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Scared to death of bloat and sore boobs (long) Scared to death of bloat and sore boobs (long)

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Unread 08-25-2002, 06:11 PM
Scared to death of bloat and sore boobs (long)

Hi there,
This is my first post on the Hormone Jungle Board. I have posted a few on the pre-op board, though. I am scheduled on Oct.2 for TAH/BSO for uterine prolapse...(still trying like hell to decide whether to keep ovaries or take them out). I am also having cystocele and rectocele repair. I am really needing some help here emotionally. I am 46 and will be 47 in Jan. Nothing is wrong with my ovaries that I know of. I am scared to death about HRT. One day I tell myself I will keep the ovaries and go thru menopause naturally. The next day I tell myself to get them out. Here is the situation: I am totally regular with my periods without fail and menopause runs around age 53 in my family. My mother had it at 53 and my sister is 50 and is totally regular with little or no menopause symptoms. I am pretty sure I have at least 6 years left before menopause really happens. (one never can know, of course). My monthly cycle is such that I get PMS from hell (ALWAYS DID!) and it is worse now with worse breast engorgement and tenderness that it ever was. I am sure its because of my aging...and probably the peri-menopausal stuff that can last for years and years. The breast thing is such a pain because it lasts usually 9 days out of the month. Its so bad I have to sleep with my boobs on a small pillow for support!!! Once I start flowing I am a new woman. I have big breasts (oy. heh)..36DD and I am sure that adds to the whole thing. When I was in my early 20s, I tried several birth control pills. Without fail I had to get off of them because I gained weight, was really bloated and my boobs killed me. I am so scared that with the abrupt surgical menopause and HRT, I am going to end up a bloated, sore giant boobed mess!!! I am losing weight now and the last thing I want is to have the surgery and get fat again. I am still at least 20 lbs overweight on a 5'2" frame. Its freaking me out so much....that prospect, that I am almost ready to tell the surgeon to leave the ovaries and the hell with it. The whole idea of taking them out for the ovarian cancer reason and because I am 46 and not younger, really is upsetting me. Then with all the researching (and God knows its been a TON)...I hear the ovaries fail around 50% of the time anyway, within 3 yrs. of a hysterectomy. I also hear horror stories of the baldder not working for a long time. And I God knows I hope I can poop after the rectocele thing. To add to my anxiety and frustration....My female surgeon, who is a Uro-gynecologist...had me do Urodynamic testing on the bladder close to 2 weeks ago. The nurse practitioner did the tests. She said the Dr. was real backed up and they would call me with the results. On my way out I made a pre-op appt. for Sept 12th. (this day of the bladder testing was Aug14) So when a day and a half went by and no one bothered to call me with my urodynamic testing results, I called them. The receptionist tells me...." one was going to call you...the Dr. will go over your test results and surgery questions at the pre-op. Another words, I am supposed to wait a MONTH for all these answers. Well with all the researching, let me tell you...I had a ton of questions....HRT related, cystocele repair related, (like what the heck procedure was she going to do?) , ovary taking or leaving related....on and on. I called the office to ask for a sooner pre-op appt. And they told me they would call if anyone cancelled and put me in. (yea, right). And I was crying on the phone and everything when she laid that one on me. You think the Dr. called me to answer anything? Nope. its probably noted right on my chart that I called crying and everything and how I had so many questions and waiting a month was really stressful. And the other thing.... (sorry to ramble here...). There will another female surgeon doing the surgery with her (a Colorectal Dr. to do the rectocele repair). You just would not believe the pain in the butt it was to get those 2 surgeons to coordinate a surgery date. (THIS one will be out of town for 2 weeks in Sept. THAT one will be leaving the day after my can the THER Dr. can do my post -op stuff. (whatever)SHEEEEESH. I finally went to the condescending Primary Care Physician because the anxiety was driving me nuts and I wanted some kind of help with a prescription for a couple of weeks. My regular Dr. was out on maternity leave. What a PATRONIZING dude this guy was. You should have seen him noting in my chart as I sat there crying about the frustrations. He gave me a prescrip. and then told me to go to therapy. hhaha. :-)
Incidentally, does anyone think my regular Primary Care Physician (the lady out on maternity leave... who is an Internist AND Endocrinologist) can help me with the HRT, afterwards? I am hoping so.Well.... to end this long husband (of 5 months) called the Drs.. made them give me a surgery date already (sheesh) and then TOLD them that we would be faxing my questions to the Dr. because waiting a month for the pre-op was too anxiety provoking. (that was on Friday, a few days ago).
I will give her a week and then I am going to really blow a fuse if I dont get a response. THANK YOU for listening. You are the most fabulous ladies and I am proud to be a part of this web site. I am really needing the support and feedback. help!
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Unread 08-26-2002, 03:59 AM
Hi Sue

Here is a big "hug: for you.

