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Complex Hyperplasia...after D&C and Laproscopy Complex Hyperplasia...after D&C and Laproscopy

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Unread 04-01-2002, 10:29 AM
Complex Hyperplasia...after D&C and Laproscopy

Hi I'm new to this site....but, I stayed up until 2 am reading as much as possible.
I'm newly diagnosed w/ Complex Hyperplasia w/ Atypia.
I've done some research and joined a group on Yahoo for this condition. I just got off the phone with my mom she had a Hysterectomy in her 30's and both sisters have had to have one and her sister.
My grandmother died from cancer in her early 50's so I'm a little nervous with what's going on with me...
I was wondering if anyone on here has had what I now have and was told to have a hysterectomy and what they went through as far as the Hyperplasia.
I had the Laproscopy done March 18,2002 and this was the diagnosis...(sitting here with the "bloated belly") and loose clothes since... teee heeee
With my family history I'm ready...... I think to just get rid of the PAIN and 7 days of heavy bleeding and clots. Every month I'm bedridden for atleast 2 days and have had numerous doctor and ER visits w/ extreem pelvic pain so bad I couldn't stand up.
I was told I have a tilted cervix too.
Sorry I have blabberd on and on but, I'm a little worried and nervous since this has been diagnosed... any help or direction on my diagnosis is greatly appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!
I LOVE this site and would like to say THANK YOU all for your posts and all the great links and information.
You all are in my prayers and I'm glad to be able to have this resource to learn as much as I can!!!
Take care and God Bless. ;-)
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Unread 04-01-2002, 11:19 AM
Complex Hyperplasia...after D&C and Laproscopy

Look back a few days on the pre-op message board - there were several LIW with similar diagnoses as well as a couple Princess too. Good luck Paula
Unread 04-01-2002, 11:35 AM

Hi, Abrakadeborah! (cute name!) Welcome to HysterSisters--best site for support and info! Here's a link to a good thread discussing hyperplasia I had hyperplasia for years since I rarely ovulated and had unopposed estrogen. I used Provera when the cycles got too long or had break-through bleeding. Then when that didn't work I tried Depo Provera, but had bad side effects. So I decided to go for a hyst and not go through more treatments and procedures. Since you have atypia, the cells are starting to be abnormal, and some people consider this pre-cancerous. If you wanted to try other treatments to buy some time, you could, but it sounds like you're ready to have the hyst and solve this problem for good--and get your normal life back! I feel great 9 months after my hyst, and most women here will say the same. It's nice not to be anemic! Glad that you're finding info and preparing yourself for this major surgery. You've probably already picked up that the initial recovery period is 6-8 weeks, and healing continues even up to 6-12 months after that. Post any questions or comments that you wish. We'll support you through this journey! s
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Unread 04-01-2002, 11:55 AM
Thank you !

Thank you for the link and support. I have had a guess a bad day I'm crying like a baby and posted on here to Dawn as having a blue day... It's scary facing all this, I know I'm not alone it's just all these rollercoaster emotions. I go to the doctor the 11th to talk about my options and can't wait to have all this behind me. And yes I have pretty much decided when I go back to work I can't go through all the biopsies and worry and be able to work . I'm a flight attendant and have been out of work for shoulder surgeries 4 of them and it just seems like Lord what next? How much more can I take. I have strong faith and believe in myself but the worry gets to me at times.
Thank you for your response and encouragement ! I cried like a baby when I saw your post. I'll be ok tho just a bad day that's all... and worried. thanks again and I hope you're having a good day !!! Oh and thanks for the compliment on my name on here !!!!
Unread 04-01-2002, 12:16 PM
Complex Hyperplasia...after D&C and Laproscopy

Hi, I am new to this site also. I also suffer from a tipped uterus, 7-10 days heavy periods! I just had a hysterscopy and a laproscopy on 20 March 2002 and was diagnosed with endemetriousis. My Dr. just put me on Lupron Depot for 6 months and I had my first shot last Friday (29 March 02). It made me very tired and very dizzy - I don't know if I can go through six months of this, especially since we don't know if this is going to cure my problem. I am 46 and have 4 children and 3 grandchildren - I am ready to just have them take the darn thing out!
Unread 04-01-2002, 12:37 PM
I understand !!

