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Kidney Stones Kidney Stones

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Unread 01-03-2003, 02:31 AM
Kidney Stones

Hi everyone, I have been posting for a month now at another site, and a wonderful hostess Surferbabe and other caring hyster sisters have helped me along my travels. But I am taking up the advice of Surferbabe by posting here. I took some liberty and copied my posts instead of retyping, sorry so lazy Any and all input would be so very very welcome!!!Especially by you ladies who have had bladder prolapse, kidney stones, ic, and unexplained blood in your urine. I am so lost, and confused, and sick of this not knowing!! Thank You

Posted by dawnjxsn on 12-07-2002 03:26 AM:
Much swelling, pain, and sick to my stomach

I have been reading posts all night, can't sleep! I am very interested in this post since I am on the V. Dot 1mg and I am just now experiencing so much swelling, totally sick to my stomach, I feel like throwing up so much. I went to the dr. and he says that I have "a lot of blood in my urine, and he "thinks" I have a bladder infection". So he gave me Microbid 2x a day for 8 days. I got a call from the nurse and they want me to come back in after the 8 days Microbid, which is this Tues.

But as I sit here my belly is sooo swollen, I look preg and sore to touch. and the funny thing is before all of this I was losing weight finally, and my belly was pretty getting pretty flat.

None of this has happend since my first few weeks after my surgery in May, but it all started the week of Thanksgiving with swelling, tenderness, then lower back pain. then nausea, then dark blood, then bleeding, just a little, and only one day and very painful cramps and pulsing pain in my lower left side. Oh yeah with all of this coming on I am losing little bits of urine.

Could my extreme swelling, and pain and nasuea be caused by too much est? Or have others exp this with their first bladder infection post op?

History: For the first few months post op I was on Esclim ending at 1mg. Then was switched to Dot. since Oct. I was experiencing numbness and pruney feelings on the tips of my fingers, strange it always felt like I was just getting out of a tub after being in there too long.

Please help! my swelly belly is worrying me, and I am am so vomit feeling, I feel so sick to my stomach.


SAH/BSO w/ bladder tack/ dialated prolapse of cervix & bladder, endo, cysts, fibroids ibs, & spastic colon.

Posted by dawnjxsn on 12-07-2002 03:04 PM:
Kidney stones?


Thank you for responding, I had a terrible night and I finally got to sleep after reading and posting thank god for this site!

Anyways, I have not even considered any possibility of kidney stones. What are they? and I am curious why stones came to you.

Yes my dr did do a culture, that was when he said that he found "A lot of blood in my urine". He said that he thought it was an infection and that is when he gave me Microbid which I will be done with this Monday.

So as far as the bloating/swelling and constant naseau these could not be happening because of too much estrogen because I have been taking the dot for two months now and if this was going to happen it would have already happend before the two months?

Or these are symptoms due to my uti?

This is so very frustrating! I just know that I feel really sick to my stomach and I feel pregnant and I can not get any relief!

I just thought that I might hang on until Monday to see my dr again. At which time I will be telling him to do an ultrasound. I will mention stones, and I thought that if the gals here thought that my belly issues could be caused to too much estrogen that I would mention that to him and see if I should switch patches again.

Do you think that ob/gyn are more knowledged in this area or are endocrynologists? Because my ob is who I am seeing Monday. But the cryn is who rec the dot. My ob is sort of ignorant (i mean no disrespect) about whenever I start talking menopause or hormones, etc, he just asks what I want and gives it to me. So I went to this rec endo and she said to use the dot instead.

Just a thought!

Posted by dawnjxsn on 12-07-2002 03:54 PM:


Thank you for the link I read all about it. I must admit I see the similarities of my current symptoms, with the exception of the HUGE swelly/bloated belly. The IC never expressed this as a symptom.

See I do have a urologist, he was present at my surgery. He had to dialate my tube, and move up and tack up my bladder. I had extreme bladder and cervix prolapse.

Ever since the surgery I have still had peeing problems, when my bladder fills up I go, otherwise I would get pain, pressure, fullness, naseua. Even before my surgery I was showing blood in my urine. But I thought that this would all stop once my prolapse was fixed and my urethra was dialated and enlarged. I don't have urgency as much as I have frequent, then when it comes, it appears to stop then kind of "plop" out then it flows, hard to explain.

I will definately be talking to my dr. But I think that just mulling it out with you has helped me, so I am going to make an appt with my urologist who did the surgery with my ob, on Monday.

When will this all end and I can just me normal again? I am so tired of this! It is always something!

Thanks for listening


Posted by dawnjxsn on 12-17-2002 09:48 AM:

Hi everyone, well I went to my Monday gyno appt. Get this, he says he does not know what is wrong. I had an ultrasound done. He checked for stones, kidney problems, masses, etc. Nothing to report. He says that he wants me to go to my urologist, I have an appt this Friday.

