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suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting

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Unread 01-26-2003, 01:08 AM
suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting

Peaches said:
What if people who don't or thing they don't have it realize I do...will they be afraid to come near me or use the bathroom after me. It is all very disturbing.

My heart goes out to you and I understand perfectly where you are with all of this HPV stuff. It is all so very frustrating, but what you MUST remember is that 80% of the adult population already have HPV.

I know this will not make you feel any better, but there are no easy answers. Do not stop working out at the gym because of this, though. Exercise helps promote a healthy immune system, and that is what we're all working toward. Building up the immune system and keeping it healthy is the only true "treatment" for this virus, and that only keeps it at bay and in it's dormant state.

I wish I could say something more to ease your anguish. I could just feel the frustration in your post. I'm so sorry you are having to go through all of this right now. Please email me if you want to talk....

Love and Prayers to you all....

Paula :dance2:
LEEP 12/30/02
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Unread 01-27-2003, 10:30 AM
suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting

When I was first diagnosed with CIN III I asked the doctor about the HPV. She said I most likely did have it......

But actually the test for HPV came back negative. So the dysplasia is not always caused by the virus. I was recently back for a check-up and had my first pap since the hyst. I asked again about where the dysplasia comes from if no HPV, and was told they just don't know.

It is of course on my mind while I am sitting here waiting for the results of the pap...

Unread 01-27-2003, 12:16 PM
suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting

Hi Kedda!

Kedda said:
But actually the test for HPV came back negative.
Yep, even though 99.7% of all cervical dysplasia and cancer results from HPV, that still leaves 0.3% looking for answers. You must be in that tiny percentage of women.

That must make the abnormalities even more tough to deal with...not knowing why they are even there in the first place. Bless your !

Thanks for sharing....

Paula :dance2:
LEEP 12/30/03
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Unread 01-27-2003, 12:19 PM
hhmm, how does this effect me?

I am 33 now, well 34 on Wednesday, but still qualified to say 33.. At the (approx) ages of 18 and 20 I was diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer. Does this mean that I have HPV? Does this mean that my hubby also has it? We dated from ages 14-17, hooked up again at 18 and got married and have been together ever since. Nobody ever mentioned HPV to me over the years, but think I may have seen Clamydia somewhere amongst my medical papers. My husband has only seen a Dr. 2 times in the last 15 yrs.. And those were ER trips due to work related injuries. He has never been tested or treated for this stuff.. I don't have a cervix anymore, so does that mean that I have nothing to worry about.. God, I am so confused.. If I had something, does that mean that hubby definately got it too? What does it all mean to us????? Help........ I am feeling quite sick over this.. I am sure that whatever was the cause of my cancer came from my activities, not hubbys.. Kim
Unread 01-27-2003, 12:52 PM
suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting


Kim said:
At the (approx) ages of 18 and 20 I was diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer. Does this mean that I have HPV?
More than likely, you both have it, but over 80% of the adult population has it. 99.7% of all cervical dysplasia and cervical cancer is the result of HPV.
Nobody ever mentioned HPV to me over the years
Most docs don't mention it, sometimes even with a bad pap they won't mention it. This infuriates me! :burning: It seems that HPV is not worth mentioning to them. There are lots of groups and individuals out here that are trying like the dickens to get more docs to inform the public as well as their patients about HPV. Most collegs campuses do not even bother to elaborate...thus the vicious cycle continues...

My husband has only seen a Dr. 2 times in the last 15 yrs.. And those were ER trips due to work related injuries. He has never been tested or treated for this stuff..
I have never been able to find a definate test for HPV, especially in men. Women can only have their paps cultured for it at this time. There is no blood test, thus he can not know if he has it or not unless he gets visible warts. That having been said, if you have it, then he has it. I have read recently, though, that there is a test to see if HPV is in your DNA. Some type of DNA testing, I guess. Take comfort in the fact that most men NEVER have any problems from it. The rare cancers of the penis and prostate have been linked back to HPV, but as I said, most men never even know they carry it.

I don't have a cervix anymore, so does that mean that I have nothing to worry
NO, it does not mean that at all! Once you contract the virus, you have it for life. It can cause dysplasia on your vaginal walls, or in the vaginal cuff as well as the cervix, so keep up on your paps!