Bharrietthomas ,
I have to go back to the doctor the 11th post op. To discuss options and possible hysterectomy. I don't have a hysterectomy set up yet but, I can't take BC pills and I have migraines. I'm not even going to take into consideration of 3 month biopsies and all those pills for lord knows how long.
Luckily my aunt worked for my doctor and he's a jewel !! So he will basically leave it up to me...
I have atytipia cells and I'm scared to death of cancer it runs in my family so I want the darned uterous OUT ! My ovaries are healthy he said so they'll stay.
I don't blame you for not wanting to continue on this path of pain !
But it's difficult I've heard to convince your doctor to do the hysterectomy sometimes.
I guess just go through the motions and see how you feel and if you continue to be in pain and have problems then insist on it and if your doctor won't do it find a good doctor in your area that will. But hopefully you already have an excellent doctor.
I can't believe how much this site is helping me I just joined today and I've had 3 replies to my posts !! Thanks for yours too we're all in the same boat and I LOVE having this support!!!
I hope you feel better soon and can tolerate the meds.
take care of yourself and good luck !!! Let me know how you are. I'll be here for you and keep you updated as to my possible hysterectomy......Oh my friend had that shot and she never had another period again...but different people respond differently. A tilted uterous HURTS tho !!!! I feel like a mismash of female problems ; Hyperplasia,cysts,tilted cervix.
I'm so ready to get this uterous out I wish he'd just done it the 18th when I had the surgery to see what was going on !!
Oh well in due time......
Hope you feel better !!! and good luck !!
Looks like I've been glued to this site alllllll day long!!!! Thanks everyone for your support !!!
Hugs Deborah
Unread 04-01-2002, 07:37 PM
Complex Hyperplasia...after D&C and Laproscopy


I've had continuous heavy bleeding for the past 12-13 years. In the last two years I was diagnosed with endomentrial hyperplasia (simple), 6 months later it went to complex and then Sept 12th I had a D&C to try to control the bleeding (it actually got worse!). It was then diagnosed as complex with atypia cells. I was also anemic and sooooo tired all the time. I bled almost continuously thru December and my dr & I decided it was time for the hysterectomy before I hemorraghed. I tried birth control pills, d&c's, cauterizing, provera ... nothing seemed to stop the bleeding. My dr. also suggested I could try lupron for six months tho she thought I would need the hysterectomy anyway. I didn't like to side effects of the lupron so opted not to try it. Tho I only had to have the utereus removed, we decided to remove the ovaries and cervix also because of my age (48). I had a TVH/BSO 1/16/02 and wish I had done it ten years ago! I truly feel that I got my life back. My surgery and recovery were pretty uneventful - uncomfortable but not painful. She also found some small fibroids and several cysts on my ovaries. I was lucky and did not have any complications. I walked everyday since the second day of surgery(several short walks for 10-15 minutes) - I think this really helped in my quick recovery. I was cleared to go back to work at 4 weeks post op but decided I wanted to wait until 7 weeks (I had the sick leave to use and my boss was agreeable to this). I'm glad I took the extra time.

I'm currently using climara patch 0.05 and progesterone cream (over the counter kind as my dr felt no utereus - no need for progesterone). The progesterone helps me with insomnia.

Also, prior to surgery, I used to make at least 15-18 trips to the bathroom everyday. Since surgery, I only go 5-6 times. Something must have been pressing on my bladder (I did have a tilted utereus - maybe this was part of the problem). This has been an unexpected (but very nice) surprise.

For me, this surgery was the right decision and I don't regret it at all.

Good luck in whatever you decide.
Unread 04-01-2002, 07:45 PM

Thank you sooooo much for your response. I have printed it and I'm going to be prepaired to talk to my doctor next week. I just love this place we're all in a sisterhood and it makes me feel so much better !!! I'm going to tell my doctor he should send women here for questions and support. I hope you continue to do well !
Take care and God Bless
Unread 04-02-2002, 04:51 AM
Hyperplasia: My Sorry Tale!

Hi Deborah,

I was diagnosed with hyperplasia in 1994, when I was 43. Just prior to this, I suddenly started losing little bits of blood and mucous for most of the 2-weeks leading up to my period. I had always been prone to a little bit of mid-cycle bleeding anyway, but when it started to be so prolonged I went to my doctor and ended up having a D&C.

