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How many days should I need a lot of help? How many days should I need a lot of help?

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Unread 01-25-2012, 05:24 PM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

I didn't read all the replies, so if I'm repeating information, forgive me.

I had a TAH on 1/17/12 and am on Post Op Day 8. So, if you have LAP, you surgery SHOULD be easier recovery time. However everyone is different.

I had to have a lap. surgery two years ago to remove an ovary, so I do have recovery experience with that as well.

First, any time you go in to have your belly and organs cut open, it's major surgery. There are major risks and can take upwards of 3 hours to complete in the OR. So piff on those that tell you it's simple.

You may be allowed to go home the same day as the surgery depending on what time you get out of recovery. With my lap surgery I was in the OR at 6:45am and at home by noon. The longer the surgery takes, the longer it takes you to get out of recovery.

Even with my TAH, I could get around on my own within three days. If you have things planned out, like having things you'll need close at hand, meals prepared for microwave reheating, etc., you should be fine.

Take care of things like showering when your DH is home at night. You're not going to bother to shower every day, so it should be fine. My biggest problem coming home was sleeping in my bed. I couldn't get up and down out of it on my own. However, my recliner has been a godsend. I recommend a recliner that stretches out horizontal if you can get one. If not, set up your couch.

Look at the member hints list for things to do to prepare your house. There are great suggestions there.

My aunt had the same type of surgery you are having and was back at work part time in 10 days. My lap to remove my ovary (which was a 1.5 hr surgery with complications because of tumors) had me out of work for only 5 days before I went back part time. I had been in such pain before hand though, that I felt great (note that my uterus was intact at the time though).

A word of caution, there are some women who have been scheduled for a lap or da vinci that end up having a TAH because of the extent of problems discovered in the OR. You may want to chat with your doctor more. They'll be happy to answer questions about your procedure. Just leave a message for the nurse and they'll call you back.

lol, if you're really worried about being alone though, you could hire a sitter. I had one the first night I was home because my DH works nights and we couldn't afford to have him take the time off.
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Unread 01-25-2012, 06:15 PM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

Originally Posted by PrincessKiki View Post
My doctor's office told me I couldn't have my surgery until at least late May.

Today they called back and told me I'd be in Feb 22 since my doctor wanted me to have surgery the earliest possible.

DH says he will take Feb 22, 23 and 24 off. He'll work on the 25th (10 hours), be home on Sunday the 26th and then start a 13 hour night shift the following Monday night for an entire 7 days.

Other than DH I will have no one here.

I'm having laproscopic surgery. That's all I know. The nurse said I'd be able to ask the doctor the week before surgery.

I'm assuming I'll have surgery on the 22nd and sent home on 23rd. I have no idea if that's correct or not. DH will only be home with me on the 24th and Sunday the 26th.
No one else can stay with me. DH won't ask for more time off because he thinks I'll be fine.

I also wanted to ask this. My siblings are telling me that hysterectomy is no longer considered surgery. It's considered a procedure. Surgery is a big deal, but a procedure is quite easy like having tonsils out and is less serious than having an appendix out. Tonsils and hysterectomy are on the same page? That doesn't sound right.
Oh my Gosh. This is the scariest post I have ever read. Get a second opinion. Please. If you have not ever had surgery you don't know what to expect. A procedure is Surgery. Ask lots of questions and get all the help you can get. Insurance companies only care about the money factor. Not you. They do not want to pay for anything they decide not to pay. This is your body. Your body is your life. It has taken me over 2.5 years to recover from my complications to a No big Deal in a hurry Surgery. When you are sick........No one advocates for you. Go to the doctor and hospital armed. Oh my gosh. Sorry but that's the way it is in my little corner of the universe. Listen or don't. Nell
Unread 01-25-2012, 07:12 PM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

Oh my, I don't want to scare you, but this is a big deal... not "just a procedure".

