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oh boy...6 days post op oh boy...6 days post op

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Unread 11-30-2011, 06:27 AM
oh boy...6 days post op

omg...i have questions...can't seem to find the answers here anywhere and i'm desperate.
I'm in AGONY
My surg was last thursday. I should add that it was done via abdominal incision (which is HUGE! 23 staples! wasn't expecting that) I had everything removed except the ovaries. I had an epidural so for the first 24 hrs post op i wasn't out of bed at all..my legs were still numb. On day 2 i started getting out of bed and moving around a bit. 48 hrs after the surgery i was discharged from hospital. I had a bowel movement that morning..was eating well (no vomiting)..no extreme pain. I was sent home with Tylenol 3's for pain to be taken every 6 hrs.
Once home i took it very easy..didn't do much at all. Everything was going well...still eating..altho now i was getting more tender in the surgical area..more pain moving around. I found myself taking the tylenol every 4 hrs instead of 6..this seemed to help
Since the surgery i had been dealing with intense gas pains..the nurses at the hospital said this was because of the gas they put in to inflate the belly during surgery. Plus i'm sure the Tylenol 3's didn't help..they're constipating (and to make matters worse they discovered my Iron was critically low so i was sent home with a prescription for iron tablets which i did take daily but stopped 2 days ago because they're also very constipating and i didn't need anything else aggravating my situation) As each day went on..this gas got worse. Then yesterday out of the blue i started having intense pain in my bowels. I could feel a wave of gas move through which caused a cramp...when that gas hit my rectum i was almost in tears from the pain. Once it passed out the pain was gone...until the next wave.
WTH is this?? it's been over 24 hrs of dealing with this gas. The swelling in my abdomen HAS come down a little but i'm still swollen. I'm not passing as much gas but omg when i do i just want to die. I can feel every wave and contraction through my bowels but the worse part is when it hits the rectum and forces it's way out..the cramping is unbelieveable. I'm taking oval chewable tablets 3 times/day as per instructions. I'm now taking Senokot stool softeners 2 times/day. I had a bowel movement on tuesday and after starting a regular dosage of the oval and senokot yesterday i had a huge BM this morning. I'm not constipated..the BM was formed and soft...but there was alot of it. Sorry this really is wayyyy TMI It was normal in color but ended up dark green (from the iron tablets i was taking) So now i'm sitting here waiting for the next wave of gas to pass through me (which hasn't since my BM an hour ago)
Is this normal???? I should add that physically i AM feeling better..the incisional area isn't so tender and i'm moving around with less pain..in fact i can honestly say i'm starting to feel great. I've switched to Tylenol 1's (started that very early this morning) I feel great other than this gas.
Also...i haven't bled a single drop since the surgery..not even a colored discharge. Is this normal? Everywhere i've read says to expect spotting, bleeding or discharge. I've had ZILCH...not even in the hospital right afterwards. Is something wrong?
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Unread 11-30-2011, 06:39 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op...WARNING TMI..

You poor thing!!

Okay, I am NOT a doctor, so take this with a grain of salt, but I had awful gas pains too! Nothing like yours, in that area as much, but mine were up in my shoulder and my neck!!!??? TMI?? Lol..... I wanted to rip my arm off, it hurt so much. I never had neck pain like that before in my life!! It took about 3 days to feel better. I could actually hear it traveling all over in there! Nasty!!

So, other than that, no fever, no pain, bm's, appetite...... Sounds good other than the gas pains.......

Are you drinking soda or eating gassy foods that could be adding to this? Veggies are gassy.....

If it continues, call your doctor. Why not? Peace of mind is everything in this recovery process!!

Good luck to you! Sounds like you're healing just fine minus the gas! Hoping that every day you feel better and better!!!

Keep us informed!!!
Unread 11-30-2011, 07:04 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op...WARNING TMI..

Hi Liloo. Gawd..thank u for your reply! Just nice to know SOMEONE is listening...this is absolutely brutal. Last night my husband couldn't help but chuckle..i mean he's an incredibly sensitive guy and he felt so bad for me but my reactions to these pains ARE humurous (when i step outside the box and look in.they REALLY are) I'm talking jump up and start screaming kinda pains. I've done a bit more reading here and apparently i'm NOT alone...these *rectal and colon spasms* r normal. Least i know i'm not going to die or something..but omg in the middle of it i wish i would.
I dont drink anything but water and have been deliberately avoiding *gas producing* foods. My diet hasn't been that great at all since the surgery...simply because i'm afraid to eat anything that'll cause a flare up and 2 i can't afford to become constipated or worse..end up with diarrhea
I'm walking as much as i can but omg it hurts to even walk..i literally have to stop and catch my breath after a few steps because it's so uncomfortable Only position that seems to help alleviate is on all 4's..hands and knees..looks ridiculous tho lol And i can't spend my day like this either *sigh*
I just hope this passes soon
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Unread 11-30-2011, 07:25 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op...WARNING TMI..

You poor thing....that sounds awful!! I had some pretty brutal gas pains too....I took A LOT of gas X and walked as much as I could to help move the gas through more quickly.

Please be careful with your comfortable position (on all fours). My doctor had strict restrictions regarding bending, kneeling, squatting, and such, and I'm not sure if that includes that position or not, but you might ask. I know it is comfortable for you now, but I would sure hate for you to have other problems later because of it.