When the results of the tests came in, I was merely told that the lining of the womb was too thick and that the D&C alone might - or might not - cure it. It was briefly mentioned that it was possible I might have to be treated with hormones if it came back - and that a hysterectomy was sometimes necessary! I was then just sent away - no follow-up checks were done and I was never told that the problem can sometimes lead to cancer. There was no Internet available to me in those days (it being in the dark ages of the early 90s!!!!) and the only reference I found to the problem was a short 2 lines in a book that I still have:- 'Diagnosis by D&C followed by a course of hormone tablets'. Again, no mention of cancer!

During the ensuing years, I would occasionally get a tiny bit of blood loss and would think it was the problem coming back again. But it never got any worse and the incidents were months and months apart. So I never sought any further help.......... until May 2001, when I again had some very slight blood-loss - but this time on 3 subsequent days. I was (very stupidly) a few months overdue for a smear test then, so I booked one - and when I had it done, I bled a lot (and for 10 days afterwards) and they couldn't get a result because of the blood.

I subsequently got a test done privately by the liquid cytology method (not yet used by the National Health Service here in England) and that came back clear. In the meantime though, the prolonged bleeding following my smear took me to my doctor - and he referred me to a gynaecologist. That was around July time though - but I didn't get an appointment until the end of October and by then the problem had greatly lessened again. I was convinced that it was either my previous problem coming back, or (even more likely) connected to the menopause, as my periods were getting irregular and I only seemed to be getting problems when I missed a period.

My appointment was for the 30th October - but as luck would have it, my daughter's 21st birthday was the next day and at the last moment my husband booked for us two gals to go to a health farm. I wanted to swim and was worried that the examination would make me bleed so I cancelled it! I was given another one for the end of December - but by then I had discovered that I had got high blood pressure and I got really obsessed with trying to deal with it by diet/exercise and no drugs. So, I cancelled my appointment yet a second time - mainly because I was worried that I would have to have a 2nd D&C and that I would be put on BP drugs because of it! (Can you believe how stupid I was?!!!!)

I got a 3rd appointment for the 25th January and amazingly did somehow manage to turn up for that (though not without a final attempt to get my GP to let me cancel altogether - luckily he wouldn't agree!) I didn't need a D&C this time, as they were able to take a sample of the lining of the womb just as they do from the cervix during a smear test. I went away really happy, absolutely convinced that there was nothing wrong. I had been really worried the previous summer when the problems had got worse for a while - but since then my symptoms had greatly improved. I felt sure that, if there had been a serious problem, then the situation would have contined to get worse, not better.......

Apparently not......... on the 1st February I got a letter calling me back to the clinic on the 5th and guessed at once that this was something serious. I was told that they had found cancer, but that the good news was that it was a very slow-growing kind. I had an MRI scan on the 7th February and mercifully found out subsequently that the cancer did not appear to be invasive. I had my TAH/BSO on the 7th March - this went incredibly well and the surgeon told me that he saw no signs of the cancer having spread. This was confirmed to me last Tuesday when I was given the results of the histpathology tests - they are happy that they have got everything and I am not going to be given any further treatment. So, despite all my delaying , I have a very good chance of being totally cured!

Back to the hyperplasia ............ I have recently found out much more about this via the Internet. By way and above the most informative site I have seen though is the WebMd one I found through Hystersisters:-

I was absolutely horrified when I read the following passage:-


Even severe hyperplasia is still a precancerous, often treatable, condition. (Make sure you ask what kind of hyperplasia it is.)

Once the lining is shed, you'll need to get your hormones checked via a simple blood test. In fact, hyperplasia almost always develops because of a hormonal imbalance (too much or not enough progesterone). When this is the case, hormone therapy is the cure. For an estrogen surplus, progesterone will counteract it; for a progesterone deficiency, progesterone supplements are also the therapy. The menstrual cycle will often "right" itself after several "assisted" cycles.

After your lining has been shedding more regularly, you'll need a second endometrial biopsy or even a D & C to see if the lining is normal again.


