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tah/bso scheduled for 4/19 - SCARED!!!! tah/bso scheduled for 4/19 - SCARED!!!!

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Unread 04-10-2002, 04:45 PM
tah/bso scheduled for 4/19 - SCARED!!!!

Hi everyone- all this has been thrown at me pretty quickly and went on line to find out info on the whole hysterectomy story and was lucky enough to find this website last night. I am really getting alot of info from what i've read thus far and thought I would put in a post. Here's the story: 42, no children, just got married 4 mos ago. my new husband has 3 teenage daughters from his first marriage that I am now lucky enough to share with him so more kids isn't too big of an issue. anyway, just had an ultrasound a week ago which was read as a 9 cm complex mass and and 8.1 cm mass , enlarged uterus. was told probable fibroids. maybe endometriosis too but that my uterus appears very fixed (to bowels). anyway , CT abdomen tomorrow AM and TAH/BSO scheduled for 4/19. (and I thought my abdomen was only growing very uncomfortable from my husband's great cooking - HAHA) Soooooo- lots of questions for you all!
How bad is this really - pain wise? (I had a benign brain tumor , a meningioma removed last spring and everyone is telling me this should be a piece of cake after that but I feel it's going to hurt alot worse.) Do they use staples or stitches? Will I have a vertical incision or can they do the bikini one? After 6 weeks how good do you feel? I am supposed to go back to work then but am a radiation therapist so am working with patients and on my feet all day? Is this reasonable? How is my moods going to be? Will I be crying or honkerblonked off at the drop of a hat at work and with my husband? The thing my husband seems most concerned about is my sex drive. Will it feel different for him and for me? When will I be able to golf again? My league is starting soon. What's all this about patches vs pills. any advice about this or any answers or any helpful hints about this whole new adventure would be greatly appreciated. And about this passing wind - do I need to carry air freshener with me ? any advice would be great!- I'm scared .
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Unread 04-10-2002, 07:39 PM
tah/bso scheduled for 4/19 - SCARED!!!!

Hi stacylee and welcome!!

This is the best place around for info, help and support. A good place to start would be to visit our Pull Down menus on the home page...just scroll down and start reading!

You'll find lists of things to ask your doctor, how to prepare your home and family for surgery and recovery, and lots more.

I had my TAH/BSO just a little over one year ago. I did not have a lot of pain post op....more like discomfort, and it was immediately and efficiently addressed. Pain management is big these days! Everyone is different, but you should prepare for 6 to 8 weeks recovery before BEGINNING to return to normal activities. We get one chance to heal, so we owe it to ourselves to do it right!!

Some of your more specific questions will be answered by your doctor, because each of us is different even though we have the same surgeries. Write down all your questions and make sure you get them all answered!!!

Keep reading, keep posting, stop by Chat some evening, and we will all be here to help you get through this!!!!

to you...so glad you found us!

Unread 04-12-2002, 07:21 AM
At 6 weeks now

Hi Stacylee,

So glad that you found this wonderful site and welcome.

I am 6 weeks from my TAH/BSO from Fibroids, Endo and Adeno. I also had alot of scare tissue.

Let's see if I can answer you questions.

1. How bad was the pain? I was on a morphine pump right after surgery and had it for two days. I hardly used it the second day. I was send home with perceset and motin. I still have half of the perceset left. I occasionaly use the motin now but mostly because of discomfort (if I over due it). To me the pain was bearable. On a 1 - 10 scale the first day an 8 the next day 5 and then declined after that. Don't be afraid to use the pain medication. You need to stay ahead of the pain. I feel I was very lucky with so little pain.

2. Staples or stitches? I had stitches--but I requested stitches. I am a large women and I have had staples before and found them uncomfortable to me. Personal choice. I had no problem with the stitches except for a slight infection after a week, but it has healed very nicely.

