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colon resection march 19th  OMG!!!!! colon resection march 19th OMG!!!!!

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Unread 02-28-2003, 04:36 PM
colon resection march 19th OMG!!!!!

Hi everyone, I just got my surgery date for my colon resection and prolapse repair AGAIN. March 19th. For those of you who dont know, I hav a TVH kept ovaries 1 year ago. Just when I was feeling good, everything dropped again, and I mean dropped! I have never been as scared in my whole life as I am about this. I had my 3 hour pre-op today and i guss I HAVE to drink Nulytly, and I HAVE to have an NG tube for seveal days after surgery. I am totally freaked out about both of thes things. Wont I choke to death on a tube that is going down my throat?? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know how I am going to fast for 2 days, and then drink a gallon of that putrid stuff. Any advice is welcome!!! Thanks everyone! Jody
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Unread 02-28-2003, 04:47 PM
colon resection march 19th OMG!!!!!

I'm soo sorry you are having more surgery There are a few ((Sisters)) here who have had this surgery as well Also ((Surferbabe)) is having this surgery, I'm sure they will pop in & share some insight on it...Here are some links I do have w/ some info on it, my Mother had this surgery done a year ago for severe Diverticulitis:

Bowel resection:

Bowel resection~ Hospitalization & postoperative pain:

Bowel Resection procedure handout:

Laparoscopic Bowel Resection:

Bowel Resection w/ Colostomy :

Inpatient surgery Guide:

Bowel resection-Discharge Instructions sheet:

Small bowel resection:

Large Bowel resection:

My prayers will be with you that this surgery will finally bring an end to all your pain & problems..pls know your ((Sisters)) are here for you anytime
Unread 02-28-2003, 10:35 PM
colon resection march 19th OMG!!!!!

Hi Jody! I am having a left colectomy on March 27th. Just about a week after you! Are you sure about the NG tube for several days? My surgeon told me it will probably come out the next morning. I plan to keep myself heavily sedated until it's out.

Also the nulytely - is that the only option for your prep? My prep is two days of clear liquids and fleet phospho soda and lots of antibiotics. I've done the fleet phospho soda before, for my colonoscopy... it's not pleasant but it wasn't the worst thing I ever did either. At least it's not a gallon's worth, just two fairly small dosages, one each night.

The two days of clear liquids will be hard, but I'm stocking up on Gatorade and low sodium chicken broth and herbal teas. I figure all this is to help me handle the surgery better, so if that's what it takes, I'll do it.

Hang in there sweetie, we'll make it. We just have to keep telling ourselves it will be over soon and we will be the better for it. I find that when I have to do these awful things (I've had a few surgeries these past few years) what works for me is to detach myself from it when the time gets near. I can be in pre-op at the castle, getting hooked up to the IV, imagining myself to be floating above where I am, watching the whole thing as if it's happening to someone else. I don't talk, don't try to listen to anyone, just zone out and let it wash over me.

It's like (now don't think I'm crazy for saying this; I mean, I am, but not for this ) my kids learned in their martial arts training... be like the bamboo. Bamboo grows very tall and strong because it can bend when the winds get fierce... if it tried to stand straight it would snap, but giving and allowing the wind to flow over it lets it survive.

Just tell yourself, this too shall pass, and let it go by. Soon you'll be home and posting some really great advice to me so I can learn from your experience, right?

You're going to do great!!!
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Unread 03-01-2003, 04:52 AM
Colon troubles...

Hi girls,
Are the surgeries you are having because of complications from your Hysterectomy? I had my TAH on 11/11/02 and my bladder still does not work (seeing urologist) and my colon has quit working all together. I had problems with it before my TAH, and had to do a water enema every other day. Now post-TAH I can't even retain any of the water from an enema and have to take double doses of ducolax every other day. My colorectal doctor is sending me in for additional testing, but thinks that the two are probably related and it would be due to nerve damage. From what I understand about nerves, they do not replace themselves if they are damaged (or cut). I was just wondering if anyone has had permanant nerve damage which caused the intestinal troubles? If so, what have you had to do and has anything worked for you? Thank you for your input.

Unread 03-01-2003, 07:47 AM
Nulytely and NG tube


I agree that the Nulytely isn't as easy to do as the two doses of Phospho Soda, but if your doctor insists you must do what orders. And it isn't really all that bad if you have to do the Nulytely stuff. You can do it. You'll probably be going clear before the stuff is all gone and might not have to finish every single drop, especially if you are on liquids for a day or two before. That really makes things lots easier.

