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I'm hoping this is healing still???????? I'm hoping this is healing still????????

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Unread 02-25-2003, 04:09 AM
I'm hoping this is healing still????????

Hi there girls!!!

Been awhile since I posted about me here.....I'm really hoping you all will tell me this is normal healing still and what I'm thinking is way off base here.

For the past few weeks I've been having pain the I've been trying to ignore and hope will go away, but its not working. I've been having pains like maybe my remnant is back? or adhesions? I've never really had pain from my adhesions so can't really think of what they may be like.

The pain in my left side is so similar to when I had the cysts on the remnant and it's worrying me...I'm not suppoesed to see my oncologist for another 3 months but do have an appt with my Primary in 2 weeks. I've been thru hell with my hormones and think I have finally figured out what's working for me but am wondering if the extra estrogen could be feeding this such as it does with endo. There are times when the pain in my left side generates/radiates to the inner thight and left labia...It's becoming more and more frequent. I haven't had any probs with bowels, bladder (maybe a kidney infection but still have to check with doc on that one, I have a lot of pain in my back where the kidney is)

If this was still healing pain would I be feeling this in my thigh and labia like this? Would healing pain be this intense at times like I need to massage/put heat on/ or soak the pain away? I've had to fall back on pain meds from time to time in the past two weeks but I was hoping this was just something I was going thru seeing as how I had started to finally go back to work. (it's not my normal job, but something to help me get back into the swing of things on an everyday basis) I keep hopeing that that is a big part of it.

If you were going thru this what would YOU think? Normal healing? or is there a bigger picture again?

Just call me.......discouraged.

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Unread 02-25-2003, 07:04 AM
Hi Dawn

I know its been awhile !I don't remember healing pain like that. I do think you should call your GP! I suffer from ARD adhesion disorder. I get alot of cramping pulling, tugging and twinges! I also have bowel problems! But with adhesions it affects everyone different! I think if you called the doctors office and just ask to speak to the nurse maybe she could give you some insight! But I do want to send some "s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love Colette
Unread 02-25-2003, 09:54 AM
I'm hoping this is healing still????????

Hi Dawn

I think it's possible that what you're feeling is not anything serious. Having said that, I would urge you to have a doctor check you out. My surgeon told me last week to expect to have weird pains and that I shouldn't jump to any conclusions for a few months. However, I know that if there was something that seemed different or unusual to me I would call and make an appointment to see my family doctor first off, and then the surgeon if my family doctor thought it was appropriate.

I'm really sorry you're having pain that concerns you.

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Unread 02-25-2003, 10:01 AM
I'm hoping this is healing still????????

I am sorry that you are having pain.Maybe you are doing to much to your body? I know whenever i do to much i get cramps also so i have been trying not to do as much! Honey i would suggest you call your Doc and let them know what you have been going thru.I am sending you sisterly ssss and i shall that it is nothing to worry about!Keep us posted on what the Doc says Best Wishes Love N Hugs Ivy
Unread 02-25-2003, 07:52 PM
I'm having same symptoms!

Hi Dawn ~

I don't know if I should be relieved or more nervous that I'm having the same symptoms as you!

I don't know how long ago your surgery was. Mine was almost 9 months ago and it's been the last few months that I have this dull ache on my lower left side that radiates to the left labia area and also I feel like it's in the exact same area directly in the back area (hope that makes sense!). I had a TAH (kept right ovary only). My left ovary was causing all kinds of problems and I thought I'd feel all better after it was removed. I felt okay first few months, but then this darn pain started and feels very much like it did before surgery. What the heck is going on with us???

I went to my gyne. and she did an ultrasound and said everything looked good. Told me to take Ibuprofin and let her know if it gets worse. I love my doctor, but I feel like since she doesn't see anything on the ultrasound or by the exam, she won't pursue it. She suggests I make an appointment with a gastro. doctor. Anyone know why? I have no bowel problems at all, so not sure what that's all about. What would that doctor look for?

So, Dawn, I wish I could give you an answer, but I can't. I don't know myself what's going on with my body and I'm sooooo frustrated and trying not to get too depressed, but it's hard when everyday I feel this strange dull ache.

I hope others will have some answers for us. I have to say I feel a little better knowing someone is having the same symptoms. I thought I was going crazy and maybe imagining this pain!!!

Please let me know if your doctor tells you something different. Good luck to you - I wish you to be pain free soon!

Unread 02-26-2003, 03:36 AM
I'm hoping this is healing still????????

Thanks girls!!!

I guess I just get a little nervous considering all the surgeries I've had and now to have the same pain on the same side is just a tad on the freaky side for me...

Collete.....I to have thought adhesions as each time I have had surgery the doctors have told me I was an adhesive mess....at the last surgery they used a barrier and I have been feeling wonderful all this time. I would hate to think the barrier didn't work after all this time of feeling good.

