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surgery on obese people surgery on obese people

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Unread 01-22-2002, 07:03 AM
surgery on obese people

Sandy I understand what you are going through. I have felt the same anger and frustration about "society's ways" as you have mentioned... I am having Bariatric Surgery (weight loss surgery) to correct my weight problem this year. Maybe you should look into it. There is a great web site: OBESITYHELP.COM that goes into all the details and reasons for the surgery, with message boards, live chat and great info for obese folks like us. I have been on diets for over 18 years. I joined weight watchers 7 seperate times over the last 25 years, and have tried hypnotism, VHS Tapes and Deal A Meal/Susan Powter and Nutri-System...even Statistics say that you only average 10% weight loss with diet/excercise programs, which on a 300 lb person is only 30 lbs...that still leaves you OBESE and the rate of re-gaining the weight is so high, it is almost a waste of time for a very heavy person to diet at all. I took care of the fibroids problem in my uterus in 1995, and in 2002, I'm taking care of the excess weight that has caused me so much emotional and physical pain. Don't be a victim or a martyre about being heavy. You aren't a terrible person, or weak, or "bad". You can do this. You CAN Change...get your life back! There are types of weight loss surgery that are non-invasive to a isn't the old fashioned stomach-stapling anymore and many many people are having it done. It is safe and it WORKS. If you are 85 lbs overweight or more and have stuff like sleep apnia or diabetes...this is really what you should look into. Sorry to get off the Hysterectomy subject, but this thread revolves around obesity and this is how I'm handling mine. Best of luck to you whatever you decide...and YES...get the largest sweats you can find to wear post-op...try MENS sizes which are bigger if the Women's sizes aren't running large enough. Take care of yourself...You DO deserve it. xox
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Unread 01-22-2002, 08:17 AM
surgery on obese people

Oh, no ... look out ...

The Quote Machine is back!!!!

"The larger world never gives girls the message that their bodies are valuable simply because they are inside them. Until our culture tells young girls that they are welcome in any shape -- that women are valuable to it with or without the excuse of "beauty" -- girls will continue to starve."

Naomi Wolf in The Beauty Myth, on dieting and anorexia

You are a valuable person no matter what you look like. And I do not think most doctors truly understand the problems of the overweight.

I once had a man stop me in public and lecture me about my size, call me a hypocrite, and tell me I was killing myself! This guy was a psychology professor who was asked to teach at dental school because he was an expert in helping dental professionals deal with mentally handicapped people. But he sure didn't know dog doo-doo about overweight ...

Personally I would never consider bariatric surgery unless I were about 400 lbs and had life-threatening health problems. Until that happens the world will just have to deal with me as I am. For every Carnie Wilson, there is someone who is left much worse off. There are a lot of quacks out there doing this stuff and recommending it to people who really shouldn't have it. I hope your surgeon is experienced and has a good reputation, Kathy.

You do not have to be bone thin to decrease your risk of health problems like diabetes or knee problems. My problems are helped by exercise even though I gained weight! Even a 10% weight loss has been shown to decrease risk of diabetes even tho the person is still "fat."

It is possible to get some exercise and stay cool. They keep the air conditioning on at our gym unless it's really cold outside, and a lot of morbidly overweight and also really old ladies are there everyday, walking slow on the treadmill or riding at a moderate pace on the exercise bikes. That's one of the reasons I like that gym. Hey ... perhaps you could try water aerobics! I have a friend with knee problems who loved that, plus you will definitely stay cool.

Good luck with your surgeries, both of you ...

Unread 01-22-2002, 09:41 AM
Good come back...

My fave reposte for someone stupid enough to take on MY 'size' is: "I'm a large girl but I don't have a weight problem; YOU do."

At 5'10 and 250lb's I'm STILL the runt of the litter, so I'm MORE than comfortable with not being rail thin... Actually, I'm happy I'm not. Those poor girls need an anchor in a wind storm

But, seriously; we're all different based on genetics, bone structure and metabolism. 'They' say I'm supposed to be about 140-150lb's. Yeah, RIGHT! I don't THINK so! And neither do any dietician who's seen me and my build. 180lb's; and NO LOWER!