If I had something, does that mean that hubby definately got it too?
If you have HPV, then he has it too. Condoms do not even protect against this virus...this is why it angers me so much that there is not more public awareness out there. :burning: It's like the medical field do not care if we know, or not.

I am feeling quite sick over this.. I am sure that whatever was the cause of my cancer came from my activities, not hubbys.
Please just educate yourself on this virus, that is the most powerful weapon. Keep your immune system up as best you can!
You can never be sure who gave it to whom...and that point is moot. You do not even have to have intercourse to contract this virus. Some documented cases are known where there was fomite sex involved at all! There are also babies born sometimes, who have gotten it from their mothers. But, if either of you had partners besides each other, and they had HPV, then you got HPV. VERY CONTAGIOUS! I guess the reason that the docs are not that concerned with education is because only two strains of HPV cause cancer....the other 98 don't.

I hope this helps...Please email if you want, I would be happy to talk to you, Kim.

s to you, my sister....

Paula :dance2:
LEEP 12/30/02
Unread 01-27-2003, 03:20 PM
causes & concerns

Paula, thank you so much for your most recent post. I had a few of the same questions as Kim and your information was very helpful.

Unread 01-27-2003, 05:18 PM
suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting

What I really want to know is, since I have a high risk HPV, and had a TVH...if my husband has it (dr and us can't see anything visible) am I increasing my risk of vaginal, vulvar cancer? I know the cervix is more susceptible to cellular changes but since I already have HPV, and I guess we assume my husband does too..does the exposure to him make it more likely I'll get cancer? Hmm I mean I already have the virus....
How about oral sex?

I've asked my doctor...she doesn't have any answers!! The research I've done says yes Hpv can cause oral cancers, yet I don't know if you already have the virus if re-exposure makes it more rampant!!

Anybody know anything about this???

Unread 01-27-2003, 06:36 PM
suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting

Wow, Transplant.....good question. My instinct is to say NO, but I have absolutely no idea why.
Unread 01-27-2003, 06:49 PM
suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting

Many 's Ladies!

This is such a difficult topic because there really aren't any clear cut answers. Lots of people express their opinions, some demonstrate some good research, some show research that looks good but is flawed. There just are no clear answers.

Most people contract HPV through sexual contact. There is some evidence that up to 3% of the people may be born with it (probably contracted from their mothers who didn't even know they had it). There isn't any good hard evidence that says you can get it any other way. So, for example, from exercise bikes (since that was brought up earlier). Chances are so slim that it could happen. First, you would have to slough the virus while you are on the bike and it would have to make it through your clothing onto the seat. Then the next person would have to get to the seat while the virus was still alive and it would have to work it's way through their clothing and then their bodies would have to be able to absorb the virus. If they have a good immune system, they may not pick it up. So, is it possible--yes, but extremely difficult and very unlikely.

I personally think that docs don't talk about it a lot for a number of reasons: 1) some truly may not know or aren't positive of the connection; 2) if you bring up information about an STD people get upset. All kinds of women are going to file for divorce against their husbands because they think they are cheating on them. It's really hard to believe that you contracted a virus 10, 20, even 30 or more years ago that is just now getting around to causing problems. No one wants to think that they have an STD, but the truth is, if you've ever had sex, you probably have one. The human body is full of viruses and they infect different areas of the body. Some of these viruses are not named--they're there, they don't cause any problems, so no one talks about them. Fifty to 80% of our population has HPV in one form or another. Some forms cause symptoms, some do not. Some people have problems with it, some do not. 25% of the population has HSV (genital herpes). Only about 10% of the people with that virus have symptoms. You could have it and pass it on and never know it. And that person may or may not have symptoms, but they can then still pass it on.

HPV is linked to penile cancer, but that is a rare one. I think only 200 men per year show up with it. I don't know the statistics on prostate cancer, but there is a good connection there, too. HPV is also associated with cancers of the head and neck, but those are really not that common either. It's also linked to bladder cancer. Is oral sex a possible problem? Maybe. Maybe not.

