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Why are you getting your hysterectomy? Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

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Unread 03-09-2012, 12:49 PM
Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

Alicathelton- yay! I hope the day comes quickly for you! My symptoms have been getting worse as well, some Im blaming on my being more sensitive. I was having problems with "extra" bleeding as well. I was given extra progesterone on top of my bcps. I am naughty- I stopped the progesterone when he had me start it back up. It was making me even more irritable, food cravings were crazy, & had fluid wt gain as well. Im already "fluffy" so I dont need any fluff related to a med . We started the ball rolling this past monday abt having the surgery. Hoping I will get a call for a date 2day. I have become even more tied down bc of pain.Very thankful I see a great pain specialist too- he has been great- I even had to say "lets try a little less" bc he was willing to prescribe stonger meds. A long way from yrs ago when I had 2 diff docs say I was "just drug seeking"-jerks.
Heres to days without meds SOON!!! <3
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Unread 03-09-2012, 02:00 PM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

Thanks sisters for sharing your stories! I wish each and everyone of you peace, blessings and good luck on your surgeries
Unread 03-09-2012, 03:44 PM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

Well, all my life, I had heavy periods and cramping. I started my period around age 12 and had problems from the start. I would end up getting sick every time that I would have my period, which was irregular. It was discovered that I had cysts on my ovaries and they gave me some medication to use every month when I started. When I was 17, I was put on hormones to control my period since at that time I had a bad break up and my emotions were all over the place, which caused my period to be more erratic. I was 18 when they put me on birth control pills to control the cysts, irregularity, and cramping. They helped and I went about my life. Until I decided in my late 20's to go off them to see if the cysts were gone and all. I was alright for a while, then the cramping and the irregularity came back. I decided not to go back on them until I was to meet my future husband. We met online and decided a year and half later to meet so I went back on them. Everything went back to being ok and all. We married and life went on until abt five years ago I decided to go off the pill so we could get pregnant. My period was fine for a while then the cramping started and the irregularity came back. You would think i would learn! Anyway. This time around the cramps were worse and the periods began to get heavier and redder. I did not think anything of this, just chalked it up as my period being what it was, until two years ago when I was at work and I had some pain that was so bad, it hurt to walk and also walk downstairs. It also hurt to sit down, it was so bad. I made an appointment to see my doctor and they set up an appointment with an ultrasound. I found out I had fibroids and that was the culprit. I could have had them for years and not known about it. I made the mistake of not seeing my doctor sooner, but after my mother passed away suddenly, I made changes in my life. For a year now, I have been taking Lupron treatments, hoping to shrink them, but they have not done what we have hoped they would have.

Sorry for the long "letter"....I have tried everything...had a laparscopy (sp) done to see if he could do a myomectomy but he could not since it was too big and in an area of the uterus that's hard to get to and not bleed. So I have a pretty big fibroid and small ones...the biggest one causing all my problems. So that is why I am heading for a hysterectomy.
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Unread 03-09-2012, 04:31 PM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

I have been fighting a hysterectomy since 2002. Started periods at age 12, never knew that it wasn't normal to have heavy bleeding and cramping for mostly 9-12 days at a time until recently. Had 2 kids 18 months apart and severe asthma which led me to a bladder suspension. Tried BCP...no good for me decided on Paraguard IUD. Never had I experienced such horror! Had it removed, 2002 baby number 3 came along and my OBGYN described my issues as an "angry" uterus. I would bleed if I shoveled snow! Went for another IUD but couldn't handle the heavy periods and awful cramping. Baby number 4 comes along and I nursed FOREVER in hopes of delaying the process of my periods returning. Cut to baby number 5 and it was time for a Mirena IUD...two years into that the lumps in my breasts were discovered and I had to remove it..as it releases low dose hormones which may/may not have contributed to the breast issues. My sister had been recently diagnosed with BC so I knew it was time to do something. Scheduled lumpectomy, then back to the OR for a tubal ligation and ablation to hopefully end this mess and elimate any chance of getting pregnant again as hormones are not friend and apparently I am a baby-making machine. I was constantly turning down the hysterectomy option..avoided it like the plague..seemed so severe and final to me. Had a horror show time with tubal and ablation, periods went away after 2 months of discharge but came back with a vengeance. Ablation caused cervical stenosis and blood was pooling in my uterus...I honestly thought I was dying the pain was UNBEARABLE. Everyone kept asking me how I felt and I could say was "Like I am 9 cm dilated!" Had surgery to remove blockage and sent on my merry way. One week later the bleeding started again and lasted for over a month straight. Anemic and DONE, I have my 5000th U/S and an MRI to be told more than likely it is adenomyosis with a combo of post ablation/post tubal ligation syndrome. The nightmare continues. I am hospitalized AGAIN for uncontrollable pain and am told that I need an emergency hysterectomy..but not until Monday..when my Doc was back. On Monday, my Dr. decides maybe he'd like to do an exploratory lap. Maybe NOT! I left the hospital furious only to get home and find that they had gone ahead and scheduled my surgery for 3 days later. I cancelled it and switched Dr.s. Takes me 3 weeks to see the new Doc and she says we have you scheduled! Go home, clean like a crazy person, settle all matters..I had 4 days to prepare. One of which was not only mine but my DD's birthday...was on my way to the b-day festivities with 20 of her closest friends...and the cancellation call comes in! Then I am put on the "waitlist". Trying to coordinate the schedules of two dr's and a busy OR kept pushing it further away. Then they both had to take vacations...and now...it is going to happen in the somewhat forseeable future. The list of symptoms and things that have gone wrong...UGH. Now, the symptom of the week is bowel issues. I swear it is an all-out revolt down there. The period that was absent in Dec came back to haunt me and I am so done. I can't work and I am a raging lunatic waiting for this to end. Please just let it be over. I recently responded to the thread about a research project discussing whether or not to keep the ovaries. It was very informative. It gave me much comfort and I highly recommend it to any who is on the fence. I am hoping for the LAVH but am told not to count on it...they are pretty sure they are going to find lots of ugliness going on inside of the funhouse. I have set my mind to accept the worst and will be pleasantly surprised to wake up with a LAVH..probably the safest bet mentally. I am getting off of this rollercoaster from hell ride and never looking back. It will be nice to not only wear white again but to enjoy sex!! OMG! Sorry for the novel but I am not good at understating things. To whoever the Goddess was who said "Because I am done being a slave to my lady business" I wish for you to TM that and make t-shirts...I love that and am totally using it! Good luck to all...I love this site. My family thanks you as well, my sanity has been saved!
Unread 03-09-2012, 07:09 PM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