So... I'll be down to my fighting 190lb's within a year after my surgery, and I'll be helping my 11yr old niece (who's the same size as me) to get past societies Sizism.

Cyster Ter :dragon:
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Unread 01-22-2002, 01:59 PM
surgery on obese people

Hello Again, YIKES I didn't mean to imply that "heavy" was "bad'" and Thin was "good"... I was merely offering suggestions to someone who mentioned she was really unhappy being fat and thought nothing could ever be done... I am 5'4" and 231 lbs with a BMI of 40. I have sleep apnia, am latent Diabetetic and have a lot of joint pain. I am not happy when I look in the mirror and get winded easily when I climb stairs. Those of you who are "happY" being obese are not who I was addressing anyway. I have been heavy 18 years and not very happy about it. I find it limiting and am tired of behind the back snickers or people asking me when my baby is due when I'm not pregnant. Yes, be PROUD of who you are, but the person I replied to was NOT and I offered a suggestion if she wanted another option. Diet and excercise are NOT all there is out there. I am no Carny Wilson (she weighed 100 lbs more than I when she had her surgery) and didnt think I could qualify being at the low end of the weight for this, but there are like 5 different types of surgery, including one that is just a banded stomach that allows your food to digest normally, but allows less in at a time, similar to Meridia suppliments. I am looking forward top my surgery and losing 85-95 lbs over the next year. Just because you are fat doesn't mean you were meant to be. Instead of being so defensive, why don't you check out the info on this sort of thing? Being a big woman is fine...but being unhealthy is not... don't shoot the messenger, gosh I was only trying to help by giving useful information and a helpful website on the subject. Thanks for reading... xox :0)
Unread 01-22-2002, 05:57 PM
surgery on obese people

I have to apologize, I do not mean to offend anyone. The info I have seen on bariatric surgery tells me that it is dangerous. I will grant that perhaps I have seen the wrong information. It is very difficult to get all the facts on many medical procedures, especially when different experts have different experiences of what has worked well for them. Look at the controversy about keeping your cervix after hysterectomy or not!

But I encourage women to separate the "I am not happy when I look in the mirror" from the genuine health problems they may or may not have.

If you have diabetes, sleep apnea, or joint problems, those are real health problems that might be helped by weight loss. Or other things.

But the "I am not happy when I look in the mirror" part and the "I hate the things that people say" are the result of a culture that treats people unfairly. We weren't born looking in the mirror and saying "yuck" even if we were overweight babies/children. We LEARNED that feeling because somebody TOLD us that flat stomachs are prettier than round ones; and that our thighs are for walking and "looking beautiful." Who decided this, anyway?? The fashion industry ... the makeup industry ... the movie industry ... the TV industry ... and don't forget the diet industry, the advertising industry, and the plastic surgeons. And those somebodies are making an awful lot of money off making people hate themselves and each other for the way they look.

We have all been brainwashed by those industries. Before they existed, the beautiful shape in a woman was considered to be round and full. Why did all this start AFTER the women's movement? Heh heh heh.

All I am saying is, don't hate the way you look because somebody is telling you what you should think is beautiful and what you should think is ugly. We are all entitled to decide that for ourselves, without the help of these billions-of-dollars-a-year industries, thank you.

Perhaps if I had your health problems, I would think differently. If the GYN tells me I have cancer, I will certainly need surgery, and I will run, not walk, to the castle to have it done. But the fact is that all surgery carries at least some risk, and until I have health problems such that I have *no other choice*, nobody is going to "But you look so ugly, and you should look thin instead" me into having myself cut open!
Unread 01-22-2002, 10:32 PM
No worries

I don't think anyone has taken any comments as negative or biased.
This discussion has just proven to be a great forum to discuss ALL the aspects of obesity in our lives.

