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5wks from postpartum hemorrhage (May 2002) -emergency hysterectomy 5wks from postpartum hemorrhage (May 2002) -emergency hysterectomy

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Unread 06-19-2002, 07:46 PM
5wks from postpartum hemorrhage (May 2002) -emergency hysterectomy

Originally posted by Dutchie

How did friends/relatives react to what happened to you? Did you tell everybody, or just your closest friends/relatives? What kind of reactions did you get in general? Are they supporting you? Did you get any painful comments? I get a bit annoyed when the person I tell my story to points out to me to be happy with my one son.

How did you cope all the household work and taking care of Lauren after you came home from the hospital? I guess you had to keep bedrest a lot and were not allowed to carry anything etc. for quite some time. Did you get any help?
What do you think of your bikini cut scar? To me it seems so much better then my vertical scar, from my navel down. Or am I naive to think that way? Do you have any scar treatment?
In your story you are talking about a D&C. Can you tell me what this is? I am not so familiar with all kind of abbreviations and (medical) terms in English, because I am Dutch (from the Netherlands).
I didn't have to tell anyone- everyone heard about it by word of mouth. I had been on bedrest for preterm labor for a month so all of our friends from Bradon's nursery school and from church were bringing meals and helping us out. The word of yet another medical problem spread pretty fast. We had over 50 families bring us meals, baby clothes, bring Bradon to & from nursery school and babysit me and the kids during the whole ordeal of bedrest, postpartum recovery and then the hysterectomy. As well my husband worked from home for over a month to care for us and my Mom was here all the time. It was nice to have my house back to myself once I was feeling better.

Regarding the comments, yes I get them all the time. I have three children and I am 38 years old so I "probably" wasn't going to have any more children BUT the fact the decision was taken from me stills hurts alot. I feel robbed of control over my body. People say to me all the time "at least you got your girl".

About the scar, since mine is so low and I had a previous scar from fibroid surgery I haven't given it much thought. I understand what you mean about your being vertical, much more noticable to you on a daily basis.

Lastly, a D&C (now I am not a medical person so this is lay means terms) but they dilate your cervix and basically scrap out or clean out your uterus. Since I had a placenta left behind they were trying to clear the uterus of any foreign matter hoping that is would start to contract and stop hemmorraging with the aid of meds and manual uterine massage but this didn't work so the hysterectomy became necessary to save me.
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Unread 06-19-2002, 08:01 PM

Erica wrote: Lisa how old are you?

I have three children and I am 38 years old so I "probably" wasn't going to have any more children BUT the fact the decision was taken from me stills hurts alot. I feel robbed of control over my body. People say to me all the time "at least you got your girl".

I understand your feelings about the comments other people make. The surrogate comment is really out of line in my opinion. How old is Conner? Lauren was born March 28 (5 weeks early).
Unread 06-19-2002, 08:44 PM

Connor is 6 months. He was born on 12-17-01. He really is the light of my life and it pains me that I can't give him brothers or sisters. Such is life!!! At least I am here to enjoy him.
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Unread 06-20-2002, 05:38 AM
5wks from postpartum hemorrhage (May 2002) -emergency hysterectomy

Hi Lisa and Erica,

Lisa, that's wonderful to have so many people in you neighbourhood to help you out. It must feel good to have them care for you so much. On the other side, I can imagine it feels good too to have your home back to yourself again!
For me, well I only have my son Rik to take care of, which I did by myself during daytime. My husband took over during evening and night. I am so glad to get some good night sleep. Rik has been wonderful and although he can be quite demanding during the day, he sleeps through the night, which is really a blessing.
My family offered to help out, but I preferred a housekeeper (no familymember). She came everyday to clean the house. Now she comes twice a week. That's really great.

Is any of you taking scar therapy like silicone strips or vit E creams? I use a silicone strip. I have no idea if it helps. I don't see any changes yet, but this can take some months.

Lisa, you have had a terrible time even before the birth of Lauren, beeing prenatal. Were you able to take her home after birth, or did she had to spend more time in the hospital? Why did you have an 'extra' placenta? Does this mean you were initially pregnant by twins? Do you give this a thought at all, or is it not important for you?

Erica, did your doctor explain to you what the cause of your hemorrhage was? Do you want to know what was the cause, or don't you care? Did you suffer from uterine atony aswell? Why and how were you induced? By a gel or a drip? What kind of contractions did you get? Did you get any painkilling meds? I know my contractions were too intense. I really believe this lead to my unterine atony and I do want to try to find out, therefor I requested for a copy of my contraction-registration. Did you ask for your contraction registration at all?

Erica, why did they remove an ovary and the cervix? Was this caused by the hurry they were in, to save your life?

At the 6 week checkup my doctor could see the cervix was at least partially still there. He said both my ovaries were saved. So like you Lisa, I won't have to suffer hormonal changes. How is that with one ovary left, Erica?

Erica, my son Rik will be an only child too. I find this very hard. I did want to have a chance of having an other baby. I know I am not as young as you, I am 38, but even so, I could have been pregnant again. I really feel so sorry for you. You are so young and most of your friends being caught up in their own lives and not having experienced anything serious themselves yet. This makes people so insensitive to other peoples feelings. With 'surrogate' you mean adoption or some other woman being pregnant for you? It's rude to bring this up, after hearing a story like yours! People sometimes really don't know what to say when they hear about things that scare them.