As far as the bleeding thing, not to worry. I didn't have drop of blood either. My did warn me that it was MOST likely around the 4 to 5 week mark because that is about the time that the internal sutures begin to dissolve....I waited for it....and waited....and waited.....and NOTHING! I hope it goes that way for you too.

in your recovery and take care of yourself. Hope you start to feel better very soon!
Unread 11-30-2011, 07:31 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op...WARNING TMI..

The gas pains (while annoying) are normal and it can take days before it passes. I took stool softeners, ate pitted prunes and ate lots of leafy green veggies.
Unread 11-30-2011, 07:32 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op...WARNING TMI..

Hi CyberKitten42
You are definitely not alone in your pain. Sorry but I had to LOL when you described the only comfortable position - I found it to be the only way to alleviate the pain once in awhile.
My surgery (LAVH) was on the 18th and I was recovering so well that I thought this is a piece of cake. I had the same pain/discomfort that Liloo describes from the gas they pumped in which subsided in 3 days and I've been up and walking around since the day after my surgery. Then last Saturday the intestinal gas/cramping etc hit me along w/constipation - pain like you described. Up until then I needed no pain meds. Half way thru Saturday I couldn't take it any long so took the Oxycodone - but like you know good drugs are consitpating ! So what's a girl to do?
I'm taking stool softener at bed time but not sure it's enough. Sunday nite I took Ducolax, Monday the constipation resolved itself and yesterday was my best day. TOday not so good - 2 stool softeners aren't doing the trick quick enough and some gas pain has returned.

So my dear Hyster Sister I feel and share your pain.

BTW as I type this I'm having some plain greek yogurt w/thawed frozen berries and some granola sprinkled on top. I've always found plain yogurt to be a good thing for the health of intestines...especially if you've been on antibiotics.
Unread 11-30-2011, 07:40 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op...WARNING TMI..

Ah, the gas. It really made me realize why babies are so miserable when they are gassy, who knew gas can hurt so bad?

You say that you are taking chewable tablets, are those for gas? Are you taking the maximum allowed? I recall reading on here recommendations of Beano. Though I've never tried it, it might be worth a look.

And though it hurts, walking really helps move the gas through. I remember doubling over when the gas hit, thought I was going to explode like a scene out of Alien. But I'm happy to say I never did and the gas did minimize itself.

I still wonder what happened to the maxi pad I woke up from surgery wearing (it somehow disappeared, lol). It was the first and last pad I ever needed, I also had no discharge. And I just had my 6 month recheck and my DR says everything has healed great.

Hope you have a good recovery too!
Unread 12-01-2011, 08:21 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op

hi everyone. Just wanted to give a quick thank u to all who replied. Today is a little better altho when i had a BM this morning i darn near passed out from the pain. I can't help but envision a tennis ball shooting throw a garden hose..that's kinda the feeling i have..a huge gas bubble or bm moving through the tract. Man this is brutal! Not nearly as bad as yesterday tho. I literally spent yesterday on my hands/knees in my bed watching tv lol I've been overdosing on the Oval tablets (only supposed to have 3 daily but i'm up to 5)..i'm trying to not take any more than that.
The doc gave me different meds yesterday. I didn't see or get to talk to her but i spoke to the receptionist who called the doc at the hosp and the doc called in a prescription to the pharmacy for me. I'm taking Naproxen but because it's an NSAID (and i can't take those orally) i'm taking them rectally...every 12 hrs. It's supposed to help with inflammation. This is what she wanted me to go home with...that and Tylenol but since it was another doctor that discharged me, he changed the meds (not sure why) Anyway, the Tylenol 3's i went home with was just compounding my bloating and gas issue..hopefully this Naproxen will help..it's been almost 24 hrs on this stuff now so we'll see...
I went to the hosp this morning to have my staples removed..all looks good there. Incision is slightly pink at one end but nothing to be concerned about at this point..i'll keep an eye out. Wow, the bruising is incredible tho! Didn't notice how bruised it was until i got under those bright lights!
Anyway..i'm feelin great today...FORCING myself to not overdo it. I know how easily that can happen for me. I HATE sitting around doing nothing..i have anxiety so this drives me batty. I'm constantly fighting the urge to jump up and do something..ughhh! Gonna be a LONNNNNNG 8 weeks!
Anyway...thx again for your replies guys...its comforting to know i'm not alone..and i even got a chuckle out of some of em lol ))))
Hope u're all healing well!

Unread 12-01-2011, 10:02 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op

Hi Cyberkitten,
I had the exact same gas pains you are experiencing! I thought I would die, literally!!
My husband had to explain to the kids that when I screamed "OW OW OW" I was ok and what the problem was. They of course all find it comical. I see the humor but it doesn't help diminish that pain!!! I will say that each day that pain gets better and better to deal with. I am using gas-x and I am pretty sure that has helped immensely!
Hope your today is far better than your yesterday was!
Unread 12-01-2011, 11:33 AM
Re: oh boy...6 days post op...WARNING TMI..

OMG !!!!

I had HORRIBLE gas & bowel pains. The gas pains lasted about 4 days but my painful bowel "waves" lasted for about 4 weeks. I wanted to cry when a wave came on and I had a BM. It felt like I was pooping sharp nails and I wasn't constipated at all.

I asked my doc what the heck did she do to my rectum & colon and she laughed and said.......I didn't operate on that part of you. It probably got bumped around while I was trying to get that huge uterus out.

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