3. Type of cut---I have a bikini cut....but the cut is usually the DR choice. It depends how big the uterus is and the work that he needs to do. The Dr will be able to tell you what cut he will do. My DR told me that if he know the extend of my scare tissue and endo before sugury, he would have cut me vertically.

4. Feeling after 6 weeks. I feel good. I am still not healed inside, so I will take the extra two weeks. I could go back to work, but I want to make sure I am healed. But I do office work and I am not on my feet all day. Exercise wise, I do walk a mile each day. Dr said yesterday, I could do more exercise and swimming if I wanted to.

5. Moods-- I started on Climara .05mg the night of surgery. It has been increased to .1mg and I seem to be fine on it. CLimara is a patch that I change once a week. I take enough pills everyday, so the patch is something different for me and one less pill to take. It is made from soy and is more nature then some of the pills. I had not cryed at all. I am not married, so I can't answer how your husband will feel. Yes you will be able to golf again. My moods are even. No more PMS. You may have sleeping problems in the beginning, but if you do call your DR and he can prescripe something for you. I was given Ambiem. I have only used 4 pills so far. Alot of women have luck with OTC meds like Tylonel PM.

6. Passing wind. You will have bowel problems in the beginning, but stool softeners and laxatives work great. That will pass and you will be back to normal. Also prune juice works great.

Over all this is the best think I could have done. I feel 150% better. I felt better during week 3 and 4 then now, but I still feel good. Just different aches and pain. Don't push yourself when you feel good. Take it easy.

Do more research and go into your surgery with a good peace of mind. Write your questions down to ask the DR. There is a great pull down with questions to ask your DR. Print it out and ask.

Good luck and

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Unread 04-12-2002, 08:29 AM
tah/bso scheduled for 4/19 - SCARED!!!!

Wow - you have lots of questions - that's GREAT, because the more informed you feel, the more it'll help. Get input from folks here, then ask the same questions of your doc.

First, you probably know this, but it's VERY normal to be scared! This is major surgery, and there are so many unknowns. You're taking the right steps.

I'm only 5 1/2 weeks post op, so can't answer all your questions, but I can take a shot at some. My situation's a bit complicated by the fact that I just had an additional surgery 3 days ago, so have had to slide back a bit from where I was.

My pain was minimal..really. We all have different pain thresholds, and different work done to our insides, so this could vary. Pain management by the hosptial is important. Talk to them before hand so you know what they will do. I would say that other than a VERY brief time the morning after surgery when I had more pain, it was kept at about a 2 or 3. Don't be a hero, take meds regularly at first, and tell the nurses BEFORE you hurt much, so you can keep ahead of any pain. I was off anything other than ibuprofin by 5 days post op.

I had staples and a bikini cut - usually that's up to the doctor. My staples came out 2 days post op

How soon you go back to work will also vary - we all recover differently - but being on your feet all day may be a bit much at 6 weeks. I work at home at the computer, and it was just last week when I could really sit for a number of hours at a time.

I would say my emotions are a bit less steady than normal, but I'm also dealing with other stuff. But I'm talking maybe a bit more emotional than normal, not a total basket case :-). HRT may take some adjusting. I opted for pills for my HRT. I had a patch for a week after surgery, and just preferred not to have something sticking to me. There are some pros and cons to each delivery method, and neither is written in stone, so you can always change to a different one.

I don't golf, so can't help there, but I'm guessing you need to give yourself some time for those abdominal muscles to heal - check with your doctor.

I have read many many postive comments about sex drive from women who are further along in their recovery. Many say that it is just as enjoyable (more so, often, because they're not in pain anymore) than before.

Hee hee.. I always keep air freshener handy anyway. But it is more that it takes a while (and I found, some concentration) to get the gas to come out, rather than it coming out all at any old time. Walking and Gas-x or similar product helps here.

The worst part for me was the waiting..Hang in there!
Unread 04-12-2002, 09:38 AM
tah/bso scheduled for 4/19 - SCARED!!!!