Unread 06-20-2002, 07:06 AM

They have not found a cause for my bleed out, and going into D.I.C. I hada natural childbirth, no drugs, and my labor was short and not too painfull. The delivery was perfect and it was about a half hour later that I realized something was wrong because I started getting very dizzy and kind of fading in and out, like I could hear what was going on and I could respond but some of the time I couldn't see what was going on.
I had prostoglandin gel applyed to my cervix to "soften it" before they gave me pitocin. I never got to the pitocin part because I went into labor.
I have my left ovary and cervix still. My doctor said that with one ovary I should be fine hormonally. A surrogate is when a woman carries your biological child for you.
By the way I am a teacher and you have great english. (better than some of my students)
I don't think it matters how old you are, having the choice to have more children was litterally ripped away from us, at a time when we shouldn't have to even think about it, and it is awful. Yes we are here to enjoy our children, but we didn't even get to process what was going to happen before hand, or have time to find an alternative treatment if we desired. Most people don't understand that, we have to process being a new mother, which can be overwhelming, and process the hysterectomy, which is overwhelming, and process that we almost died, overwhelming, and have the memory of childbirth br so traumatic, most people just want to forget it.

That's a lot for anyone, no matter how old or young they are.

Hope to talk to you soon, I've got to run
Unread 06-20-2002, 07:38 AM
5wks from postpartum hemorrhage (May 2002) -emergency hysterectomy

I have not experienced a hysterectomy the way you ladis have. I am so glad you have found each other. I had my hyst after my 3rd child was 10yr old.
I am a labor and delivery nurse so I have seen your situation from the other side. Our hospital averages 150 births a month and in the past year the have been 2-3 post partum hysts. they have all been for a placenta acreta. This is when the placenta grows into the muscle wall of the uterus and will not separate after birth no matter what, a D&C won't do it, only a hyst will save your life. It is why women used to die from child birth.
I had a pt last fall with this problem, the OB tried everthing else first and finally did the hyst at 36hrs, we all cried as it was her first baby too. sometimes the OB can't know right away if there is an acreta, if it is a partial acreta most of the placenta will come out and they will try a D&C to get the rest.

I don't know if I have helped or encouraged you in any way, I hurt for your loss but rejoice in the birth of your children.
Unread 06-20-2002, 10:28 AM


I know you can't give medical advise or anything like that but being an OB nurse maybe you can help me understand what happened in my case.

From what I understand from OB's explanation I had a separate small placenta that was not part of my baby's placenta. What is this condition called? My OB tried to explain it and even drew a little diagram but it was still confusing for me.

Six days after Lauren was born, this separate placenta broke loose creating a divet, the hemmorrage started and as my OB described it my uterus basically died. It wouldn't respond to the 2 D&C procedures, the picton and the extensive unterine massage she gave me.

Would what happened have anything to do with the three pg I endured with preterm labor, terb pump, mag sulfate treatments, bedrest, etc.? Could all the contracting my uterus did for months while pg three times play a role- not in the separate placenta- but in my uterus not responding to treatment.

Poor ole' thing it struggled through three pregnancy and then it just clocked out! LOL.
Unread 06-20-2002, 10:37 AM
Re: Dutchie & Erica

[i]Originally posted by erysmith
Most people don't understand that, we have to process being a new mother, which can be overwhelming, and process the hysterectomy, which is overwhelming, and process that we almost died, overwhelming, and have the memory of childbirth br so traumatic, most people just want to forget it.

That's a lot for anyone, no matter how old or young they are.

Erica [/b]

Reading my mind Erica. I had all this on top of the preterm labor and bedrest for a month prior to her birth, from March 11 through April 3 (day of my emergency hysterectomy) I was hospitalized four times actually. Twice for preterm labor treatment, once for the baby's premature birth due to leaking fluid and then the hemmorrage and hysterectomy. What a mess of hospital bills!

I am sorry that you and Dutchie's experience happened right at childbirth that is very tough. At least mine was separated by six days and I can sort of separate her birth from what followed. Although I understand what you mean, I had trouble mailing birth announcements because I felt like everyone already knows and the excitement of her birth has been lost in my near death experience.

I am so glad to have found both of you. I posted the orginial note about two months ago.
Unread 06-20-2002, 12:34 PM

I did not have any problems with my uterus, and the placenta was completely in tact my afterbirth went fine, and my Dr. checked that to make sure it was in tact, because he thought that might be what happened. What happened to me is truly a mystery. I even went to a hemotologist a few months ago, but I do not have any genetic factors that would account for the problem.
I perfer to think that my uterus was made to only have one perfect child and I did it on the first try!!!!!

Unread 06-20-2002, 03:20 PM
uterus problems

Yes, placenta acreta is one option. But this is not what happened in my case. My placenta was removed by hand (D&C you call it?). My uterus was in perfect shape, it's checked. My placenta was big though, 900 grams, twice as big as normal. I don't know if this can be the cause of the hemorrhage? In the OR-report I read that they found my uterus limp. It's called uterine atony and can be caused by too long or too intense contractions. 2 or 3 cases out of 1800 births is very few. My doctor told me too, it is very rare. He told me uterine rupture is even worse and more dangerous for both mother and child. I am a lucky *******!
Thanks for your sympathy anyway. I know the medical staff in my hospital who assisted with my childbirth and were there went things went wrong with me, got a call from the hospital at home late at night, to tell them that I survived. This means the staff members do care about their patients and I must say they do a wonderful job. While I was in the hospital they all came to visit me, and they let me do my story. It really helps to poor out your heart.

Strange you don't know what caused your hemorrhage. Wasn't it uterine atony aswell, like in my case? I know I worry about the prostaglandin gel, beeing the cause of all this. DId your doctor say anything about this? How much gel did they apply in your case?
Thank you for your compliment about my English! (Blush blush)


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