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Doctor's office made me cry... Doctor's office made me cry...

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Unread 03-25-2002, 06:48 PM
Doctor's office made me cry...

I cant believe it...they called me to tell me that they checked my two previous surgery reports..and I had bowel involvement on both of those surgeries..therefore, they now believe I will probably have bowel surgery this time...which he thinks he can handle thru the laproscopy..if its not too bad?????...ahhhhhhhh!

She then proceded to tell me ALL THE THINGS THAT CAN GO WRONG WITH BOWEL SURGERY...puncturing..bleeding..and includes resectioning.. with the possibility of calling in another surgeon to do the resectioning if needed..

I couldnt get thru the conversation without gagging on my own tears...
When were they gonna spring this on me??? Now..this was gonna be a big operation! It was bad its a nightmare!
My new concern is ...should I tell them to cancel the hyster..and just do a clean up job on my bowels? and my endo??? the hyster is a big enough job...what am i thinking???..

I need the hyster..but Im afraid to do everything all at once...Too much can go wrong...and now i feel like cancelling the whole darn thing...Im panicking...and my operation is on 4/16..

Im ready to jump this cold feet???
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Unread 03-25-2002, 07:03 PM
Doctor's office made me cry...


Wow, that's a lot to take in all at once! First, let me ask, is your gyn planning to do a LAVH? That's what it sounded like in your message and I know some ladies with endo have their hysts done laparoscopically.

However ... if there is bowel involvement I'm wondering how much of that they can do via lap? I'm no doctor and only your gyn can tell you for sure what he/she plans and why. If it were me, I would want EVERYTHING taken care of in one surgery, even if it means a big surgery. Now, that's just my opinion. I had a TAH/BSO in late November due to severe endo. Before surgery I had a colonoscopy, just to make sure there was no bowel involvement. If there had been, I would have had that taken care of at the same time ... one big surgery. As it was, I had a urologist there to put stents in my ureters, my gyn to do the hyst, and a gyn oncologist who did peritoneal stripping to remove all the endo and adhesions. The gyn oncologist was prepared to do a bowel resection, if necessary.

I know this all must be terrible news to process ... You and your doctor will have to discuss what is needed and why. Even though extra surgical procedures make this more frightening, if everything can be done at the same time and you will avoid having more surgery later, maybe it is worth it. Just something to consider.

My heart goes out to you. Please let us know what you find out and what your doctor's plans are for your surgery. Sending prayers your way.

Unread 03-25-2002, 07:16 PM
Im a cry baby...

The doctor is a specialist in Laproscopic surgery. He prides himself in doing a lot of surgeries via the lap. This is why he feels that some rectal endo can be handled thru lap. I too had a colonoscopy to rule out any invasive endo growth into the colon...and it proved negative..however, that does not mean that the endo is not deep into the muscle of the colon..and when they try to remove the endo..that is when perforation can occur..ugh.

According to the nurse, she said that he would try to remove the endo on the colon, unless it is widespread or in more than one which time, he would call in someone else to do a laporotomy (belly cut) and resection and/or repair the colon..Big time cut snip and sew...ahhhhhhh

I agree with you on having everything done at once.but, doesnt that put tremendous stress on the does the body react to all that trauma??? I mean, they are going to cut all that endo out...all over my abdomen, on my a hyster and bowel work...what am i.../?? the bionic woman for gods sake?
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Unread 03-25-2002, 07:34 PM
Doctor's office made me cry...


Aw, sweetie - I'm sorry you're going through this anxiety! I don't blame you. It sure is a lot to go through, and I agree I would definitely want it all done in one surgery, too.

Please don't feel alone or scared; we're here for you, sweetie - try to think positive and that this is a step toward better health for you. Sure, the recovery time seems long and tedious - but it's really only a speck of time compared to the rest of your life.

During recovery you will hopefully enjoy all the downtime, resting and relaxing, having all that surgery behind you, not having to stress over another one to be done.

Sending big HUGS and best wishes your way!
Unread 03-25-2002, 07:35 PM
Doctor's office made me cry...

Again, this is a personal decision that only you and your doctor can make. Yes, it is scary and sounds like a lot of surgery all at once. But multiple surgeries take a toll on us too ... each time you have an abdominal incision you are looking at a lengthy recovery. When ladies have a TAH, they normally need 6 weeks minimum before they can go back to work. Sooo, it's just my opinion but I felt that if I was going to have my belly cut open anyway, then I only wanted it done ONCE and was willing to deal with all the possible complications and all the recovery issues at one time. I also was very reassured by the fact that my gyn pulled together a team of surgeons who could deal with almost any potential problem they might encounter (bladder, bowel, etc). They were all there to see me before surgery, no last minute calling in the troops. I was very lucky because my gyn knew exactly what he would find, based on my lap myomectomy that was done several months prior to my hyst. Otherwise, he might have been calling in other surgeons while I was in the OR.

I'm sure you will make the decision that is best for you. And we'll be here to support you, whatever you decide. I was terrified too when I thought I might be facing so much surgery all at once. I'm sending gentle hugs and prayers your way. Please keep us posted on how you are doing and what you decide.

Unread 03-25-2002, 08:01 PM
Doctor's office made me cry...

Hi Deb--I just sent you a reply to a private message you sent me. I then saw this post and it is neat that our fellow hystersisters have said basically the same thing I did; that one surgery would be better then several. Each time you go under surgery you are putting immense stress on the body, and opening yourself up to complications all over again.