I know I haven't taken any insult, nor have I meant to give any

That's what I was trying to say, I guess.
Everyone is different and has to deal with their issues differently.

We'll never learn anything unless we listen to people's information and opinions, whether we like or agree with them or not

Cyster Ter :dragon:
Unread 01-22-2002, 10:58 PM
surgery on obese people

Hi... It is me again putting in my 2 cents worth..... I absolutely hate the gastric surgery of any kind. I have seen many complications be it minor, but still complications post op from those types of surgeries. I also had a childhood friend die from that surgery. Neither she nor her family ( yes she was the only " FAT" one in her family, and yes she was ridiculed by her family for being " FAT", she had to do monthly weigh in's in front of her whole family. So as she got older she starved herself to be what society deems as thin, 2 kids later & she packed bck on the pounds. So after this surgery had been " perfected" she had the surgery done, that night post op, she coded & ended up vented for months before she died. I was SO angry at her family & society for making this wonderful, intelligent, beautiful woman fell less than she should have... all I could say to her father was... I hope your happy, now you will have a thin daughter in her grave... mean to say I know, but that is how I felt).
Unread 01-23-2002, 03:02 AM
surgery on obese people

Now I can finish writing, because everytime I think of my friend in her grave because she thought she was fat & ugly it just makes me cry. Serene200... you are so on the money with your last post. We are not born into this world UGLY, somewhere in our lives we are taught FAT is ugly & bad... hence if a person is FAT they are ugly.... nice ha? I have another friend who had the stomach surgery done, she didn't die.... but she has absorption problems & will be on vitamins & supplements for the rest of her life. When I was practicing nursing, I took care of a woman who had the surgery done when it was first being done... she told me if she knew then what she knew after having the surgery she would NEVER have done it. I personally ... not the key word... personally HATE all those stomach stapling, by pass, or whatever the new term for them is...
Unread 01-23-2002, 06:55 AM
surgery on obese people

Now wait a minute... you say you don't want to "slam" anyone then you "slam" them! There are at least 5 different types of gastric bypass or restrictive intake surgeries now in 2002...these replace that old "stomach stapling" surgery pre-1980 which DID have complications and problems. They don't perform that "loop" type surgery anymore as it was deemed too dangerous. The surgeries they have replaced it with are SAFE and though a couple of them DO restrict nutrient and food absorption, most are just regulators of food intake and allow a feeling of fullness with much smaller amounts of food. True, they want you to take a daily vitamin and possibly a B-12 suppliment, but is THAT SO BAD???

I didn't want to "go here" with the paragraph...I was just letting some of you know what's out there and available in 2002...this isn't the dark ages of surgical procedure anymore. Get your facts before you condemn the process. BTW, the reason I am awaiting this surgery is because of the strict qualifications pre-op...I have to have blood work, EKG, Psych Evaluation, trip to the Nutritionist for advice, seminars on post op life, and sleep disorder testing. My surgeon performs state of the art banding which is not a staple, but a removeable band that retricts the stomach size and ability to store large amounts of food.

I tend to agree that optimum performance and life abilities (physical) are best somewhere near your "ideal weight". At my present weight, I don't feel healthy and this impairs my quality of life. You can stand on your soap boxes proclaiming the joys of being BBWomen, and that is fine for you, but I'm taking the other path. If you have ever read studies of what the long term effects of obesity are on your general health, you may not be so self-righteous about forcing the attitude upon others.

Ignorance is NOT bliss and if you deny yourself a healthy weight out of being "right", then you are the loser.

I'll not mention this again. Bless you all and best wishes for a healthier future. xox
Unread 01-23-2002, 02:21 PM
surgery on obese people

Note the key word in my last posting>>>>PERSONALLY>>>>>>

AND... no where in MY postings did I ever mention thet I didn't want to " SLAM" anybody. I offered MY PERSONAL OPINION, and how I feel about the surgeries..... KEY WORD PERSONALLY...
AND... that is all I am going to say on this

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