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With 30,000 visitors to HysterSisters each day, the expenses for running the website are covered by advertisers and YOU - our gracious members who upgrade. HysterSisters has been providing support, encouragement, and resources to women since 1998.

In our Upgraded BASIC Membership we provide a few benefits for a lower price or you can choose an Upgraded PLUS Membership that provides ALL our extra benefits that never expires. (We recommend this one!)

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Our Downloadable Library - PDF Files

What 350000 Women Know About Hysterectomy

What 350,000 Women Know About Hysterectomy - PDF

Our Hysterectomy Stories

Our Hysterectomy Stories - PDF

Mister HysterSisters Guide

Mister HysterSisters Guide - PDF

  • What 350,000 Women Know About Hysterectomy
  • 50 Tips for Hysterectomy Recovery
  • Mister HysterSisters Guide
  • Our Hysterectomy Stories
  • Pre-Op Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • What to Pack for the Hospital
  • Post-Op Questions for your Checkup
  • HysterSisters Poster

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There are many things your money can buy. A flavored coffee at Starbucks. A paperback book of your favorite author. A lunch with your best girlfriends. At HysterSisters, your upgraded membership provides benefits to you while you help to support this website. You are buying warm fuzzies by keeping this website available for more women - in our women-to-women environment of support. Who knew you could buy warm fuzzies!?!

Upgrading Your Membership is Easy and Secure!

Use a credit card or your paypal account to upgrade your membership. Our website is secure and offers a safe environment for your transaction. And now, when you upgrade - your benefits never expire!

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Upgrade Your Membership at HysterSIsters

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"I upgraded my HysterSisters membership because I loved the extra benefits I received! I have the satisfaction of knowing I'm helping keep the website free!" - Debbie

"I upgraded my membership because I wanted to support my HysterSisters while I enjoyed the downloadable library. The extra smilies are awesome too!" - Sue

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Member badges are extra icons that show up on your Hyster Sisters membership profile and posts. The icons symbollize your additional contributions to Hyster Sister while they decorate your user profile. Collect them all! We consider our Members Badges like HysterSisters jewelry. Are you properly dressed without them? :-)

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Hyster Sisters has been online since 1998! For a gift of $5.00 or more, we are thanking you with a special gift icon for your Badge collection More info about giving HysterSisters a gift.

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This badge is purchased as an "attagirl" to another member. Let them hear your applause for an extra special reply by giving them a "You're an Angel" badge! More info about giving this badge.

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This special badge is a gift to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. For a gift of $10.00 or more, you gain this badge while we send your gift to NOCC. More info to gain this ovarian cancer badge.

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