As for the NG tube, I wasn't warned ahead of time about that, just woke up with one after my hysterectomy. And it wasn't all that bad. Beats nausea, that's for sure. How long it is in might depend on how you are. They told me mine would be in for awhile but it came out sooner. They REALLY don't want you to be sick after this surgery, so I'm sure all precautions are being taken.

Good luck!! I'm sure things will go well and you'll again be surprised that life isn't as bad as you imagine it can be.

Unread 03-01-2003, 08:18 AM
colon resection march 19th OMG!!!!!

Thanks for your replies everyone! Linda, When I asked my dr. about using the fleet phoso soda vs. the Nulytely, he said that they have found that the Nulytely is generaly safer because it stays in your bowel to work , therefore it does not deplete your potassium and electrolytes as much. Now I 'm sure there are many different opinions on this, I for one would rather drink some extra Gatorade along with the fleets, than take the Nulytely!!! I'm just worried that I wont be able to get it all down and then the surgery will be cancelled. But I will try my hardest. This just seems so cruel to have people do such an awful prep when they are suffering so much to begin with. I know he said a few days for the NG tube also.Hmmmmmm.... maybe I should see YOUR doctor! I will also be having an epidural for pain relief along with my pc pump. The thought on this little gem is that you dont have to take as much morphine, and you wont be as groggy, therefore you can move around more so your bowels return to normal faster. WELL......... I WANT to be groggy if something is going down my throat! I guess I just feel angry and violated at the same time about this whole thing. I know that seems a bit irrational and these people are trying to help me, but cant I have my way on ANYTHING??? I wish I were one of those really strong people who could call on their "inner resources" to give them strength, but I am not. I AM A WEENIE!!!!!!!! But I did like your thought on the bamboo.. I will hold on to that and just try to go with the flow. Natalie. I did have prolapse with my hysterectomy, however it has gotten much worse since then. Especially the rectal and perineal descent. I'm sure your Dr. will put you through the testing to find out what is going on. Like my dr. told me, it is best to just repair it all now, rather than wait till I am older and there is more nerve damage. It will not correct itself and get better, only worse over time. So, thats what I am doing. I just have to turn this whole thing over to God, because it is definately too much for me to handle. Lets all keep in touch. Sheri, thanks for all the good web sites! Hugs, Jody
Unread 03-01-2003, 09:08 AM
colon resection march 19th OMG!!!!!


I am so sorry to hear you have to go back in for surgery. I will prayer that things go really well for you. I totally understand the gallon jug junk, I asked if I could do the Fleet too and they did allow it. But you are having such extensive bowel surgery your DR might not be comfortable that you will get totally clear. I did have some problems with that this time but they were able to do surgery anyway- (adhesions possible on bowel- which they did find and had to unadhere them from each other). I have accomplished the gallon stuff in the past, which was a real task for me because #1 I don't drink that much in a day any way( I know you are supposed too but I find it very difficult). #2 it did make me nauseous thinking about-- but you know what --I DID IT--much to my surprise!

I agree though, I felt very angry to have to do something that felt like torture but at that point I was more willing to do that then continue suffering. In the long run, none of us wanted to be in the positions we have been in with multiple surgeries and torturous test and the whole run of the mill, but I for one am a much stronger person because of it. I think I have been able to help my family be proactive in their health and take control of their own medical decisions which I think is such a valuable life lesson. I couldn't have been such a support if I hadn't been through all this stuff in my life time.

BTW:The ladies were so helpful before my last surgery, giving me advice to think positive thoughts and look to healing (I was so freaked this last time). You will make it through to the other side of this and (with prayers) feel so much better. It is amazing what we think we can't do or handle, but you are right God is definitely the answer. He can be the extra strength you need right now. Some castles let you can take your own music if it will make you feel better. Also, this last time I asked for a sedative(ladies suggestion THANK YOU SO MUCH) before surgery because I seemed so nervous. That HELPED tremendously.

Just know that you have these dear ladies here to listen and help give you support, that was such an added relief. Sometimes its just good to know someone understands. We sure do, I haven't had the same surgery as you but I can sympathize with all the emotions that go along with these health issues and mulitiple surgeries. So keep us up to date and if you find you need to vent more as the time approaches we are here for you.

