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Question about pain meds....I am in SHOCK! Question about pain meds....I am in SHOCK!

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Unread 01-30-2003, 12:11 AM
Question about pain meds....I am in SHOCK!

I went to the PM dr today. He has had me taking lortab for pain 3 times a day and he has me taking them 2 at a time...(7.5 mg). I told him I am not comfortable with taking that many although when only taking one I do not get adequate pain relief. I am allergic to all anti-inflammatories so something tylenol based is my only option but I know it is really hard on the liver. I don't want to have liver failure down the road. I asked him to switch me to something that I could take fewer of possibly even something non-narcotic. He said he doesnt think that something non-narcotic (the few that I am not allergic to) would provide adequate pain relief. He gave me METHADONE! I am in shock!

If anyone on this board is taking this for pain relief, please let me know. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings.......I guess it IS prescribed for pain sometimes??......I guess I am stupid when it comes to pain medicines but all I have ever heard about methadone is that it is taken by people who are hooked on heroin. He also gave me phenegran because he said it might make me sick. What is up with this? I want pain relief...I don't want to be high and sick to my stomach.

I told him I do NOT want to take that! In fact, I repeated myself several times that I don't want it!!. I don't think that I need something that strong. He told me I HAVE to try it for a couple of weeks and then come back and let him know how it is working. I am not going to take it. I will get them filled, flush a few down the toilet and tell him they didn't work!!!(((Am I allowed to say that??))) I am scared to take this stuff. I still have lortabs left from my last visit...I will continue taking those until I see him next.

Even his nurse seemed shocked that he was giving that to me. She said " Go ahead and make an appointment for early next week, just in case you are unable to take them, sometimes they make people very sick" and she gave me the wink-wink.

Has anyone ever heard of this or had any experience with it? Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am going now to do some research on-line about it.

Thanks so much Ladies, ya'll are always a wealth of information.

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Unread 01-30-2003, 05:34 AM
Question about pain meds....I am in SHOCK!

Methadone is sometimes prescribed for pain relief. Click on the link below for more information.
Unread 01-30-2003, 06:20 AM
Question about pain meds....I am in SHOCK!

I haven't taken methadone, I can't help you there.

But as far as the liver issues with the lortab, I requested something without any tylenol or ibuprofen and am currently taking roxicodone. Something you might ask your pm dr about on your next visit. It's just oxycodone with nothing else in it.

I too was worried about toxicity with all the tylenol, NSAIDS, etc; he was willing to work with my concerns.

On the other hand, why not try the methadone, worst case you can't stand it, best case it might work on the pain?

Good luck, and hugs,
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Unread 01-30-2003, 07:33 AM
Question about pain meds....I am in SHOCK!

I know how you feel, I felt that I absolutely did not want to take narcotics for my pain. I was adamant that I didn't need them. Well, the pain got so bad that I finally broke down and took that big step and went to PM. Starting on the duragesic patch was the best thing I could've done for myself. I didn't realize how much pain I was really in until I found a bit of relief. I also no longer hesitate to take my darvocet for breakthru pain.

Why not give the methadone a try? If it doesn't work or you experience side effects you can always stop taking it and ask for something else.

{{{Dawn}}} I know it's a hard realization that we need these meds, but the pain doctor does sound like he's willing to work with you and try different things. I've taken many many different meds that I didn't want to take, but you just never know when you will find that one that will really and truly help with the pain.

Unread 01-30-2003, 08:07 AM

I don't think drugs should EVER be the first thing on a list of things to try, however, if you've suffered long enough, have a diagnosis and/or documented chronic pain - sometimes it's the lesser of several evils (depending on the person).

Methodone is a VERY safe drug when managed by a health care professional and taken responsibly for PAIN.

Many people take this for pain. The risks are low and the benefits are great for people with chronic AND accute pain.

You're doctor is being responsible by looking out for your liver and your hearing (did you know alot of lortab can cause defness if taken in large or multiple doses over a long period of time?).

I hope it helps you. And I hope you try it before flushing it.

And PLEASE do NOT lie to your doctor. He cannot help you or work with you if you're going to lie to him.How would you like it if he lied to you?Professionalism between doctor and patient is a two way street. If you ever breach that, you may as well find a new doctor or in his case a patient.