My endo doctor said that he will do my hyst with the laprascope and my colon surgeon said that he can do my bowel resection with the laprascope too. Of course, with the understand that I may need to have the abdomen opened up. We know that I need a resection as I had a mass show up on my CAT scan and MRI.

The colon surgeon is on board already to remove some of my colon, and a urologist to cut out any bladder endo and work on my bladder from the inside for my intersitual cystitis.
I too felt overwhelmed like you by all the excising of endo that will take place all over my abdominal walls, and the colon surgery, etc. Yikes. However, now believe that it is a blessing that we found out before my hysterectomy everything that is wrong so that it can be handled in one surgery. Yes it is alot of surgery and it is scary, but one thing that has helped me is that in watching a lot of medical documentaries I have seen people go through surgery where many organs were worked on in one surgery. I remember thinking, "how could they survive so many different organs being worked on, but they did. That helps me to believe that I can survive this too. I feel confident that my doctor would not put me through something that he didn't feel confident that I could endure and survive, and that helps too. Maybe you need to talk more with your doctor himself about your fear and what he thinks your outcome is with the additional areas of surgery. You have an expert and I think they like to have a good record of outcomes to their surgeries LOL

I am sorry that you have to deal with this, it is crummy, and there is no getting around that fact. That's how I feel about it for myself. The hystersisters have helped me so much and I know that God is there whenever we call for Him. I will be calling a lot God bless you, and I send you hugs and prayers that God will comfort your heart.
Unread 03-25-2002, 08:30 PM
Doctor's office made me cry...


My doctor gave me the same bad news before my lap (though I wasn't having a hyst at the same time): even though my colonoscopy was clear, she wanted to have a bowel surgeon on standby because she was sure there was bowel involvement and she wouldn't know how severe it was until she saw it. She ended up postponing my surgery a month so she could have the bowel surgeon she wanted on standby.

I just wanted you to know that this story can have a happy ending: she was able to get the big blob of endometrial tissue off my colon without perforating anything and without calling in the bowel surgeon. So it *can* happen. I wish you the best of luck with your own decision.

I had my hyst a year later, as it turns out I also had adenomyosis.

Maybe now that you've had time to think it over, you'd want to call your doctor's office and ask the questions about trauma: would two surgeries be harder on your body than one? Would it be better for them to go in and see the bowel situation, and if it's bad, do just that, and if it's okay, do the hyst, too, or is it better to do it all at once? These are great questions and it's natural that you couldn't get them out at the time.

Sending you s and wishing you the best with your decision!
Unread 03-26-2002, 10:47 AM
Hi Gals...

i called my doctors office and spoke to the nurse. I told her my fears about the trauma of having EVERYTHING done at once. Her feeling was that it was best to do it once..instead of the trauma of going thru it as a second operation..She is right..but Im still TRAUMATIZED by the thought of it all..

She suggested that I think of something else..she realizes that am panicking...and I am sure she wants to keep me in one piece.

Although i am scheduled for pre-op testing on April 9th..i might go in to get checked for my ears..they hurt me..and i dont know if its sinus or what?? I dont know HOW in the WORLD you ladies got thru the waiting period..So far, I have found no relief for my anxiety.

21 days to go..and I am not doing well..

<tears flowing down face>
Unread 03-26-2002, 12:50 PM
Doctor's office made me cry...

Dear Dancindebz,
It pretty much boils down to whether you trust your doctor(s). My GYN is a respected laparoscopic surgeon, has done many, many LAVHs and was confident in his abilities. I was too. He found endo wrapped around my colon (and lots of other places) but was able to remove it all with no complications--other than spending an extra hour to get it all out. I'm now 3 weeks post-op and having no problems other than some occassional "pee-cramps" which I believe will go away eventually.

Being that bowel-prep and general anesthesia are definitely no fun, I myself would opt for "one stop shopping" to fix it all.

Good luck with your decision & surgery!
Unread 03-26-2002, 01:50 PM
Doctor's office made me cry...

dancindebz,sending you huge hugs..don't be scared of multiple procedures,it's really safer to be put under anesthesia once,and let them clean you up at one time..
as for the doctor explaing every single little thing that may or may not ever come up..that's called,welcome to the world of surgical consent and malpractice husband is a surgeon,and he says the longest thing he EVER has to do is not explain the surgery,or the benefits,or the recovery..but to detail practically cell by cell,what MAYBE/POSSIBLE/COULD happen to you..malpractice suits are a fact of life if you are an MD,you have to cover your butt in every possible situation,even if you are just removing an ingrown toenail..
it's not meant to scare you,truly..
my surgery was 4 weeks ago,and I tell you,I would not want to face the thought of another one..I think the wait would be twice as hard as the first one left ovary was tangled around my colon,which no one ever didn't show up on any test..I got lucky,and between my surgeon and the other gyn md she had helping her,they managed okay without calling in a bowel guy..
be glad your surgeon is going to have one notified and on standby...heck,they may even have him scrubbed and in the room with you once you are under,just to be safe,why don't you ask?
That's what my husband used to do,when he knew there would be a problem not in his field,he had the surgeon scrubbed and standing right there..and if he needed him,fine,and if it turned out he didn't,that's fine,too..
please keep coming in and checking with us,let us know how you are me if you like,we're all here to help..
double hugs..


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