Joselle...I wonder how many months we are supposed to give it? it's been what almost 5 months now for me? I was hoping I would be getting to feeling better not worse!!! But your right....I need to remember that it hasn't been a year yet and I could still be healing. plus I have been doing more now that I'm working and that could be a part of it.

Ivy...I'm going to ask my Primary if she'll do an ultra-sound just to be safe and to give me peace of mind...I'd really like to be wrong about this...

Mary.... it sounds like you need one sweetie...and as much as I hate to say it it really does sound like maybe it's adhesions causing the pain. I've had lots as I"ve said and they can really cause a lot of pain. Tugging, Pulling, pinching, acheing in the back...it all comes from them pulling on internal parts such as our bowels ( maybe why doc wants you to see the other one) our bladders...and all the other good things in there. I was curious to know tho if you had cysts on your left ovary? before the surgery? And nothing showed up on the ultra-sound you had? How long ago was that? Adhesions won't show up on an ultra-sound honey. or a CT scan unless they are really really dense. When do you have another appt? You may try to get her (your doc) to do a trans vaginal ultra-sound and see if anything shows up in that.....and mention adhesions to her and see if she has any knowledge in that area...if she blows you off again I think Iwould seek a second opinion...

My docs appt isn't until March 6th and then I'll have to wait for tests I'm sure....If you ever need a shoulder or an ear feel free to e-mail me Mary....or Pm or post here....I'll lend a hand where I can....

Unread 02-26-2003, 04:46 AM
I'm hoping this is healing still????????

Dear ((((((Dawn))))))

I wish I had some insight to share here with you my dear. The only thing I can suggest is see your dr. Is there anyway you can get in before March 6th...or at least have a phone consultation, so they can start booking some of these tests in advance. I don't even know if it works that way down where you are (it does up here).

(((Dawn))) I know what you mean...even after the 5 surgeries I've had (minimal compared to you and other ladies here) I still end up with that dreaded left sided pain...eventually. And it makes me so mad. It makes me think that perhaps there is something that keeps getting missed.

Having said all of that...Dawn it could still be healing pain. You've been through so very much these past several months.

Please do go ahead and ask your primary to do an u/s...and let us know how it goes.

We're always here for you sweetie...

Sending you Love and S
Unread 02-26-2003, 11:58 AM
Thanks, Dawn...

Hi Dawn,

Thanks for your kind words about suffering the same pains that you are - I appreciate your support.

Since I'm new to this board, I'm still a bit confused on some of the terms - maybe you could help me???

You mentioned "remnant" and "adhesions", I'm not really sure what those are. My doctor did mention while she was examining me that it might be adhesions but when she did the ultrasound (is it a trans vaginal when they put that probe inside you??) the tech. said she didn't see any adhesions or cysts. You commented that they don't usually show up...so how do they figure out if it's adhesions?

You also asked if I had a cyst on my left ovary that was removed - YES, it was huge and the tube was swollen and it was a real mess. I wasn't even supposed to have a hysterectomy - she was gonna just remove the ovary (via lap.) but because I was such a mess, they did a hysterectomy right then and there. She did not remove my right ovary as it still looked real good. I also have endo. and had a lap. about 8 years ago to try to zap as much of it as they could. She commented that I was full of endo. again.

By the way, besides this pain, my belly is always swollen from the navel down...I feel like I'm about 3 months pregnant! This has been for the last couple of months too. It had gone down after surgery and I was so happy, but I just hate it now as it's just uncomfortable and ugly. I always had such a flat stomach presurgery and exercise and watch what I eat, so this is very frustrating to me!

THANKS so much for your help. I hope you get some answers too and don't have to go through too many tests, etc. You've had enough already and it's time to feel better once and for all!!!

Unread 02-27-2003, 03:48 AM
I'm hoping this is healing still????????


Thanks so much for the words of encouragement!!! I'm really trying to take this in stride and chalk it up to being nervous about any ache or pain I feel in the pelvic area anymore...sheesh. I guess when we go thru all the surgeries like we have we tend to get that way. Plus at this point....after all of this I think we tend to be a bit more intuned to our own bodies and learn to recognise the tell tale signs. I think I'm even more nervous about pains I feel in that area now as the last surgery's path report showed endo this time...Mild...but still there. Then throw all the research I've been doing about ovarian rememnat and the fact that it CAN come back time and time again for some no matter what....well...I'm sure you get the idea. I'd be afraid I'd was reading more into what I'm feeling due to the "to much knowledge is not good" If I hadn't had this same pain before...

Mary.... I had what is called Ovarian Remnant Syndrome. It happens in extremely rare cases where a piece of the ovary ( even a microscopic one) gets left behind unknowingly by the doc and later grows back to become another ovary. Mine was large enough to cause cysts and produce it's own hormones all over again. It took them 6 months to find it and a lot of fighting the attitude "it's all in your head".

