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Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and. Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

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Unread 01-18-2012, 11:28 AM
Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

He also needs to fix my bladder, it is attached to my uterus. I am truly frightend of surgery. I have 3 little boys and a wonderful husband. Nothing can happen to me. Please let me know what i am in for. Thank you all in advance!

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Unread 01-18-2012, 08:23 PM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

Okay, sweetie. Deep breath. I know surgery is very scary - especially this surgery. I have had four surgeries - although my hysterectomy was my only one major surgery.

The doctors and nurses taking care of you during your surgery are all specially trained in this. You will have your surgeon, an anesthesiologist, assistants and nurses all there just for you. They will care for you and will see you through this. They don't want anything to happen to you either.

This was my experience. When I arrived at the hospital, I changed into a yellow gown with yellow feeties - I looked like a duck. They covered me with a warm, yellow blanket, and gave me some medication to help me relax. The nurses hooked me up to an IV. After, DH and I visited with my surgeon, who said everything would be fine. DH and I then talked with my anesthesiologist, she said she would take good care of me. She had DH leave. She then had me stand so she could put part of the epidural in my back (I had an epidural so I could be given less anesthetic and that way I would wake up quicker). She then gave me some verseds, which wipes out your short-term memory. My head started to swim after a few seconds and then I do not remember anything until they were waking me in the recovery room saying everything was fine.

Hope that helps some, and gives you an idea of what happens. Take many deep breaths, and post frequently. We are here to support you.

Unread 01-18-2012, 09:07 PM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

Hi Charlie, you will be fine!

Here's what happened on my surgery day: arrived at
hospital (the same hospital that I work at, which was weird) and changed into gown, into a bed. My DH stayed with me. They started an IV after a couple of attempts. I was nervous and upset, they may have given me a sedative in the IV but I wasn't aware. The anesthesiologist came and talked with me and got my medical history, allergies etc. Most people don't know this, but in the OR the anesthesiologist is the boss. He can over ride any or all of the surgeons orders as he deems necessary. And they are usually blessed with a great sense of humor. Then I said bye to DH, they wheeled me into OR, my GYN met me there and held my hand and answered my last questions, primarily "do I really have to do this?". Then I scooted onto the table and a mask was put on my face and I was told to take two breaths. I thought it was oxygen so I went ahead and did it and that was the last thing I remember till recovery. I woke up wih a catheter which was removed the next day. Some women wake up with their vagina packed with gauze but I didn't. I was told I would be admitted one night but I ended up staying for two. Your pain meds will be administered throuh your IV. The pain isn't bad, and the staff manages it well. Be honest about your level of pain and they will take care of it.

The time before surgery is the hardest. Keep busy, freeze meals, play with your kiddos and scrub the house. You won't be able to do housekeeping for about 6 weeks (longer for me). Buy comfy jammies and some indulgent DVDs or books. Come to this site often and ask every little question. We are here to support you throuh this :-)
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Unread 01-18-2012, 09:25 PM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

Yes, take a deep breath : ) Surgery terrifies me; I have had three and all were major. My experience was and continues to be fantastic. My experience: check in at the hospital and am taken back to pre-op. I show my nervousness by lots of talking/joking and I get very cold. After changing, my awesome nurse got me a hot air heated blanket. I am a very hard IV start, but the nurse got in on the 2nd try. Then the anesthesiologist(a woman)came and talked with me, she gave me meds for my pain and for my nervousness. By the time all the meds kicked in-less than a minute-I was as happy as a clam in the sand. I ended up with an all female OR crew and had an excellent experience. You will be nervous, but it will pass and you will do great, really. Take care : )
Unread 01-19-2012, 12:52 AM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

I had my uterus attached to my back and my bladder attached to my uterus.
Pretty much the pre op was just as the women above have explained it. I was nervous too but things moved fast with docs and staff talking to me. Before I knew it I was waking up in my room.
My bladder did hurt a lot from the reconstruction but the pain meds took care of it. Once the catheter was removed, 75% of my pain was gone. I went home sore but feeling OK. My bladder was sore on and off but most of my pain was gone by day 3.
I would do it all over again! The pain of the surgery was less than the pain I had been living with for 6 months prior. I know everyone is different but I also know how much pain a fused organ was. Trust me.... you will feel better once you heal...
Good Luck...
Unread 01-19-2012, 05:02 AM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

I think that the time before the surgery is the worst. I know it was for me. I was so scared before but it turned out to be ok. I had to have a bowel prep also. When I got there, we discovered that the new lady had given me the wrong time. I was late so they rushed everything. I think I changed, had the nurse come in and put the IV in. Then the doc came in and asked me what I wanted to use for pain. I am allerigc to almost everything so I almost panicked. Luckily the anesthesiologist was prepared. So they came up with a plan and off I went. I don't remember one thing about the surgery.
I ended up staying overnight. They did come up with a plan for pain. Of course, having been given Benadryl I really didn't care what they gave me. I was pretty out of it. Everyone was real nice at the hospital. They made sure that I had medicine for pain.
Unread 01-19-2012, 06:06 AM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.


I had a davinci supra cervical hyst. That means I kept my cervix. My bladder was also fused to my uterus with scar tissue, the result of two c section births. I kept both ovaries. I had a tumor perforating my uterus that was found after a miscarriage. It was suspected cancer, so that is the reason for my surgery. I was not in agony prior to surgery like so many women here.

The pre surgery was similar for me as the women have described. I got IVs in both arms, docs and anethesia folks came and chatted. I had arranged ahead of time with my surgeon that everything would be done above board...meaning nothing would be inserted into my vagina during surgery, and nothing would be brought out that way either. So I would have no vaginal disruption or stitches. If you are keeping cervix this is an option. I am glad I did it that way.