My appt before this one, I did not write and tell you about, so here it is. I get there and I am feeling really sick I am hurting, and i have a fever. he exams me. says he wants an ultrasound done, that the Microbid has not done what he wants, and I still have a lot of blood in my urine. He gave me a shot, and perscribed Cipro, and pills like uro-blue. He says that we are calling inthe "big guns" with the shot, and meds. But by Friday of the same week I give in and ask him to perscribe painkillers.

I have resorted to taking darvocet now, and this is very very unlike me. I can not stand painkillers, but I literaly can not stand the pain. I am hoping and praying that the urologist will be able to find out if this is all my bladder.

btw, I asked my gyn if he felt that the swelling was caused by too much estrogen, he said that usually he can tell if a gal has too much by a "barometer" of swelling and pain in the boobs. Have you heard this to be true? or is he wrong and he could be missing the whole too much est, and this is the cause of the swollen belly?

I am so sick of being sick. I hate going to the urol it is so painful, and it is the only dr that I get sacred of to go see. But I have an appt am of this Friday so I will let you know.

Sugar, did you feel that the V-dot was your problem? Did you exp those side effects long after you had been using the dot, or was it immediately?

Please pray that the urologist can figure this out, I am going on three weeks of this and it is really wearing me down, and I can not do this it is Christmas!

Thanks for listenting you guys!


Posted by dawnjxsn on 12-18-2002 10:17 AM:
Thank You

Dear Surferbabe, and Sugar:

Getting messages from you really keep me going and I wanted to say thank you!

I had a terrible day yesterday, stayed laying down, and lethargic, and sick to my stomach! When I tried to pee, I just could not empty. Only little drops. I am soooo bloated and my back is killing me.

Sugar, how odd that you too talked of IC, Surferbabe did the same for me, on page 2 of this post. I will absolutely be mentioning this IC. I read a link that you Surferbabe gave me, so I understand a little of it to go to the dr with this Friday. I just don't understand how you can get it?????

I have a physical copy of my urine test and I was wondering if you guys new what is the "normal" ranges for these results: my

my PH is 5.5,

my Occult Blood is 2+ and

my RBC is 10-20

in the "Reference Range" they say:

PH 5.0-8.0 (is 5.5 high or normal)?

Occult Blood just says "negative"

and RBC says "< OR =3"

I can't understand it do you?

I guess I am just wondering if 2+ is a lot of blood or not.

Surferbabe, I read you had a bladder tack, also. Did you have your urethra dialated? I had a 20 french size, and was dialated to a 36. Also, do you think that you can go back to the origianl 20 sz after being dialated?

Some friend of my mom's had to go back under the knife to have scar tissue removed said that that was her cause of pain. Then preceded to tell my mom that I could be suffering because of my bladder is tacked to tight. Any thoughts?

Thanks again for listenting. It really helps even if you are only typing and reading letters not doing it in person.


Posted by dawnjxsn on 12-27-2002 05:31 PM:
My latest news"

I just read all your replys to my post and I thank you because when I got online just know I had just gotten back a call from the urologist I saw. Then I tried to call my DH but couldn't reach him and all I want to do is cry.

I went in for my appt with the urologist. He then said that my bladder has dropped a bit, and after looking at the ct results I have two small stones in the bottom of both of my kidneys. BUT he said that they will have to be monitored and that he did not think this was my problem. He felt that my "plumbing system" is working fine and that I may be experiencing skeletal problems. Which I think is bologna. I have been on Mobic and uro blu and I am doing fine until it is time to take another one.

The frustration that I feel is so powerful. I just want to cry just because I don't know what to do now. I have seen my gyn, now the uro and now the uro says see a dr maybe a disc problem nu uh! and my gyn says a gastroentrologist. I have had bowel problems and this is nothing like that. And as far as a disc well in 97 I was in a serious car accident and this is nothing like that either. So I am so upset and frustrated nonone is helping me (besides your kind words) dr wise. Where do I go now????

I still have blood in my urine, I am bloated more now today then ever, I have been unable to make love to my DH for over a month, I am in pain, my back is killing me, and worst of all I am so confused what to do next. Now it is the weekend and we never even got to discuss IC because the uro was so set on me getting a ct done and finding stones as the problem.

Any advice??
Kim (Dawn)

Posted by dawnjxsn on 01-03-2003 01:57 AM:

Thanks again for all your kind words.