Adhesions are what forms immediately after surgery and is scar tissue of sorts that attaches itself to your innards. If you go to www.adhesions.org you can see exactly what adhesions are. They are tough like muscles and flimsy looking on film...but can really wreck havoc on our internal pelvic area. Adhesions attach one organ to another and can pull on the organ it is attached to and cause pain. Because they are "tissue like" finding them on film is almost impossible unless they are so thick that they can't be missed. Most times you can only tell if they are adhesions by doing a lap or going in for an exploratory laporotomy. There have been several ladies here that have had to go back and do what's called Lysis of adhesions. This is where they cut the adhesion to release it from the organ it's attached to.

Yes...a trans vagnial is where they do the US inside. As they didn't see anything right away....it's very possible with you that it could be adhesions causing your pain...or since you were full of endo it could very well be that. Endo is fed by estrogen and since you still have your other ovary it's possible your doc missed a spot tat she didn't see in the TAH, IF she did...and you had endo that bad, it's possible the endo could be back. As much as I hate to say it...whichever one it COULD be you won't really know via pics. (CAT scans, ultr-sounds etc) This far along post -op swelly belly should start to minimise a lot for you...it does take up to a year for some ladies to totally heal from this surgery. But ( always a but in there isn't there? ) add that to the pain and I would asking that doc of yours to start figureing out what could be going on at this point. Make her take action....noone should live in pain. If she won't help...find one who will.

I hope this helps Mary...at least a little. Since we seem to be having the same exact pain...we can compare notes and see if we end up with the same thing!!! Could be valuable research in the long run.

to you and to you to (((((((judester))))))))

Unread 02-27-2003, 05:43 AM
I'm hoping this is healing still????????

I just wanted to let you know my thots & prayers are with you You've been thru soo very much, I soo hope it is still *healing* pain The 2 additional surgeries I had post Hyst for Adhesion complications only left me in worse pain I'm glad you will be seeing your Dr & requesting some tests to be done..pls keep us posted...((hugs))

PS~ I wanted to add some more info on Adhesions & Ovarian Remnant for ((Mary)), I hope you are able to find some answers & relief to your pain soon


Adhesions in the abdomen are basically bands of scar tissue that form after a surgical procedure is performed in the abdomen or pelvis. Most commonly they form after gynecologic surgery or a procedure involving the colon (such as colectomy or appendectomy). Factors that increase the likelihood that adhesions will form include abdominal infection, poor blood flow in the abdominal vessels and use of certain suture material.
Can Adhesions be prevented?

Meticulous surgical technique – Careful surgical technique can help minimize trauma, minimize the interference with the blood supply, prevent the introduction of foreign bodies, minimize bleeding, lessen the incidence of raw surfaces and decrease the incidence of infection - all of which help reduce adhesion formation.

Although adhesions often form after gynecologic surgery, they are not inevitable. And, even if adhesions do form, they usually don’t cause pain or other problems.

Although there is no way to eliminate the risk of adhesions completely, there are steps your surgeon can take to reduce the likelihood of adhesion formation. The most effective methods of adhesion prevention involve meticulous surgical technique and the use of a physical barrier to separate tissue surfaces while they heal.

Surgeons have developed minimally invasive techniques such as the laparoscopy, that are designed to minimize trauma, blood loss, infection, and the introduction of foreign bodies, all of which can lead to inflammation and adhesion formation. Good surgical technique involves minimizing tissue handling, using delicate instruments, and keeping the tissues moist when they are exposed to the air.

While good surgical technique is important, it is often not sufficient to prevent adhesions. There are also other preventive steps that can be taken:
Your surgeon may use a lightweight fabric barrier, such as GYNECARE INTERCEED Absorbable Adhesion Barrier, to enhance good surgical technique. This barrier, placed at the site of the surgery, is intended to protect raw tissue surfaces as they heal. Fabric barriers have been shown to be one of the most effective methods of adhesion prevention reduction and prevention.

Can Adhesions be prevented:

Barriers – Fabric or liquid barriers create a physical separation between raw tissue surfaces while they heal. Thin tissue-like fabric barriers may be used to try to reduce adhesion formation at specific sites, while liquid solution barriers can help prevent adhesions over broad areas of the abdominal and pelvic region.
GYNECARE INTERCEED Barrier is a lightweight, tissue-like “fabric” that can be placed at the surgical site. The fabric protects and separates the surfaces where adhesions are likely to form. The fabric slowly dissolves as the surgical incision heals. Studies demonstrate that GYNECARE INTERCEED Barrier significantly enhances good surgical technique in reducing adhesion formation.

GYNECARE INTERGEL Solution is a liquid that can be poured into the pelvis after surgery to separate and protect organs and tissues as they heal. The solution is easy for the surgeon to use and can be applied directly to the surgical site. Even more important, GYNECARE INTERGEL Solution covers a broad area and provides protection against adhesions.

If you preparing for pelvic or gynecologic surgery,
talk to your doctor about adhesion prevention.

Ovarian remnant syndrome:

Treatment of ovarian remnant:

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