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Unread 02-22-2002, 06:31 AM
Bad Nerves!!

I have made the decision to have a partical hysterectomy. I had choices for hormone therapy or partical... I have two wonderful kids and dont plan to have anymore. BUT my surgery is six days away and I am freaking out!! NERVES are BAD! I throw up everyday!!!
Can anyone tell how long your "pain" last after the surgery? I can handle discomfort but pain NO (hehehe)
How long is hospital stay? (my doctor says 2-3 days)
Do most people get morphine?
Does the morphine make you sick?

I dont have anyone else to consult (personally) on these questions. THIS WEB SITE IS WONDERFUL!!! please help

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Unread 02-22-2002, 06:48 AM
Bad Nerves!!

I had a total (uterus and cervix) vaginal hysterectomy with a spinal/epidural. Are you having a laporoscopic procedure, or abdominal? Talk to your anesthesiologist about pain management. From what I've read on here morophine has made a lot of people sick with a few not being sick. There are meds that can reduce the nausea/ vommiting. I had zofran a wonderful drug given before surgery. I loved my spinal/epidural and because of that I didn't get a morophine pump. It was actually the best surgical experience I ever had. I went in on a Monday and came home on Wed morning. It depends how you do overall that determines when you come home. Keep reading and gather information to help you. Also it's a good idea to check the post-op boards and Princesses tell their stories to see what others have gone through.
Unread 02-22-2002, 08:01 AM
Bad Nerves!!

This whole situation can be very scary. Please don't be offended when I say that somehow you need to find a way to calm down some. It is not good to be throwing up each day because of nerves. You are doing right in getting as much info as you can prior to surgery. I think that this will calm your nerves some. I asked my GYN 90 questions prior to surgery. I know that this worked for me because then I knew exactly what was going to happen to me & what I could expect afterwards.
I had 3 incisions in my LAVH/BSO. They were not that painful at all. I stayed in the hospital 2 nights & almost 3 days afterwards.
I did NOT have morphine. My GYN doesn't like giving it to her patients as most of them have bad reactions such as nausea.
I had Nubain, which was injected into my IV the first day (day of surgery). The second day, my IV came out, so I took Tylox orally.
You will most likely have some nausea just because of the general anesthesia (I'm assuming that you're having a general). This is normal, but nurses can give you Compazine for that.
I came home with a prescription for Darvocet and Motrin 600 mg..
I haven't used them much at all.
Now, this all depends on whether you're having surgery done vaginally or abdominally. If abdominally, I can't help you out there.
My suggestion would be to talk to your dr & find out exactly what meds he/she intends on giving you. You have the right to know and to question about each medication. I think that this will help you know what's going to happen.
If you want to talk or ask more specific questions, just email me okay ? I'll be glad to help you out with any questions, suggestions, encouragement, etc. that you need.
Hang in there & take care,
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Unread 02-22-2002, 09:42 AM

LOL Relax... it will be fine!

I've got a history of nausea/vomiting after anesthesia, but I made sure I told my anesthesiologist this during the pre-op visit so he could plan accordingly.

I woke up with no real nausea. I'm allergic to most narcotic pain meds except demerol, and after my surgery I got regular shots in my hip. It was extremely difficult to roll over for the shot, but I got through it. The next morning, once the catheter and IV came out, I was switched to oral demerol.

You're going to be more uncomfortable than in severe pain. Getting out of the hospital bed was an adventure in itself. It was much easier once I got home.

If you haven't had your pre-op appointment, then sit down and make a list of all of your questions/concerns and take it with you. As the nurse answered my questions, I jotted the answer down beside the question. And remember, there are no stupid questions.

Good luck!
Unread 02-22-2002, 10:01 AM
Fear of surgery

I had my TVH on Tuesday afternoon and came home Wednesday afternoon czu I was feeling so good. I got two anti nasuea shots in teh preop room and then had the morphine pump the first day and nite which I did not like cuz of the drugged up feeling you have with it.. I insisited sometime during the middle of the nite they take it out and they did and I was given toridol and vicodin as needed. The pain from TVH is not bad at all I had no nausea and was hungry and ate and had no problems. To me the worst part of it ws the morphine pump just cuz you are so out of it. I only pushed the button for it 8 times during the entire time I am up and about and doing great 3 days post op and forcing myself NOT to do anything cuz i know I can't. I went pee about 10 minutes after taking out the cath and had my first BM today...This is not a bad surgery at all if youar egetting it vaginally. As for abdominally.never again will I have one of those done. I have had three. My dr was able to remove all of the adhesions vaginally and for that i was thankful. She said she got fearful halfways thru that she'd have to cut me but she did not. So for that I aws happy I had myself worked into a wreck too but after the fact i reallize I had nothing to worry so much about Take it easy and don't worry so much It is a piece of cake. I feel better than when I had my children
Unread 02-22-2002, 10:52 AM
Bad Nerves!!

Try to calm down. That is the most important thing right now. You are going to need all your strength.