Methodone has gotten a VERY bad wrap by the media (Hollywood) and those who take it for recreational purposes. It sounds to me like your doctor is one of the 2% who's actually bothered to inform himself about pain control and that's VERY rare. It's true: The govt released a study on pain control and only 2% of doctors nation wide are trained at all in pain management.

The only way he can truly find out (and you too) if it's too strong is to take it as directed and report your symptoms. If you have a reaction, report it. But please - in your best interest -don't lie.

If you don't take them. Tell him you have a moral problem with taking them because of what you've read/seen on TV. Or that you simply have personal issues with it. Whatever you're comfortable with.

And I can tell you this: You'll have a much harder time getting him to RX you oxicodone than this. It's on the DEA watch list way above this one at the moment. Meaning more: Watch mandates have been issued for that one than the one he proposed. And right now - it's getting more bad attention media wise than methodone.

I have a niece who's been bed ridden for two years due to an incapacitating stroke in her spine. She has a clot pressing on her back that they tried to remove then she developed a growth. She's never been a recreational drug user and is QUITE a moral person. When the doctors started her on Methodone she was able to walk again. She has to use the assistance of a walker, but she can move. For her, it was a godsend.

The clinic I attend can give you countless reports of people who are now FUNCTIONAL (not high) because of this drug.

To make up your own mind check out the possible side affects of ALL drugs (including lortab) here:

I hope you can find answers and a "common ground" with your physician. And I'm sorry you're in pain.

PS I really am telling you not to lie for your own good. If you get the methodone filled and then flush it, you may not get anything else for 30-45 days depending on the RX. He is legally obligated to rx NO MORE than what's considered "reasonble" for your case. The DEA closely monitors what doctors RX and he could get into real trouble for exceeding what would be considered "normal" in your case. They look at quantity and # of prescriptions over a given time. That line is fuzzy, varies from state to state, and some doctors just plain won't do it within a 30 day time frame. (RX more than one schedule 2 substance (on a different day) within a months time). If you don't want it, tell him you didn't fill it and have the RX in YOUR hand when you go back.

So think before you act.
Unread 01-30-2003, 10:34 AM
Question about pain meds....I am in SHOCK!

Hi (((Dawn))), the ladies have already given you wonderful advice... I just wanted to mention that I'm pretty sure (((SusanJWalters))) is using methadone for pain and it's working for her... maybe you could pm or email her in case she doesn't spot this thread?
Unread 01-30-2003, 11:34 AM
Thanks for your input....

I know that all of ya'll are right. I did do some research on the subject last night and I am feeling a bit better about it.

I guess what I am so turned off by is all of the negative media hype, I would feel the same way........(NO, I would feel worse)........had he prescribed oxycotin(sp).......I wouldnt take that either. Which doesnt mean that others's just how "I" feel.

I called my PM dr this morning and told him how I feel about it. We have always been very open and honest with one another, after all.......he did exactly as I asked him to and switched me to something that I wouldnt need to take so many of. He was very understanding and said to at least TRY it, so I am going to. He said to come in next wednesday and let him know how it went and if I was still completely against it that he would try something else, that I just needed to bring the rest in with me.

I'm still not happy about trying it because of the "negativities" surrounding it. That's just the way I am and I can't help it. I guess that one of the things that is so comcerning to me is that I have been taking the lortab for so long and it has always worked well for me, it's only been since surgery that they have been less effective, probably because of the other stronger meds that I was on for a while. I never needed anything stronger and I never required any more than my usual dosage, now I feel like I have taken a step up on the narcotic ladder and I don't like it.

Thanks for everyones input and I'll let you know what happens.

Unread 01-30-2003, 12:04 PM
I understand...I really do...

I was, like you and Kim, where YOU are right now some time ago. I wanted to be REPAIRED! Not drugged. However, I had to make a choice when I came to the realization that my pain would never go away. And that was that. The choice was: Go on permanent disability and go through the hoops that come with that (no working for 2 years without pay and then go through the judicial system to get it) or take the meds and be functional.

Everyone takes their own time in getting to that fork in the road. And thankfully, not everyone has to make that decision.