Once you have HPV, you have it. The cervix is the most vulnerable area in the female tract, so it typically invades there. We all have the risk that it could recur on the vaginal wall, either by starting it's own location, or by spreading from the site of the cervix down onto the walls (if they didn't cut a wide enough circle of tissue around the cervix and accidentally missed some cells). I don't know that anyone really knows if you increase your risk of it spreading by continuing to have sexual contact with an infected person. My gut tells me that it's probably possible, but look at all of the women who have had dysplasia or cervical cancer, had their surgery, and then never had a recurrence. I doubt that all of those women stopped being intimate with their husbands.

HPV infected cells are interesting. Something happens to them and they do not respond to the body's order to kill itself if it is defective. So, essentially, when a cell becomes altered from it's original DNA, it's supposed to die. Somehow the HPV gets the DNA rewritten so that the cell doesn't recognize that it's wrong and the cell continues to live. Since that cell lives, it can also reproduce and form other cells that are defective.

There is some research (I can't vouch for the quality) that indicates that folic acid MAY prevent the DNA from being rewritten. Essentially, the thought is that the DNA has a weak spot in it from a folic acid deficiency, and the HPV takes advantage of it and moves right on in. You might be thinking "I've always taken my vitamins", but if your body does not utilize it's folic acid effectively, then your body would consider itself to have a folic acid deficiency.

So what do we do? Well, try not to worry--it increases your stress. Stress decreases your immune response. A lowered immune response allows all kinds of bacteria and viruses to invade your system. STRESS IS BAD! Strengthen your immune system instead. Eat well, take a multivitamin, considering if folic acid may be right for you (discuss this with your doctor so you get what's right for you), exercise (not too hard, though--EXCESSIVE exercise has also been shown to temporarily lower your immune response), get plenty of sleep, meditate or pray.

I know, Ladies, that it's very hard to deal with this. The what-ifs can go on forever. But we can't live our lives worrying about it. The best we can do is take care of ourselves the best we can, keep our regular appointments with our doctors, and just take it day by day.

May we all find health, happiness, and peace.

Unread 01-28-2003, 08:02 AM
suggested cause of cervical cancer, upsetting

Hello ladies
The ladies ahead of me have done a wonderful job in answering a great deal of questions. I understand exactly how confusing this can be...I've been asking all these questions myself. Remember HPV alone can not kill you and although it is not curable the problems it creates are treatable. That is why the pap and follow up visits are so imperative. The majority of adults who have been sexually active in their lives have is just a matter of whether or not your immune system will fight it.

This virus lays dormant and strikes when your body is that is why keeping your immune system in tiptop shape is so it has been said eat right, take vitamins (doctor approved), exercise, keep the body rested (physically as well as mentally) and try to destress as much as possible (yoga, prayer, mediation).

Smoking is a risk factor and plays a big part in cervical cancer, especially if you were smoking as a young teenager....smoking can deplete the body of many vitamins and nutrients (affecting the immune system) and it has been proven that the cervical mucous of woman smokers or those whose partners smoke contains nicotine. So if you are smoking this might be the thing that will help you to quit....been there and done that.

There is a test for acetic vingear test, the penis and scrotum are swabbed in the acetic vinegar and then looked at with the colposcope. However, I don't think there is a widespread use of it. When I asked my doctor if my husband needed to be tested, she said no...but then she didn't even tell me I was HPV positive until I asked if the pap had been tested for it. I would not have even known to ask if I had not been online researching when I heard abnormal pap. I consider myself well read about medical issues but I have to say I had never even heard of HPV until this August when I was diagnosed with an abnormal pap and I had an abnormal pap back in 1988. No doctor ever addressed this issue with me throughout the last fourteen years.

I believe that it is not being fully addressed by doctors because there is no cure for it and most people would test positive for it, whether they had symptoms or not (genital warts, lesions, cervical dysplasia, etc.) There are many websites filled with info on HPV and through my surfing I came across a wonderful book out there that answers all these questions and more in a plain and easy to understand is by Joel Palefsky, MD and the title is "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About HPV and Abnormal Pap Smears." Your libraries will probably have it. Guess all we can do is keep reading and sharing our info.

Just my two cents....looks more like $

s and ers to all,

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