My Dr gave hubby a note for 2 weeks out of work to stay with me. I stayed in the hospital 2 nights, came home late the third day. On day 7-8 I was OK alone for longer periods, but still couldn't do a lot of bending/reaching alone, and no lifting at all for a month.

You can prep your house/chores ahead of time and help yourself a lot, but I think you'll need more help than what you two have planned for at this point.
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Unread 01-26-2012, 07:08 AM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

my hospital discharge sheet said "TOTAL HOUSEREST FOR 1ST WEEK" and no driving for 2 weeks.i drove to grocery store at 6th day and did great but dr. said it wasnt driving that concerned dr's it was fact of many times ppl. pull out in front u and u have to slam on brakes and it could seriously hurt your insides.if you have money for housekeeper get one for at least 1 st week. i didnt.except son, and we had cheeseburgers and ff's 1 st night,mac n cheese 2 nd night, pizza the 3rd night.i ate alot of junk food 1st 2 weeks cause its too painful to actually make real food.have heating pad and ice pad does work better but i liked heat will need help for at least 2 weeks. i really felt like i did too much and i thought the inside pain would never go away. i stayed alone after son had to go back to school and i really felt like i needed someone for a longer amount of neighbor came over and cleaned my house 1 day but she just sit and watched me and i was in too much pain and i felt like i was gonna snap at her thank god, i didnt.please dont have a lot of visitors for at least 1st week cause you're gonna be in pain and and you might snap at them.unplug your phones until you're managing pain better cause well-meaning ppl. will drive you really dont need someone right there continuously but its extremely hard to get out of bed.i laid on couch alot cause of this.i dont have recliner alot of ppl. mentioned they are better but to me it might be harder to get out of.soreness of getting out of bed will go away around 1-2 weeks.i also got really bad choked for 1st 2 weeks,this is common due to anesthesia,my son would would hit my whoever you have come help u,please explain to them that if u get hateful,you dont mean nothing and you dont mean to hurt anyones firm with ppl. thatwant to help but you know will get on your nerves. i also went grocery shopping day before surgery.get orange juice,milk,stool softners and alot of protein-based foods .protein will help w/ healing process.i drank tons of sweet tea and alot of liquids.this does help with BM'S.I ALSO TOOK MULTI VITAMINS AND TOOK IRON.IRON helped with anemia but slowed down bm's so i only took iron pill every other day. i totally agree this is a huge deal regardless of what type you have.its not a procedure but a MAJOR SURGERY. please take all women's advice and start thinking of this as a major surgery.when i 1st got home,i felt really good butas time wore on i then realized what other women were talking about.take your pain meds on regular schedule to stay in front of your dr. had no problem of prescribing me more meds cause he said it was major surgery and one not to be taken lightly.ibuprofen can be used as an anti-inflammatory as long as you can take helps with swelly belly that still swells at 10 weeks out.but make sure you eat on them cause they can be quite hard on your stomach.i had to quit taking them for couple of days cause they were hurting my stomach.good luck to u and please take all women's advice.hugs to you and for quick recovery but this is a hurry up n wait recovery.
Unread 01-26-2012, 10:56 AM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

Hi all,

Here is what happened to me. I had a TVH 2 1/2 years ago. Because I felt so rotton before my surgery, I had more energy than I could handle when I went home. I had my mother there for the day after surgery when I went home, and for a couple more days after that. But, I really didn't need her. I had given some thought to going through this alone. My hubby and kids were close by. But really, my surgery was on Wednesday, home on Thursday and by Friday, I was ready to go. This is not to say that I got up and went back to work. But I was able to move about my house, take a shower, microwave something to eat. (I made meals ahead of time and had them in the freezer) and take care of basic functions. I had a stack of movies to watch because I would get tired in the afternoons. That's all that needed to happen. By the middle of the next week, I wanted to go back to work. My husband and I are self employeed and I do all the book work, so I have a desk job and I was bored at home.
To say that a Hyst is a proceedure...Yes maybe, but it's a biggy. This is still surgery....but advancements have come so far that it really isn't a big deal. I have never had surgery before this and I was very nervous. But, the hospital staff was very suppportive, very kind and all my fears went away the day before surgery when you do the check in stuff. They were so nice, that I just felt like....I'm going to be ok. And, I was.
I don't know your situation, but if you are the least bit independent, you will be fine alone. If you have friends that can call you to check in and if you just take it easy, don't worry about house work or kids, you will be fine.
Good luck with your surgery!
Unread 01-31-2012, 12:45 AM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

