled it, came up as a cyst.

As well, "Right 9MM right liver lobe cyst" WTH????? I don't even drink!! I was so doped up and did not ask what these meant, as well, the great ER doc and whole hospital staff knows I am getting this surgery, due to the fact that I have been in the ER at least 5 times in the last month. The surgery could not come sooner.

Still taking Cipro, high WBC came down a little since a few days ago, not sure if infection is in chest or just all pain in uterus, etc..., he gave me a Fentynal (sp?) patch ~take it off Tuesday, put it on this morning at 11:30am, 50mg, I guess that's the normal dose? Not sure if it's working, my girlie parts are screaming for removal and some help, and at this point, I feel in a fog.

Anyway~just an update. Easter tomorrow, just resting, the ER doc talked to my surgeon last night, hewants me to call him Monday, pre-op Tuesday anyway. What else can I or anyone do at this point~it's all about patience now. Hoping my obgyn can get me in for surgery this Friday instead, maybe he can, considering the extent of pain, I don't know, I'm not the only one on his patient list lol

What do these results of the CT mean? Or is it no biggie?

Have a beautiful Easter sisters for all those celebrate.
Unread 04-12-2009, 06:42 PM
Re: concerns

Boy oh Boy - do you need a break!!! I hope it's coming soon - tell that Doc. that we want you first!!!! Give us his # - we'll all call him too!!!!!!

I think that some liver cysts are hereditary - has nothing to do with drinking - and can be treated with antibiotics or drained if the pain is coming from them. (this according to my older sis who has a liver cyst that is not giving her problems, so they leave it alone and check it yearly). Hopefully that will be your case too.

I looked up your adnexal cyst - and it seems that since you're headed towards a hysterectomy, they'll get the pathology from it soon enough. It explains that some women create those kind of cysts when they don't resolve regularly during menstrual cycles. That's why often a doc will tell you they'll watch something like that because it could be there one month and gone the next (happened to me last year!) Here's hoping your's behaves itself!!!

I was wondering what your family history is like for heart problems? Have they checked your carotid artery? Can't hurt to ask the doctors for a dopler of that (or whatever other tests that could be done to look there - what with your heart issues now. Maybe there is a blockage there? I say this because that is where they finally found my dad's blockage. Took them forever to look there! Are you under a cardiologist's care?

Praying for you to get taken in right away - jump the line!!! You are in my prayers every day!

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