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Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

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Unread 04-11-2002, 01:47 PM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

I'm 44 and had them out even though only the left one had to come out. I had lots of cancer in the family history and every woman I talked to experienced ovarian failure within a year of the hysterectomy. (My "good " one was showing signs of atrophy, so it was a good decision). I'm on HRT and feel great. My doctor told me we could add testosterone later if needed,

I want to add, however, that regardless of whether you keep your ovaries and/or cervix, PAP SMEARS ARE STILL A MUST! You can still get cancer in your vagina. Just check over on the "cancer concerns" board and you will see that it happens.

Good luck on your decision.
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Unread 04-11-2002, 02:02 PM
To keep or not...

Hi, Cynthia--

I understand wanting someone to just tell you what to do However, I agree with the other ladies. You are doing the critical first step--getting information. After that, you really do have to make the tough decisions.

I also like to hear about others' experiences so here's mine. We have some things in common: cancer in the family (Mom--breast, uterine; Dad--testicular, etc.), thyroid problems, prolonged, heavy periods, age--although I am a tad older; I'm 49; and I haven't had surgery yet either.

I'm scheduled for TAH/BSO. I've seen two gyns, and both recommended removal of the ovaries because of the history of cancer in the family. I am very comfortable with the decision. I did question the gyn a little--"wouldn't the hormones be helpful to me for a little while yet?" However, in the long run, the cancer risk was larger to me than hormone benefit.

Lesley Anne and many others have a good point--let the Dr. make the final decision when he/she is there and can actually see how your ovaries are.

I wish you the best in your research, decision-making, and recovery.
Unread 04-11-2002, 03:09 PM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

Hi Cynthia....Well, it's so true that only you can make the final decision, which I also just hated when all the women told me that. I just wanted so bad for someone else to make it for me. In fact, my doctor even left the decision up to me also. Huge fibroids were also my reason for having surgery. I chose to let my doctor take the ovaries. I remember back, my head was just swimming with so many thoughts. I was'nt even sure that I really wanted the surgery. I finally just said to myself, that I had to be realistic about this whole thing. I, for years, always wanted a second child, but it did'nt happen. The finalization of this was really hitting me. I finally came to grips with it all, after a second doctor, a year later, told me the same thing, that I would feel so much better if I would agree to the surgery. Now was the decision of the ovaries. I actually made my final decision right before surgery while getting prepped. He, one more time asked me. I told him to take it all. As I laid there, my last thought was what would my mother tell me to do, if she were here. I knew what it would be. Since she left us at age 52 with colon cancer, she did and would now take any percaution against cancer. She, as many, don't have the chance to have the organ removed before the fact. As my doc also told me ovarian cancer is rarely detected until it is too late. So on here, you definitely will see both sides of the coin, but I can tell you, either way you go, you are sure to feel so much better. The waiting and thinking is the toughest part of the whole thing and you are almost to the end of that.
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Unread 04-11-2002, 03:19 PM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

I had my SAH done 3/21/02. I'm 46 and decided to keep my ovaries....but not at first struggling over the decision. I can't tell you how many medical and "regular" people I bugged trying to come to a rational decision. I, too, wanted a clear answer. My doctor, who I trust, suggested that they'd be removed....due to my age.

Interestingly...after bugging the doc for more info...I also found out that you can develop ovarian cancer despite removal of your ovaries...providing that you were predisposed to this particular cancer. It can grow in the lining where the ovaries used to reside near. He didn't get into statistics...but I'm sure that it is rare...but that was the clincher for me. That's when I decided to keep my ovaries.

Whether this little tid-bit influences you as it did me, it helped make my decision a little easier.

I did, however, leave the final decision up to the doctor... when he actually got a visual on the ovaries during surgery...he would remove them if anything did not look right.

I ended up keeping them...and well...the rest is in God's hands!

Good luck to you!
Unread 04-12-2002, 10:15 AM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

Thank you. I feel like I'm getting valuable "non-textbook" information from you all, and I think that's just as important. Has anyone read any books by Elizabeth Plourdes? I just read on called "The Ultimate Rape,..." It really is making me second guess my newly formed decision to let my DR check things out when she's in there and decide to take or leave my ovaries. Now that I've stopped bleeding for a few days, I'm wondering if I can get by w/o the surgery. I know I won't feel the same way in a week when it returns with a vengeance! My feeling about the book is that the author is trying to provide information, but I think it's very biased and frightening. She talks about "substance P" being manufactured by ovaries and how when they are removed, blood pressure is very adversely affected. Does anyone out there have an opinion about Elizabeth Plourdes' books? Thanks again.
Unread 04-12-2002, 11:22 AM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

Wow, that book does sound scary. I haven't read any of her books, I think I did read an review or something on a site selling her books.

I had my doctors look at my ovaries while they were in there. I signed a form granting them permission to remove them if there was a problem or they even looked a tiny bit diseased. As you can see in my signature, I kept them.

s and don't back out of the surgery, you will have a better life than you could have imagined! I'm so glad I had it, no more pain!