It's amazing how diverse everyone's problems are. Thank you for sharing and best wishes to all!

I had heavy painful periods during the early years but after I had my kids, (3 under 3 years) everything ran like clock work and was painless! About a year ago I started the heavy bleeding again so I tried the pill. It didn't work and the bleeding got heavier and longer in duration. It was very different bleeding to my heavy periods from years ago. Consistency and texture was different and the blood clots were much larger.

My endo lining was suspiciously thick, even after weeks of clots and bleeding so the doctor sent me in for a hysteroscopy & d & c to get some pathology, and they were to insert a Mirena. That failed because they perforated my uterus.

I went in again 8 weeks later and upon waking was informed that they had been unsuccessful again. Apparently my cervix is a no go zone. For some strange reason they cannot access my uterus via my cervix, which sucks.

Because of all this and cancer concerns I am having a hysterectomy. I want my life back, to go swimming, camping, walking, playing with my kids. I am over toilet sports where I race myself to the toilet, trying to best my personal time, or what I call "jellyfishing" (a crude reference to blood clots). Not to mention the lack of a sex life! My poor husband, who has been wonderously patient continues this journey with me, supporting me, towards the light.

I once thought my uterus was awesome, but it betrayed me, so I say goodbye and goodluck to it! I feel now that for me personally, the benefits to major surgery far outweigh the risks.
Unread 03-09-2012, 07:33 PM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

Hello all, I allso am opting for the hysterectomey so i can have my life back. I have always had heavy periods, in the last 5 yrs they have become severe. Fainting, pools of blood on the florr..... I put off going to the dr because of no insurance. Finally a few weeks ago I went to the er. Drove myself and almost wrecked twice. They did an ultra sound but did not give me much info. They refered me to a dr but honestly I wasn't gonna go, again.....no insurance. I happened to call my mother-in-law and mentioned that I had been refered to a dr in her area, she asked me the name. When i told her the name of the dr she laughed. Seems he is an old family friend. Decided I would just go in, pay the $200 and see what he had to say. While doing the internal he asked me to give him my hand, which he placed on my stomach. I was in SHOCK. The fibroid is huge!!! The one is the size of a cantaloupe and I have multiple smaller ones. In the end we decided to get the surgery. My whole life is run by my periods, 4 days out of the month I can't leave the house, I bleed for 12 days. A few days later I ovulate which is very painful and then a few days later I get PMS. My condition has seriously affected my marriage, my husband is very hyper and active, he gets frustrated that I can't do things for most of the month. It has really taken a toll on our relationship. I never want sex because honestly I am either bleeding or in pain. I am just so over it all!! It hhas only been a few weeks since I was diagnosed. Actually I think it was 2 weeks ago today and I will be in surgery this coming thursday. It has happened so quick but I am excited and yes a little nervous but it will be so nice to have my life back
Unread 03-09-2012, 07:35 PM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

Toilet sports...too funny...I personally have a Gold Medal in Nursing! From 91-08...world record!!! Good Luck Klabri...you are a week ahead of me. Please check back in and let me know how it went. I am unfamiliar with SAH...what is that?
Unread 03-09-2012, 09:01 PM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

I was diagnosed with in 2005 that went untreated in till 2010 by then it was to late to help. Found out that I have endometriosis plus varicose veins wrapped around every thing. I was told by a couple of drs. that the pain would only get worse. So now I am dealing with the fact that I'm only 24 years old and having this done.
Unread 03-09-2012, 09:27 PM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

Left ovary is attached to the uterous, endometriosis, and pain every month since I was 13 years old that is exactly like labor.
Unread 03-10-2012, 04:03 AM
Re: Why are you getting your hysterectomy?

Originally Posted by LittleStar31 View Post
Toilet sports...too funny...I personally have a Gold Medal in Nursing! From 91-08...world record!!! Good Luck Klabri...you are a week ahead of me. Please check back in and let me know how it went. I am unfamiliar with SAH...what is that?
Lol, good luck with your surgery. Thanks for mentioning the SAH, I just realised that my surgery wasn't showing correctly. If you answered yes or unsure to keeping your cervix in the member survey it shows up as TAH/SAH. The SAH (S for subtotal) is when you only have the uterus removed. I'm having my cervix out so I am having a TAH.

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