The only reason I mention this is because you said you were against narcotis. Hydrocodone (Lortab) is one of the most abused drugs going. More than Methadone. More than Oxycontin. And Lortab is listed at the same level as those two according to the FDA and the government. In their eyes, they're no different. (It's listed on the 1st web site above).

So, I'm not encouraging you or discouraging you. The choice is up to you. But right now, Pain mgt is extremely limited in what they can do for us. Research is just now beginning. Pain Mgt is a new genre for our practioners and frankly, they're just now learning, just now researching, just now finding answers that may not be developed and/or approved by the FDA for another 20-40 years. So, we have what we have. And no more than that.

You're smart to evaluate what you're taking. I guess the only thing I would add is to also evaluate what you're taking (Lortab). And, that the body has a natural course of action to build up resistance not to all drugs but to the one you take the longest. Even if you take the methodone you will eventually have to switch for a while so your resistance doesn't build up. They do that with most all PM patients as a matter of standard practice in keeping you from tirating up too far on one drug.

Hope it helps you (whatever you decide)!
Unread 01-30-2003, 01:21 PM
I guess I am confused.....

about how they "schedule " narcotics. When I went to get my script filled yesterday, I voiced my concern to the pharmacist about the med. I asked her..(being naive as I am about it) if she had known of people using this med for pain, she said she had. I asked her about the methodone as opposed to the lortab, she said while both are Scheduled narcotics that the methadone was a higher schedule and more closely monitored. I asked her if I could get only a partial fill on the script (I had done this before with the lortab) and she said I could but I would not be able to get the rest of the script at a later time. She also said while you can get refills on lortab that you could not get refills on methadone..that you would need a new script for it everytime. I guess this is when I started feeling as if this was a much more potent and therefore "frowned upon" med. As I guess you can tell.....I have a hang-up about narcotics which I think is stemmed from negative attitudes from the general public.

I know that I shouldnt care what other people think, but I really HATE the looks that I get when I go to have these meds filled. These people have no clue of what I am and have been going through and my need for these meds. I HATE that I have to take them but on the same note.....I suffered for many years as a result of Dr's who were afraid to prescribe them.

When I frist started using pain meds to control my pain...I didnt realize what a stigma comes along with them. If I went to see a new Dr for whatever reason and was asked to list my meds......I did just that...listed my meds, including the lortab. I started noticing that..while I used to have good rapport with docs that they would zone in on my meds and question me intensley about the lortab..."where do you get it from....why do you take it?" I felt like I was being drilled. As a result it makes me feel like dr's take me less seriously and I am NOW thinking........if this methadone DOES turn to to be a good choice for pain relief for me....what kind of "drilling" am I going to get now??? I had one gynecologist in town review my med list (and this was just with lortab) and the first words out of his mouth were "you know that I won't give you any medicine right?" I felt so degraded.

I guess I am just venting here......but have any of you who require the use of long term meds ran into the same scenario? I'm not a drug abuser....I'm a person in pain and sometimes I wonder if I would rather live my life in daily pain rather than be stereotyped by the general population. Right now I guess it's obvious that the pain is winning and it makes me feel like I am a weak person. On the same note, I feel like I am a good person and I deserve to live my life as painless as possible.

Thanks for letting me vent and thanks for your replies. I woke up this morning thinking "there is JUST no way I am going to take that medicine" but as the day progresses and I have a basketball game to go to this evening to watch my DD cheer, that I certainly can't go like this and I am going to have to give in and at least give them a try. Wish me luck..........I realize I am being a big baby about this and I apologize.

Surferbabe, thanks for the info and I think I will PM Susan and see how she is doing on them.

Thanks again Ladies....and sorry for going on and on.

Unread 01-30-2003, 01:45 PM
Question about pain meds....I am in SHOCK!

It's funny how things affect us so differently.

I have no problem taking something to ease the pain, my problem is...

Adrite wrote: "However, I had to make a choice when I came to the realization that my pain would never go away. And that was that."

I have such a problem whenever the dr's tell me the pain isn't going to go away. I am FINE in between appts, but every 30 days like clock work, I just break down when they remind me this is the way it will always be.

sorry about the self-pity party....
carry on

Hugs to all,

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