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Unread 01-09-2002, 11:17 AM

Hi everyone.
I had my TAH/BSO the end of May, 2001. So that would make me about 8 months post-op. It was so hectic after surgery, trying to recover...get back to work..then facing major changes at work..then sis came in from Vegas for a visit...holidays, etc etc. I don't think I had much time to think. I was just so grateful that they had found the problem and treated me. I hadn't had a pap for 9 years! STupid I know. It came back abnormal...Carcinoma In Situ and severe dysplasia. Dr. thought he could get with a cone, and margins came back clear, but they found fragments where he scraped up in toward uterus. He checked and specilist said that only 5% of women have what they call "skip lesions" and that's probably what I had. He recommended hyst, ovaries (if I chose) right away. He said some drs. don't consider this "cancer" but he considers it early stages and didn't want to wait. He was wonderful, and cancer specialist at their office was in on surgery too. Come to find out, I did NOT have skip lesions. They didn't explain the "fragments" but at least I didn't have anymore lesions. They said I "did" need hyst anyway, since I had severe dysplasia. So Im on Climara patches and have gotten along reasonably well. Now, since things have slowed down, I guess the "fear" is setting in. Ive read in some threads where any ache and pain will cause this reaction when we've been diagnosed with the big C. That's where I am. Dr. had given me choice of making follow up appt in 6 months or a year. I siad 6 months! But when I called to make appt they weren't taking them that far off. Now its been 8, and Im even scared to MAKE the appt!!!!
I didn't understand "paps after hyst"!! But now I do. I see where some women have had problems with vaginal walls after hyst! This scares the HECK out of me.
Ive noticed my abdomen is pretty big lately. Im even freaking myself out about that! My mom had breast cancer (she has been cancer free for 12 years now), sis had uterine cancer a few years ago and she's ok....grandmother died of cancer (bowel, but if the truth be known, it probably started in female parts...she would never go to dr.).
So...just needed to get this off my chest. I need to make that appt. Just fearing the worst. I WAS so happy they had gotten it. And in fact, they did a frozen section while they had me out...and said the results were the BEST THEY COULD BE!!!
OH...another problem and please don't yell at me. I would like to know if anyone has gone into this a smoker...and kicked that habit. I have smoked all my life...and now feeling like I am increasing my risks a lot if I don't give them up. But the more worried I get...well you can imagine!! I need to give it up! My dr. said this type tends to come back (GOD that scared me) and in smokers its even more of a chance. This could all fester into a heck of a depression if I let it. But then I read threads where brave women faced much harder things than I have...and are doing really well!!! (trying to see positive today)
Thanks for your time!
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Unread 01-09-2002, 01:00 PM

Hi Therese,
Welcome!! Well first of all congrats on having all your pre cancerous condition removed with the surgery!! Thats always the best news!! Also congrats to you mom and sister for beating their cancer!!! Wonderful news!!!

As for making the appt. I think you should make it, since its been 8 months. You said you have the option of every 6 months or yearly, and for your own piece of mind I would go for the 6 month checks. Many of us here on on 3 month checks. I just started the every 4 month ones myself. You will breath a big sigh of relief having made the appt I am sure. And while you are there see if they will write you in for the next one in six months then you will have that one all set.

I am a smoker, and trying very hard now to quit. I have started my second go with Zyban, and I know its had good results for others, but I tried it in Oct. and continued to smoke, so now I am trying again. Its very hard, and you really have to want to quit, or the Zyban for me anyway doesn't seem to do very well.

I do know what you mean though. I went through 28 days of chemo over a 70 day period for ovarian cancer, and was extremely ill. I swore I would get off these cigarettes because I know I don't ever want to go through that again. I started by cutting down. First from 25 a day to 12, then got down to 3. Over the holidays I have creeped back up to about 10, and that is why I started the Zyban again.

Therese, there is a smoking thread on the Hysteritaville fitness forum, and I see today there is a new post with 2 ladies who have just recently quit. I plan to join up with them, soon myself, so you may want to post there for support as well.
Also if you do a serch further back a few pages on that forum you will find a long thread called "kicking the smoking habit" started by me, and there is alot of encouraging stories on that thread as well.

I hope you will make your appt soon, and get the checkup out of the way, and give yourself some piece of mind. What you are feeling with worrying that it may come back, is so normal Therese. It comes with the diagnosis of precancer or cancer, and we just have to believe that the doctors are keeping a good check on us, and we are having the tests they want to do, and try and not focus on it too much. It sounds like yours was caught very early. My sister had cervical cancer 18 years ago and is doing really well. She is checked yearly now, and has been fine since. But believe me, we all sure know how you are feeling about the checkups. They are nerve wracking, but we gotta do them!!
All the best to you! Please feel free to post your thoughts or questions anytime, and we will all do what we can to help you. Let us know how that appt. goes!!
Big hugs to you,
Unread 01-09-2002, 01:28 PM

Thank you for responding so quickly. I have so many questions about all this hyst/homone/HRT/moods...just this whole thing I've gone through the last year. I will make the appt. very quickly. They did find my cells very early on. I had a .33 micro invasion...which he showed me with a pen mark was tiny. He said the pathologist had to really hunt to find that one! I didn't understand where the "fragments" came from since there wasn't a "skip lesion", but first thing that had gone through my mind was it was from the instuments being used (?) perhaps. Who knows. I did ask him, and he was as confused about it as I was. But I do have a lot of faith in him as a doctor.
I'm concerned about using HRT because of history and in the family, but he seems to think it won't make my chances anymore than they already are. I get along pretty well with the Climara patch I think. I do feel so energetic at times I don't know how to relax (perhaps nerves?). But Ive been like this most of my 8 months post op. I walk on treadmill...have learned to roller circles around others. I wish at times I could calm down. Ive heard of possible vaginal dryness...and lack of sex drive...I haven't had ANY of those problems. In fact, Ive thought of asking Dr. for something that would HELP me obtain some vaginal dryness! (may be strange to talk about, but I see so much of the opposite, it makes me feel like something isn't quite right!) I wonder if I'm doing the right thing by using the patch in the long run. I just don't know what's good for me. Heck, I never paid any attention to these things. The closest I got to paying attn to the female organs was I had 4 (beautiful I might add) babies.
Thanks again. AFter I collect my thoughts and get my q's organized...I'll post again.
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Unread 01-09-2002, 05:19 PM