Unread 04-13-2002, 12:49 AM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

Hi, Gadget Girl. I totally appreciate what you've said about not backing out. I kinda think that's what I'm going to do...for a couple of months at least. Here's what I'm wondering, if it's not absolutely medically necessary in my case (and my DR never presented it that way to me, just that she thinks I should have one and after my last bout with flooding, the sooner the better), then what harm is there in putting it off? I'm really afraid that I might die. My surgery is scheduled for April 19th. Thursday (the 11th) I developed a nasty case of influenza after not being ill for a long time. I may not be sufficiently well to undertake the surgery, and I can't put my finger on it, but I feel like I'm being rushed into it. One thing different about my last two periods, they were full of nasty blood clots BUT they were only about a week long and that represents a difference from what I had been experiencing which was heavy flooding but with fewer clots for a much longer duration. I know I'm only in perimenopause and imagine that my last period may be a couple of years away. Has anyone out there reconsidered and put her surgery off for a few months?
regards to all.
cynthia g.
Unread 04-13-2002, 05:23 AM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

I think that we all have had misgivings. I went to 4 doctors to find out what was wrong with me! Have you had 2nd opinions? 3rds? Maybe you are feeling rushed because you don't trust the opinion of your doctor? If you are, that's not a good thing, especially since he/she will be doing the surgery! If you are going to change your mind, do it quickly as they have to reschedule, etc.

I thought I was going to die. I think we all have those feelings, it's normal. In fact, I was so scared of dying, I subconsciously had the shakes. Once I was in the OR I resisted them putting on the oxygen mask. I paid for that though. My muscles were sore for days, head to toe. They told me that I tensed up for almost 5 minutes. I guess I'm a strong willed woman!

Good luck on your decision...what does your family say about you postponing it?

Unread 04-13-2002, 06:20 AM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

Hi CynthiaG
I am 45 and had my TAH (kept ovaries) on 3/12. I too debated with myself about keeping my ovaries. My doc told me the standard line about removing them at age 45 and over. In my "gut" I wanted to keep them. I didn't want healthy organs removed, but I did tell him I would sign the pre op paperwork stating if they were diseased he should remove them. Lucky for me, they were perfectly fine and he left them in. I have no cancer in my family but if I did I would have probably gone the other route and have had them removed.
As far as putting off my hysterectomy..I put mine off for about 2 plus years. I had fibroids..big ONES! As I got older the uterus kept getting bigger and bigger. I never had a problem however with heavy bleeding. I told myself I could just wait it out until menopause and they would shrink without the estrogen feeding them. Well, the discomfort of having a 6 month size uterus was just too much for me. I couldn't bend over on my exercise bike without feeling it. Sex was painful, pants would no longer fit and I had chronic indigestion. But I kept saying to myself..I am not in any pain nor heavy bleeding so maybe I should just continue to wait. End of February I had my annual Gyn visit..and I wasn't in there 5 minutes when I told my Doctor, "I am READY NOW". And within 2 weeks I had my surgery and I HAVE NO REGRETS at all.
I wish I would have done it sooner before my uterus got so large because where as I might have been able to have a TVH..I had to have a TAH due to the large size.
The decision for keeping your ovaries is a hard decision and like the other sisters have said..just keep researching and it sounds like you are. You will come to your decision and it will be the RIGHT DECISION FOR YOU!!
Good luck and take care!
Unread 04-13-2002, 11:16 PM
Quick, But Informed Decision Needed About Keeping Ovaries

Gaget Girl & Jeanie: I'm very glad that your surgeries sound like they went well. The comment about the indigestion rang a familiar bell with me. I seem to have it all the time. Never connected the fibroids, though. I don't think mine are large enough to be causing the indigestion? When I had my D&C in Feb., DR said that I had several submucosal fibroids the size of plums, so I guess they're not that big yet. 6 month pregnancy sized uterus, you poor thing. I can't even imagine what that felt like.

I really trust my DR; my second thoughts are based on everything I've read in the two books by Elizabeth Plourde. Basically she claims that there are hormonal consequences to hyst & overy removal that cannot be so easily "fixed" with HRT. I'm a massage therapist and I guess if I hadn't had so much anatomy in my curriculum and didn't have such an awe about the human female body, I might not have so darn many questions. Plus, in my personal life I have made so many bad decisions that it's an automatic for me to second guess them.

My DR tells me not to worry about the hormones, but she hasn't and, though I ask, she won't order a baseline. Without that, how does she expect to know to what levels to prescribe and to prescribe what? I've never been able to tolerate even BCPs, so if I can't tolerate HRT (couldn't tolerate Prometrium--bioidentical oral micronized progesterone), then for me compliance might be an issue and I will be in worse shape.

I've also read that if I lose the extra 20 lbs I've been lugging around, my fat cells will produce less estrogen which, in turn, will provide less fuel to my broids, which will make them start to shink, a state that should occur when I get though menopause.

My family is wondering why I'm having second thoughts. I'm divorced and have one DD who is 18 at home (2 sons, 21 & 28 at the U & in the Army, respectively). I have much support from my 6 siblings to whom I am close.

I guess my last thoughts are that I truly believe (forgive me if it sounds like I'm proselytizing, I don't mean to) that God created me so perfectly and, since in my case, I don't think my situation is in any way life threatening, that I should try to lose the weight and adopt an eating style that has less refined carbs.

Thanks for your posts. I'm really much obliged.



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