I think you should have at least 2 wks of some sort of help, but you won't really know what you need until the time you need it. Not having help could mean complications. I had great help and I still has an incision infection and I pulled a stitch. Important note-lifting your body off the floor after you fall off a couch or bed, probably will exceed your weight limit, something that didn't occur to me until I did it.

I went in for an outpatient lap for a uterine biopsy to get a mass removed and a look around. The agreement was that if anything was bad, they would close me up and I would decide what I wanted to do.

I had the biopsy first, during the look round the surgeon freaked, didn't like what he saw at all-more masses, new blood systems, and split me open from above my belly button to my groin, and did an open abdominal TH/BSO. Instead of me being 2 wks off work I was 8wks!

The scariest mass was non-malignant but I essentially had cancer surgery.

I was in the hospital and then stayed with a friend for 3.5 wks. I tried to go home at 2.5 wks but it didn't work, I just wasn't able to function, I had a 5lb weight limit for a LONG time which was slowly raised. Even when I went home, I still needed help for quite a while.

Since my laundry is in the basement and I didn't have a dryer, I had to have help washing clothes for months afterwards until I could get up and down the stairs safely while carrying laundry and hang it outside.

Tell your husband about me, and scare the daylights out of him.
Unread 01-31-2012, 06:58 AM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

Hi PrincessKiki

I had a TAH 4wks DH was home with me for first 10 days, we helped me shower and dress, and took care of the domestic needs of children and house. As you will be alone at an early stage, i suggest a coffee/tea making machine closeby that filled everyday by your DH before he leaves the house, and make sure a small container with milk is available so you don't have to pick up heavy litres, freezer meals are a great idea too, I stocked up on fresh soups so I could have a healthy troublefree snack when hungry, and a big bar of chocolate wen you need a pick-me-up. Good luck x
Unread 01-31-2012, 08:39 AM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

A lot of women hear have offered excellent suggestions and info. I won't repeat what they've said, but I did want to mention one thing that helped me. Everyone keeps mentioning sleeping on the couch or in a recliner so you can be more upright and mobile in terms of getting up easily. I found what helped me was having one of those pillows that allow you to sit up and read in bed. I've been sleeping with that the last couple of weeks and it's wonderful and allows me to sleep in my bed. The pillow has two little arms on it to and can be bought for about $19 at any Walmart or Target store and a bunch of other stores too I'm guessing. Best of luck with your surgery. To heck with those folks who describe this as some simple little procedure. They're out of their minds. I had people in my life say that to me too, and always it was someone who never had this surgery. The ones who had were the ones who gave me the realistic scenario. Also, having water bottles close by is good. I had a couple of cases of water placed on a table near me so I didn't have to walk to the kitchen for water, especially that first week when one is most sore. Most of my pain was gone by second week, but just a lot of swelling and needing to stay off my feet a lot of the day.
Unread 01-31-2012, 08:52 AM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

I am frustrated for you. I don't understand why people give this the surgical brush off. I am getting that here. the only person who seems to understand that is serious is my mother and she is making too much out of it, and becoming overbearing.

i hope it gets easier for you. I dont have any recovery advice since I havent gone yet. I am dreading the gas though. I had that with my gal bladder surgery and OMG i wanted to jump off the bed and scream!! I did find that warm blankets on my shoulders did help with the pain from that though
Unread 01-31-2012, 01:41 PM
Re: How many days should I need a lot of help?

Gas ex, I think its called, helped a lot.

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