First of all, hurray for your hubby! I hope you get some answers. Second of all, I also suffered greatly from the PMS monster. I had my ovaries removed thankfully as it was discovered that I had endo which is fed by your ovaries. I have not had one PMS moment in 3 months and that was without taking estrogen. I was on depo-provera to help kill off any remaining endo. UGH! MY opinion, get the ovaries out of there! LOL Just my personal experience talking. And my primary care DR takes care of my HRT as my gyn is very patronizing about what my choices are. I chose bio-dentical estrogen and HAVE NEVER FELT BETTER!!!

Only my opinion here. Good luck with your test results and decision making.
Be sure and let us know how it goes.

By the way, I had bladder testing done as well. My results were great. My urinary problems were due to a fibroid smashing my poor bladder. Happy to report incontinence is gone!
Unread 08-26-2002, 08:04 AM
Scared to death of bloat and sore boobs (long)

How about having your primary care doc (who should be able to do your HRT afterwards - lots of ladies here don't bother with their gyns after their recovery) call the surgeon to straighten things out. I wouldn't have the surgery until I had all my questions answered. S/he owes you that.

Docs talk to docs. Your primary care might be able to get you an appointment.

You might want to post your concerns about pre-op issues in that forum. You'll get more support on the pre-op questions from the ladies over there.

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Unread 08-26-2002, 12:10 PM
Scared to death of bloat and sore boobs (long)

Hi Sue,

I'm so glad your husband called. Seems that men can get things done when they intervene. Some Drs. may just think "another whiney, hormonal woman!" Yet, they forget we know our bodies better than they do. We live with them every day! I agree with the previous posts, get ALL your questions answered before your surgery and don't go into surgery uninformed. If these drs. can't answer your questions, find ones that will.

Regarding your ovaries, my personal experience and opinion says to KEEP THEM. If I had it to over again, I would never have had them removed. My surgery was over a year ago and I still can't find a hormonal balance right for my body. Other ladies have luck the first try with hormones. But, many of us do not. I guess it's rather foolish to think that what our ovaries do naturally, even when shutting down as we age, we cannot possibly recreate with a pill or gel or cream. I had no idea that our ovaries were responsible for so much of the balance that occurs in our bodies. I too did not have much wrong with my ovaries but relied on my dr. to tell me the truth. He did not. His response to my question about removing them was "Sure, they're shutting down anyway. You're in menopause. They've quit working." He was wrong. They had not quit working and I am still suffering.

Remember, you are in control of your body, not your doctors. You and your husband decide, not them. You are wise to question and do research first. Try not to panic and be anxious. That can tend to cloud good judgment and logic.

Well, I've rambled on enough. I'll be praying for your decision
and hope all will turn out just fine.

Unread 08-26-2002, 01:05 PM
Don't be afraid to lose your ovaries!

Hi SueKZ !

I'm only 31 and had a TAH-BSO just 3 weeks ago and hormonally speaking, I haven't felt this good in years!

I was afraid of messing up my hormones by removing my ovaries, but with my endo, they just had to go. I had rotten PMS (got worse every month) and even another sort of PMS around ovulation time. GONE! I feel stable. It's like being 12 again and I'm soooo happy!

I'm large chested, too (40 DDD) and tall (5-9"). I went to the hospital on day 28 of my cycle with sore PMS DH normally can't even hug me that time of the month. When I came home 2 days later I noticed the soreness was all gone and my breasts were a more mid-cycle size! They've been fine ever since.

I am retaining water, though. By one week post-op I had lost all the IV fluid weight plus an additional 2 pounds. Then I began to notice the water weight creeping on. My thighs got that cheesy look that they used to at the end of my cycle and my rings got tight (though my breast still aren't sore). I was gaining about a pound per day even though I'm not eating much. Seemed like estrogen dominance. So I've been cutting my Vivelle dots in 1/2 so I'm only on .05 instead of .1 for the past 4 days. My doc put me on such a high dose because I'm so young and she thought I would need it. Well, my rings fit better today and I've lost 2 pounds of water, yet I'm not having hot flashes. We'll see how it goes.