Try going thru all the drop down boxes and see what everyone has to say and try to educate yourself as much as possible. I personally can't give any advise since the only time I have been in the hospital was last summer when I had a lap. done. I woke up fine from that. I do know from my husband having gone thru 4 major surgeries that they will wheel you in and give you a shot to calm down and the next thing you know it's all over with. Speak to your maybe he'll give you somthing to relax untill the day comes.

We'll all be here pulling for you and sending lots of
Unread 02-22-2002, 11:26 AM
Bad Nerves!!

Hi Mellissa. Don't worry, it's not nearly as bad as you are probably imagining it to be. Waiting is the worst part because you have time to think up all kinds of bad things that could happen. I was lucky, I didn't get much notice that I had to have the surgery. I had a TVH/BSO/A&P repair and resuspension on 2/4 so I am 18 days post now. I am sitting on a donut pillow to write this but other than that I feel pretty terrific! One of the biggest favors you can do for yourself is to ask at your hospital pre-op that they have the anesthesiologist call you before the surgery. Mine called the night before. I had all these horrible fears because there is a rare hereditary disorder that runs in my family that can cause life threatening reactions to anesthesia, and most of the anesthetics that don't trigger that reaction make me very nauseous. The anesthesiologist was so understanding and reassuring, and he told me he'd make sure to put an antinausea drug in my IV (which he did). He also said he'd make a note on my chart so the nurses upstairs would know to give me antinausea drugs in my IV for at least the first day. On the day of the surgery he came in and hooked up the IV, told me he was giving me something to make me calm, and that's the last thing I heard. I woke up in the recovery room with the button for the morphine pump in my hand. I wasn't nauseous, which made me very happy, but the morphine didn't help with the pain. I pressed that button all day long and all it did was make me woozy but I still hurt. Finally in the evening I convinced the night nurse to disconnect the morphine pump and give me shots of toradol in my decision I could have made. It left me clear headed and dulled the pain so I could rest. I stayed with the toradol until the next day about noon when they took out the IV and switched me over to vicodin and ibuprofen. For me the worst pain was in my bladder as I had some problems there and had to go home with a catheter. But as far as managing the pain goes, once I left the hospital it really wasn't bad at all. I was on vicodin the first week and then they switched me to darvocet. I don't even need that any more and am just on ibuprofens for the swelling. For me, I don't think the pain those first couple of days is any worse than the worst cramps I ever had and it's certainly not even close to labor (the standard by which I judge all pain!). I think everybody's different in their response to morphine and the other drugs, and you may have to accept your DR's choice at least at first and then speak up if it's not working for you. And by all means tell them right up front if you're afraid of being nauseous because they definitely can deal with that. Hope this helps!


- Linda
Unread 02-22-2002, 12:02 PM
Hang in there Mellissa!

I had my TAH/BSO on a Tuesday morning and went home Thursday afternoon. My doctor is a firm believer that his patients should not suffer excessive pain, and I spent nearly 48 hours with a morphine pump, plus a couple of injections of Toradol (a miracle drug!!!) I had absolutely no nausea, but my skin itched like crazy from the morphine. For that, I received several shots of benadryl. Went home on Tylox, and had it refilled once. The pain that I experienced was much less than what I had pre-op! Mostly an achy feeling, and some pulling from the staples. I'm a little over 3 weeks post-op, and have had a few "rough" days, but again, nothing like the pre-op pain. Sneezing, coughing and laughing DO hurt, especially in the 1st week or be careful!! (My DH teased me alot about sneezing - he said he'd hear "aaaccchhoooo - OUCH!!")

Hang in there and if needed, call your doctor - maybe he can prescribe something to help with anxiety that you are experiencing. And keep reading and posting here - there are sooo many wonderful ladies here with kind words of encouragement and great s

Unread 02-22-2002, 12:19 PM
Easier than I thought...

I am one week post-op today. I went in on Fri morning and came home Sat afternoon. The only I remember being in the prep room, getting wheeled to surgery(and almost jumping off the table halfway there and saying forget it I don't need it!!). Once they had me on the op table, the anesth. told me he was giving me a shot that would make me feel wonderful and if my eyes felt funny to close them. He said that he would tell me when he put me to sleep, but if he did I don't remember!! The next thing I remember is waking up after with him above my face asking me what his name was. I know I knew but , don't know if I actually spoke. Then I remember being wheeled to my room and the nurse saying something about it being the "bridal sweet" of the medical floor. It turns out it was the largest private room in our hospital!! I didn't even ask for it. My doc asks for private rooms for his hyst patients. Anyway, they had me hooked up to a demerol pump. You can ask for something in it besides morphine. I requested no morphine. I have never had it, but didn't want to try it!! I had very little pain. The major discomfort I had was from the catheter! Once they took it out, I peed a few minutes later.
Since I've been home I only took tylenol3 for about three days, now just OTC tylenol. I have been up and around, and my doc said I could drive and stuff. Not the case with most people here. I go to the little town market and to the post office, I've cooked a couple of times. The only thing my doctor said to remember is if I get tired, stop! If it hurts, STOP!!!! Just remember to drink A LOT of water and juice, eat good foods, and rest when you need to.
On a final note, I was supposed to start my period today, Guess What?? WOOO-HOOOOOOO!!!!!!
Good luck and post any ?'s that you have. We will all try to help any way we can.

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