Why didn't any of this happen to me in 1994? Why were there no follow-ups done on me to find out if the problem had been totally cured by my D&C? Why was I ever allowed to be ignorant enough to believe that, as I never went back to the prolonged bleeding I had in 1994, the possible slight recurrence I thought I had just wouldn't be of any consequence? I guess I will probably never know the answer to these questions. I can only hope that I stay well and never have to worry about them again........

Deborah, I don't know whether or not you will need a hysterectomy. Do read the bit on the WebMd link already referred to stating that many hysterectomies for hyperlasia are performed unecessarily. If you don't have a hysterectomy though, be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN to make sure that your hormone levels are checked again afterwards and that they are completely confident that the problem has been fully remedied. And if you get even the slightest problem in the future, be sure to get it checked out! Don't be a fool like me!

I wish you all the best for the future.

You take care now.

Unread 04-02-2002, 07:56 AM
Thank you Chris

Chris ,
I went to that site and read it was informative. And no I don't think your stupid at all . Us women raising children and busy lives when the doctor doesn't give us any indication that we need to stay on top of a certain diagnosis then how are we to know? It's easy to put off the pap...I'm sure many of us dread it and put ourselves last...... I admit I have been guilty of accepting when doctors say oh you just have a heavy flow and ovarian cysts. Go on BC pills you'll be ok and when my cysts rupture time after time got to the emergecy room. And, My pap NEVER showed any thing wrong it was normal the only way I found out I had hyperplasia was my D&C so it makes me wonder how valuable paps are to find out you have hyperplasia????
We have to have paps regularly why not D&C's regularly if this is this case ??? No wonder cancer is taking womens lives and complicating peoples health !!!!
It really makes me wonder about research and proceedures to stay on top of the cancer epidemic.....
Now we have a forum to share and this could possibly help us all. Thank GOD for the internet !!! The nurse calls and gives me all these long words and I think what in the world? So I get on here to research it and I've found conflicting reports that naaaa it's ok it can be treated w/Progestrone and biopsies....I don't know about you but I can tell you from a past biopsy it wasn't a piece of cake to go through.... and EVERY 3 months!!!!! I'm a fligth attendant I can't keep doing that! and BC pills I felt like I had continuous morning sickness and all kinds of side effects. I'm not happy to just take meds unless it's thyroid or something that's going to make me feel healthier not feel worse.....I have a saying "a pill for a pill" how some doctors are. Like, "oh go on BC pills" oh you get migraines? "well here's a script for them" ......oh nausea? ........"here's a script for them"...nervous? ......"oh here's another script" !!!! Well pretty soon all the side effects are just not worth it ! I've switched doctors a few times that were like this. And believe me there are many!
I'm babbling sorry but, I think if the word cancer is anywhere in the conversation it should be addressed according to family history and how long has this person complained of chronic pain??
I look back at my life and I'm 43 now and I have had nothing but total misery every month w/ a 7 day cycle and sometimes every 14 days !!! and severe cramps not to mention the cysts and pain from a tilted cervix....all the meds all the doctors appointments.....UGH! it's enough to make you want to not go to them. And lord knows if you have any other health issues you're dealing with PLUS all the female problems..... a hysterectomy seems like a Godsend !! I'm VERY concerned when atypia is mentioned also(cancerous cells) !! I'm through w/ my child bearing years although I had thought I'd like to have another one day if I remarried since I only have one. But now the mention of aytpia and all this makes me want to get rid of the uterous and get on with my life considering all my problems too w/ my monthly cycle.
I responded back to you to let you know, us women we don't always know what to do when doctors tell us what's going on or just take "this tablet" lol as that dictionary had said for you.... you're not a dummy or stupid at all !!! Also I guess for all the women who will read this maybe they can relate to my particular female problems alllllllllllll these years.
I'll post again after my post op visit next week the 11th.
I hope you're doing great Chris and Thank you for your descriptive post !! We all have stick together on here to help each other. I'm REALLY glad to have found this site !! I just LOVE it. I know it's not a replacement for going to the doctor but I'll tell you one sure has made me more aware with real life stories and I didn't have to pay for a shrink.......LOL
Take care all you sisters out there !!!! we should have a Hystersisters cruise one day !!!! Teee heeeee
Hugs !!!!

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