There is life after losing your ovaries...possibly a better life! It's fine to decide to keep them, too. Just listen to that little whisper inside you. You should be aware that many sisters who keep their ovaries go through temporary or permanent ovary failure from the trauma of surgery. At the top of the page, click on search and find threads on "ovaries not working" or similar wording. Many women take HRT while their waiting for the ovaries to start working again. Information is your best friend!

As for who writes your prescriptions for really doesn't matter if it's a PCP or GYN. Pick whoever you have the best relationship with that listens to you.

Peace be with you,

Unread 08-26-2002, 02:14 PM
Scared to death of bloat and sore boobs (long)

Tracy: I noticed you are taking Estrace .25mg twice daily. I am cutting the 1mg estrace in half and taking it in the morning only. I find sometimes by night I am very hungry so I wonder if I might be better off splitting that doseage. My question is HOW did you get .25mg? It would be like cutting the 1mg tiny pill into fourths. Is this what you do to get that amount? Also, do you take any progesterone cream along with the estrace? Just wondering. Also have you gained any weight on the estrace? Thanks for anything you can tell me on this. Phyllis
Unread 08-26-2002, 05:19 PM
Scared to death of bloat and sore boobs (long)

Thank you all so much for responding. Words cannot describe how much it means to me. I am sitting here crying my eyes out yet again. The Uro-gyn I mentioned in my post had her receptionist call my husband and told him there were too many questions and they were too detailed and need to be addressed face to face. So unless there is some kind of cancellation (supposedly they are monitoring that possibilty) I am supposed to wait until Sept. 12th for my pre-op appt. for ANY answers. The **** Dr. cannot even bother to throw me a crumb. Make me really feel like "you know what". So as it stands...I have NO idea about my Urodynamic test results, I have NO idea the method in which she plans to fix the cytocele, no clue how she remotely feel about HRT , except once she mentioned putting me on testosterone. How the hell am I supposed to make all these decisions 2 weeks before surgery like that? I have already been going nuts for 2 weeks researching. I cannot fathom another 2 weeks like this. Makes me wonder how compassionate she would be if I had some issue post-surgery, if pre-surgery is like THIS. I am so upset, I cannot even call their office without losing it emotionally. So my darling new husband of 5 months is going to call the Colorectal surgeon who is fixing the cystocele (and who i trust 100%) and she is also the one who referred me to this Uro-Gyn/ pelvic reconstruction surgeon. I think she should be aware of what a nightmare this is becoming for me. I am astounded at how there is such a lack of interest in my psyche with the Dr. What does she think?? That she is doing ME a favor by ALLOWING her knife to open me up? Man. I do not want to alienate a surgeon who is really good but has the bedside manner of a clueless person. This is getting to be too much already. Thanks for all the help, you guys.
Unread 08-26-2002, 06:12 PM
Estrogen Dominence?

Sue: Have you ever read Dr. Lee's book on Progesterone? I realize you have other problems, but hormonely you have all the symptoms of estrogen dominence. And they are giving you more estrogen. As for ovaries, I kept mine (had surgery at 49, am now going through menopause). I find I get the bloat etc., if I've become estrogen dominent. Right now I use Progesterone with a weak estrogen mixture. Do some research on it.
Unread 08-27-2002, 03:49 AM

Hi there,
I take 1/2 of a .5 mg tablet 2 times a day. I wanted the least amount of estrogen possible as I had endo and did no HRT for 3 months. I am about 30 pounds overweight so I know I store estrogen easily. This dosage is enough to keep me from ALL of the icky menopausal symptoms. I sleep well, not grouchy, energetic most of the time. Rare hot flash, no night sweats. I only notice the swelling in my breasts when I remove my bra at night. They don't hurt, just noticed they are a bit fuller. I am a 36 DD so bigger is not a good thing for me! LOL A for weight gain, I have lost 6 pounds since the surgery and to be honest I have not been eating the best foods in the last week or so. I am a stress eater and my daughter has been ill with possibly mono. If not that then her tonsills must be removed. No biggie but a bit stressful. No weight gain so far, but I know there will be if I don't get back on track.


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