Unread 01-09-2002, 05:25 PM

Therese, so glad to hear that you are going to make the appt. for your checkup. You will do just fine I am sure. And wow...for the doctor to show you a pen mark how small the invasive cells were is a good sign I would say. Even the word micro is a good when dealing with this I would think.

Therese, regarding your HRT and patch concerns you may wish to post on the Hormone Jungle forum regarding this. The ladies there are great and may have some ideas regarding your concerns, so feel free to post there as well. I am sure there are others there who are on the same type of patch. There may also be ladies that will reply here who are on it a well though.

I am on an estrogen gel that you rub into your arms everyday, and that works well for me. My doctor felt the benefits to my bones as I have osteopenia outweight the risks, and this type of HRT has been used in the Europe for over 20 years with good results and little risk according to the literature I have read on it.

Please let us know when you have your appt date, and I will put it on our calendar here on the forum, so we can post well wishes for ya a day or two beforehand and remember we are here for ya!!

Unread 01-09-2002, 06:30 PM

+Hi Therese,
Call the doctor............early detection is your best defense. I know about the anxiety........we all do. Everything gets better with time. But, CALL the doctor, and make your appointment.
I am an ex-smoker, i have to tell you, having cancer is what scared me. I stopped smoking about a year befoe I was dignosed, yest I always had a terrible craving for a cigarette, since my diagnosis, no craving for me. Now I wish I never smoked, because I am so fearful of another cancer. I also scared a couple of friends of mine who have since quit smoking becasue of my cancer.
See there is lots of good that came out of my diagnosis
I will keep you in myprayers for strength in both th smoking and calling the doctor.

Maria............please stop smoking, I am praying for that
Unread 01-10-2002, 05:20 AM

The first thing is to make the appt, and go with any questions that you may have written down. Once that is over then you take one day at a time. If you can not take hrt, then there may be other options. Have you visited the Desert, here at Hystersisters? The ladies there may be helpful to you! There are many women who can not take hrt, so they opt for herbs and the such. Please know that we are always here to lean on. Cancer is never an easy issue to deal with, but knowing that you have others who understand your feelings really helps!
Unread 01-10-2002, 03:59 PM

Hi, Therese!

This just drives a person crazy, doesn't it? You'll feel so much better, though, once you've made the appt (well, maybe after you've gone to the appt--OK after the good results come back from the appt). Try not to get too freaked out about it spreading to your vaginal wall. That does not typically happen. Vaginal cancer is very, very rare. But if some of those cells do try to get on your vaginal walls, if it's found early it can be lasered off. So set that appt!
Unread 01-11-2002, 10:48 AM
Feeling better

Hi Jeanine and All,
I tried to make an appt and they weren't in today, so I'll call Monday and at least get appt. made. They are busy so I suppose I won't be going for at least a month. Thank you for all your replies and encouragement. This does just freak a person out! I have so many questions about "is this that normal" and some concerns....but not sure if I should post here or at other appropriate areas of Hystersisters. Do I need to post different things at different areas? I suppose that would make sense. LIke this general thing I have to ask about stomach seems to "still" swell at times. I understand that in the beginning...but now? 8 months post? And it does seem to do it more when I overdo it. (I try to walk 1.5 miles, 5 days a week on treadmill...sometimes feels too much still). And bowel problems...well, not really problems...but strange things! Seems they haven't been right since surgery!!! (back and forth from constipation to diahr. etc). So where would I put questions like this? Just general q's? I can go into the hormone sites for those ques. like which would be best for me (I did ask my Dr. and he said some women try herbs, etc...kinda left it up to me!)..and q's like why do I get so irritable with dh at times and since I wasn't sure what a hot flash was, is when I feel my whole body is burning a "hot flash"?? :burning: I sure feel stupid about all this. Then I have q's about how to get "my story" in here...and how to put the smileys in (if I didn't do it right, you all are going to see a bunch of code words...I sure hope it worked, it would be embarrassing! . So I guess I need to check out all the areas, and figure out where what question goes.
Thanks for all your help!
Unread 01-11-2002, 04:38 PM

Glad you are going to call Monday for that appt Therese!!
Perhaps you can get on a cancellation list if you think they won't be able to see you for a month. That way you won't have another month with this on your mind. And remember...see if they will book your next one while you are there. Thats what my clinic does when I go for checkups. Mine are always on Fridays, as that is "gyne" day at the clinic, and we don't get outta there without getting another card, and another appt. date! Which is good, because I could see me putting it off if it was left up to me to book it every 4 months.

Regarding your questions Therese, it is best if you post specific questions in the different forums. The reason being that different women frequent different forums. Like for me, this forum has my heart, and I always come here first when I come on to the site.

But other women for instance who have been going through a lot with hormone difficulties will frequent the Hormone Jungle Message Board. And also....for women who are many months and years post Op there is also The Road Less Travelled Forum. That may be where you can post about the swelly belly and bowel troubles. All the forums are great, and there is alot of information to be found to help you in discussions with your doctor of course as they know your specific background.

Keep reading and posting anything at all on any of the forums though. Thats what we are all here for!!
Keep in touch and let us know when you get that appt.
Have a good weekend!!

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