Here is the latest, my uro said nothing of a game plan, he actually is kind of pushing me out the door now. What he said is that we should monitor the two stones he found on the bottom of both of my kidneys, one stone on each over the next YEAR After that conv I talked to DH and we both agreed time for a second opinion. Because I mentioned that I had been involved in a car accident something like nine yrs ago, my uro jumped on the idea of me having a disc problem. But I know what my pain felt like what I was suffering backaches, neck etc and this is not the same!

In the meantime I am taking the mobic, uro blu and at least I am peeing. Still really bloated and my left side front and back hurts, but it would seem that the pulsing pain has stopped being so frequent ya hoo

So here I sit waiting for next week to start this whole thing over again not very excited about it but I have to trust that God is hearing my prayers and leading me to the perfect team of drs.

Should I push for another uro, or gyn or some other type????
I will post at the site you reccommeded thanks!

Talk to you later,

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Unread 01-03-2003, 09:25 AM
Kidney Stones

Hi Kim... so glad you found The Road

I have been having tests showing small amounts in my urine since 1998, when I was first diagnosed with fibroids. At the time, the doctors (GP and GYN) thought that the small amounts of blood could have been due to the constant vaginal bleeding I was having, thanks to the fibroid. However, it's still been going on even since my hyst, I still have problems with incontinence and I still have no explanations for the blood. Stones have been suspected but not confirmed.

My sister has been fighting a very long battle with recurring kidney stones (since 1992 ) and they've never been "found" on the scans. Her latest battle sent her to the castle for 3 days, with a massive UTI and possibly a kidney infection. Now, 1 month later, she's stilling having symptoms.

I agree with both you and your DH that monitoring this for 1 year seems too long at this time. I think a second opinion, with a urologist or a uro/gyn is the best solution for you.

BTW, isn't Mobi an anti-inflammatory? If it is, it could be adding to the problems by stimulating elimination through frequent urination. Be sure to mention that you are taking this med when you see the new doctor.

Sending lots of healing s your way.
Unread 01-04-2003, 11:47 AM
Kidney Stones

You have been thru so very much Linda is a wonderful, caring soul, I'm glad she pointed you in our direction! There are several of us here suffering a wide array of conditions & complications who are many weeks, months & years post-op We always dont have the answers but we do have lots of support, compassion & understanding of the frustration that goes hand-in-hand w/problems no one can seem to fix along with the feelings that can become very disheartening when you've had this surgery for pain & problems only to have them traded for a new set of problems or more pain... I have done tons of research over the last several months on many different topics ranging from options for treatment of various Gynecological issues to short & long term complications that many of us here are suffering from. I think I'm searching for answers to my pain, as well as for my friends I have traveled with for so very long on this Road
I'm gonna post some info for you on some of the topics you discussed above, maybe somewhere in there is some info that could help you & your Dr get to the bottom of your problems~

Adhesions (Scar Tissue): (This is my main cause of severe Chronic Pelvic & abdominal pain),00.html

Interstitial Cystitis-(IC):
Interstitial Cystitis: Progress Against Disabling Bladder Condition:

Urogynecology - Treating women with urinary incontinence: sling for urinary incontinence:

Disc Problems:
Helping people make informed decisions about scoliosis and spine surgery:

Kidney Stones- what are they, why they form & treatments:
Understanding Kidney Stones -- the Basics:
Surgery for kidney stones:

Medical history and physical exam for urinary tract infections (UTIs):

Medical history and physical exam for urinary incontinence:
Women and Pain:

Possible Causes of Urinary Incontinence:
Types of Urinary Incontinence:
Surgical Procedures for Stress Incontinence:
You Can Overcome the Affects of Stress:

Good Luck Kim Please keep us thots & prayers will be with you that your Dr can find some answers & relief to your pain soon...((hugs))
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Unread 01-05-2003, 10:29 AM
Kidney Stones


Thank you so very much for your kind and thoughtful words!! They mean so much to me because it feels like all the ladies here REEAALLLYYY understand what it is we are going through!!!

MY DH read this and was amazed he said that this site should be called the Road MORE traveled since it seems there are so many of us out there with complications!

I will be doing A LOT of research thank you! I feel that knowing is half the problem solved and it makes me feel empowered instead of a victim!!

So thanks again, God Bless

Unread 01-05-2003, 11:40 AM
Kidney Stones

I will be doing A LOT of research thank you! I feel that knowing is half the problem solved and it makes me feel empowered instead of a victim!!
Your so very welcome Becoming empowered thru research is one of the best things we can do. We must become our own best Advocate concerning our health, since no one else will..then there seems to be soo much our Drs leave out or dont think is important that we know Leaving us too learn as much as we can ourselves along with available treatments, options ect...that he/she may not even be aware of! Good Luck in your Research & please keep us posted..((hugs))

PS-At the top of the main message board page is a Resources Forum. There is a wealth of info on many, many subjects that might be helpful in your search

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