My experience -

Lots of pain - lots of pain meds. But everyone is different and I think there are more women who don't have much pain than who do so don't worry. Just don't let the pain get ahead of you and you'll be fine. I had surgery for benign intracranial pressure 10 years ago, which was rough, and I put my hyst experience in the same catagory. It ain't like the hernia repair or breast cyst surgery I had!!!

Hormones - I really haven't had too much trouble with mood swings. Just one crying jag 5 days post and that's it. I have had hot flashes and night sweats, but they're getting better. I was given an injection during surgery, but I don't know what it was. It's supposed to last a month so when I go for my next post op visit, I'll discuss permanent HRT. I'm inclined to go with the pills because I'm very sensitive to adhesives (even band aids and getting my eyebrows waxed!!).

Sex drive - Haven't lost it........Can't wait!!!

I had staples and a bikini cut. Staples came out in 1 week. No problems with incision.

You doctor will tell you when you can resume golfing. I'm a scuba diver and my doctor tells me at least 12 weeks. Don't know about golf but hope you don't have to wait too long!!!

I'm supposed to return to work at 4 weeks, but my next post op is at 4 1/2 and I don't know if my DR will release me then or not. When I do go back, I'm planning 1/2 days for at least a week.

Air freshener.....I was so happy to pass gas that I didn't even think about the effects on my family. There was really only one time it was bad and my DD and DH were amazed. DH swore if I kept it up, the paint was gonna peel off the walls!!!!

Anywho. Hope this helps!!
Unread 04-12-2002, 09:59 AM
I'm at 6 weeks too

Hi Stacylee,

Some ladies have answered your questions already, but a lot of this is very individual, so I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth too, and you can sort of get a poll going here.

I am 6 weeks from my TAH from Fibroids and Endo.

1. How bad was the pain? I did not have a morphine pump right after surgery, and was fine. I was taking Percocet every few hours as needed. I'll be honest - I REALLY wanted it the first few days, and tried not to miss a dose. I don't usually take medicines unless I'm REALLY hurting, and I felt like a junkie, but I wanted my Percocet. I stopped using it around day 8, and started using Motrin. I still occasionally take Ibuprophen, but only a little - and it's usually after I've probably overdone it a little. To me the pain was bearable. On a 1 - 10 scale the first day an 8 the next day 5 and then declined after that. I agree with Nancy - you need to stay ahead of the pain.

2. Staples or stitches? I had staples until day 5. But there are a lot (I don't know how many, but usually in the hundreds) of stitches internally. I had no problem with the stitches or staples.

3. Type of cut - I also have a bikini cut. I had a very large uterus - lots of large fibroids and it was sort of twisted.

4. Feeling after 6 weeks. I feel good. I went back to work on 1/2 days at 3 1/2 weeks (WAY TOO EARLY - DON'T DO IT!!!!) because of the money, and am now at the end of 3 weeks of 1/2 days. I'm doing OK, but I wish I'd had the ability to take the entire 6 weeks. Yes, you may feel good enough to go back earlier, but you can't believe how exhausted you get afterward from simple, everyday things. A half day wipes me out, and I need to go home and nap for a while to make it through the day.

5. Moods-- I've had a few crying spells, but overall I've been having no mood problems. I kept both ovaries, though I do understand that they may have been or still be "asleep" for a little while. A few possible hot flashes, but nothing outrageous. I have some pretty weird dreams though - I know other ladies do too, and I don't know if it's because of medication or hormones, or both, or neither. I did have sleeping problems in the beginning, but my Dr said it was OK for me to take Benedryl at night, which I like to do anyway for my allergies, and it helps me sleep.

6. Passing wind-- I didn't notice a lot of that - I was terribly constipated for the first week, but after that passed, I've had no major complaints in that department.

It is very easy to overdo it when you're feeling good. DON'T DO IT - you will regret it, and your body will make sure that you do.

Read all the messages here - that helped me more than anything else.

Good luck.


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