During davinci surgery you are under deep anesthesia. You are also positioned in a head down position at an angle so that gravity will help move the bowels out of the way. It is possible you may wake up with a bit of a headache from this. I did not, but some do.

Davinci is a very precise surgery. It is good for you since they have bladder work to do....they can be much more precise with davinci, doing tiny little cuts and stitches. My husband said it is amazing. Our doctor gave him our copy of my DVD after surgery and he watched it that day. You may get your surgery filmed as well, and can watch it later. I didn't want to ...but hubby did.

So here is what they don't always tell you..... Davinci is a very good way to do this BUT....

- The docto"rs are often much more optomistic about healing time with Davinci. It is still a new thing to many hospitals and the doctors have been "sold" on the whole healing time benefit. The reality is ....this is major surgery. You will be healing for a long time. The 8 to 10 days they tell you it takes to "feel normal" after Davinci is really the 'best case scenario" and if you look on the boards you will see whole threads dedicated to the fact that we felt al little mislead by this. I did not feel "normal" in any way until 5 weeks post op. Yes, most pain was gone by week 3, however, if I overdid it the pain would return. I went back to work at 4 weeks, and now at 6 weeks am feeling pretty normal except for menopause symtoms and some sexual disfunction, both of which should clear up soon. (praying)

You will feel a lot of pain the first week. You will feel every inch of intesinal movement after surgery, as it 'bumps' up against healing tissue.

You will have bladder pain the first two weeks. It is a delicate process to detatch it. It will be better , much better after you heal. I can hold it much longer now!!!! LOL... and although I had a lot of bladder pain at first, I now know some of my monthly pain was badder related.

But all in all, if you are living with pain now, you will be fine, and in the end feel better than you do now...ask all the questions. Do the research and make the best decision for you.

Best wishes
Unread 01-19-2012, 08:21 AM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

First of all extra big ((HUGS)) to you sweetie-I know exactly how you feel-I almost chickened out myself and actually did a few years ago on the table and they ended up just doing laproscopic clean up then as I totally flipped-biggest regret of my life.

Everyone's advice above is excellent!!

Check out the Davinci thread under methods on here, and also, my top tips are this:

Prepare your family to help. Give your kids jobs ahead of time and show them how to do household stuff now-before the surgery if they are old enough. If they are very young, plan for quiet activities for them and find help with their care for at least the first 2 full weeks.

Plan and freeze meals, stock up on heat and eat items or find others to bring your family meals for 2 weeks at least.

Get a small pillow for your tummy-even though not a full cut, davinci for me was 5 small incisions and driving anywhere a mini-travel size pillow for the seatbelt to go on was a God-send.

Nightgowns or Pj's with loose waists. Stock up on pads/panty liners.

Heating pad ( I lost ours and was so sad)

Resolve to do nothing much the first two weeks but rest.

Davinci is a faster recovery compared to full cut, but for me it meant faster scars healing, being able to move much easier than full cut, but everything else was the same-you are still having organs removed, and I'm going to 5 weeks tomorrow I just realized and I just started acting normal this week-meaning I can sleep, get up, go to a few stores/errands each day, few minor chores, but I still lay down at least once a day and have feelings, etc. in abdomen.

Be strong, you can do this and come on here constantly for support-I was so much more prepared for surgery after joining here-I knew what to expect the minute I woke up in recovery from all the wonderful ladies on here sharing their experiences.
Unread 01-19-2012, 09:18 AM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

Originally Posted by charlie2012 View Post
He also needs to fix my bladder, it is attached to my uterus. I am truly frightend of surgery. I have 3 little boys and a wonderful husband. Nothing can happen to me. Please let me know what i am in for. Thank you all in advance!

Hi Charlie - I am 3 weeks post da Vinci as (uterus and cervix removed) of yesterday and over all doing pretty well! I know how nerve racking it can be before surgery, that is definitely the worst so I recommend staying as busy as possible.

I strongly recommend getting a small pillow to help with coughing, sneezing and giggles too (yes there will be laughter). I got a really cute mini pillow pet that my 9 yr old adores. In fact, in the preping area before surgery where I changed into gown and had my IV started, I held her tight (Zoe the zebra.) When I was wheeled into surgery I snuggled her. When I was moving from gurney to surgery table, I asked my Dr what to do with her, my wonder Dr came over and admired her, gave her a squeeze and told me I could keep her with me. While I am certain that the moved her after I went to sleep, all I know is that I had her before sleep and woke up with her on my tummy in recovery! It was so nice to see a friendly face and I haven't been with out her much since, especially in the car.

The next things I recommend are gas-x and stool softener. As soon as I was moved to my hospital room (1 night over night), I started taking them. I think it was super helpful to stay on top of the gas pains. I stopped taking them 4 days post-op and that was a big mistake! I had my first BM and the gas had subsided so I thought I was good. Unfortunately the gas pain reappeared around day 6 - needless to say, I am still taking them today, just to be safe.

You will do awesome and feel so much better in the long run! Plan to lay low, doing virtually nothing. Walk as much as possible and drink tons of water, it really really helps.

Good luck!
Unread 01-19-2012, 03:46 PM
Re: Meeting with my doctor next week to schedule a da vinci hysterectomy...and.

WOW Ladies! I cannot thank you enough for all of your wonderful supportive replies to my questions! THANK YOU! I do feel much more prepared and I truly believe only women like all of YOU who have been through this are able to give me honest advice and guidance. I am sure I will post again next week after I meet with my doctor.
A warm thank you to you all!
I wish you all the best too!!

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