BIG s,
Unread 03-01-2003, 12:11 PM
colon resection march 19th OMG!!!!!

Hi ladies In my case, this colon problem, according to the surgeon, is more likely what contributed to the prolapse that necessitated my hyst. I have a weird 360 degree corkscrew in my colon, just above the sigmoid. Apparently (according to the DR) all my life I have been constipated because of the added pressure required to move stuff through that area (sorry to be so graphic), though because I have never known anything different, I didn't think I was particularly constipated .

Over years, diverticulae had formed in the left colon just above the corkscrew because of the added pressure. Also the pressure caused me to strain more than I should, I guess, and that contributed to the prolapse (in combination with having had big vaginal deliveries and the hormone changes of perimenopause). Then, the hyst surgery and resulting immune system compromise created conditions that favored the development of full blown diverticulitis. It took us so long to diagnose that, because I was so newly post op from the hyst, that by the time we knew it was diverticulitis, the walls of my colon had thinned sufficiently that I was getting microperforations in them and starting to get peritonitis in the surrounding area.

It took a very long time (a month on antibiotics) to clear the infection, and after that the gastro told me that if I had one more attack, that section of the colon would have to come out. He tried to do a colonoscopy and couldn't; a barium enema that same day showed the corkscrew, which was why the camera couldn't make it up to the diverticulae.

So.... when I had an attack a couple of weeks ago, the gastro told me my time was up and not only were they going to remove the diverticular section, but also the corkscrew. This should mean no more constipation for me, ever, and easy colonoscopies in the future (hopefully no more barium enemas, yay!).

As far as I know, I don't have any nerve damage. There appear to be some adhesions around the area where the peritonitis was last year, but they are not painful at all. They will be (carefully) removed as that section of the colon is removed.

I agree with the idea of the pre op sedation. With my hyst, as soon as the IV was in, the A-man gave me a slug of versed and I was off in La-La land (right where I wanted to be) before we ever left the pre op area. Don't be shy about asking for this! Some ladies have been able to get an oral sedative to take earlier in the day, but my DRs have always said no, both because of the 'nothing by mouth after midnight' rule and because at our castle you have to sign a form in pre op stating your awareness of who you are and what surgery you are going to have, as a last minute check, and you have to have full possession of your faculties for that. Shucks!

I picked up a nice meditation CD yesterday and am going to transfer it to minidisc to take to the castle and listen to in pre op... for me, that's the time I most need to control my mind. Having some super relaxing music helps me tune out all the sounds around me and put myself into kind of a zoned out state which works best for me.

We will get through this... really we will.
Unread 03-08-2003, 06:29 PM
Colon resection

(((Jody))) Hang in there! I had an emergency resection (small intestine and colon) along with my hysterectomy on 1/16/03. Since my intestinal problem wasn't found until the hysterectomy was started, I didn't have to go through any prep, so I can't offer any help with that. However, I did have an NG tube twice -- they pulled it out too early the first time -- and you get used to it very quickly. Mine only bothered me when I first woke up in the morning. Trust me, it beats the heck out of being nauseated!! I'll be praying for you ...
Unread 03-08-2003, 08:05 PM
NG tube really is not bad


It seems you are on a roller coaster, and that's understandable. Maybe if you can remind yourself that the bowel prep and the NG tube are for your own protection and well being it will be easier to accept. You don't have to get every single drop of the Nulytely down. You will be able to get down enough if you use all the tricks mentioned on the board - drink it cold, through a straw, etc. As long as you drink enough (that would be a good 3/4 or more if you can - varies with the person) so what comes out is clear you are OK. What would be REALLY cruel would be if you DIDN'T have a who insisted on a good bowel prep.

I didn't find the liquids hard to do, either. The new Campbell broths that come in a box are very handy. I just poured myself a mug and stuck it in the microwave. I also ate lots of gelatine - I make my own with diluted fruit juice - any kind will do - and add unflavoured gelatine. I put mine in Ziplok containers - the round ones that hold a couple of cups each and put about a cup and a half in each container. I also drank lots and lots of diluted fruit juice.

As for the NG tube, I was always afraid of having to have one of those. But you wake up with it in and it really isn't hard to manage. It will take a little bit to get accustomed to it, but then it really isn't bad. Honest. No need to sleep through the experience.

Hope all goes well. Sounds like things are pointed in the right direction.


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