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HysterSisters is a community of women who have joined together to share support surrounding the topic of "hysterectomy" including: GYN treatments, options, and surgery, menopause & hormone therapy, pelvic floor, GYN cancer and more. We invite you to join today and become a part of this warm, caring community of women - your sisters!

Join the 519,663 women who share the hysterectomy journey together.

Joining is free

HysterSisters.com is dedicated to make its website free to its members and guests. This is possible because of the generosity of our upgraded members and advertising sponsors.

HysterSisters is safe

We take your privacy seriously. Your email address is hidden and protected so that your email address can not be picked up and misused by anyone. We encourage you to register with a unique username which does not disclose your identity. We work hard to maintain your privacy while we caution you to be careful not to reveal personally identifying information in your posts or profile.

Women to women support only

We know that it's important to keep the discussion community focused on women and their health needs. While we know that men visit the website to read and learn, our policy remains "women to women" because of the delicate nature of many of our discussions.

Access to answers to your questions

We know that you can browse and read the discussions of other women who have similar concerns as you but there is no substitute for asking your own questions and getting your own answers and support from our members.

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Instant friends who understand you

You will love hearing from members on the message board discussions and in private messaging (a feature of our site) and in emails. The HysterSisters have discovered that shared experiences forge great friendships. Yes, even on the internet!

Hysterectomy Checkpoints access

HysterSisters organized an entire hysterectomy timeline just for you with important timed resources and information. Receive these timed emails by registering and selecting the option: Receive Checkpoints. You will love the Checkpoints as a key source of information now and in the future.

Beyond hysterectomy into menopause

Need information for hormones choices? Need information for natural alternatives for your menopause needs? Concerned and confused about those hot flashes?

Beyond hysterectomy for better health and fitness

Make your commitment to living healthier and eating right along with other HysterSisters. Exercise and fitness support for your post-op needs.

Gynecological cancer

Find support among HysterSisters for ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer and other GYN cancers. Instant friends during diagnosis, treatments and celebrations for victory anniversaries.

Post-Hysterectomy health complications

Need support for bladder incontinence, fistulas or other bladder matters? Need support for sexual dysfunction post-op hysterectomy? Find support among other HysterSisters for adhesions, endometriosis, fibromyalgia, chronic pain.

Hysterectomy news, clinical trials and hormone news

HysterSisters maintains current surgical news, hormone therapy concerns and access to clinical trials which we pass on to our members.

Hysterectomy research

Members are invited by HysterSisters research services or other research entities to participate in important surveys which will matter not only to our generation of women but to our daughters' and granddaughters' generations.

Discounts for products in the HysterSisters Store

Upon completion of registration and our member survey, you will receive an automated coupon you may use in the HysterSisters store. Its our way of thanking you for joining!

519,663 women can't be wrong!

Become a member of the HysterSisters community to receive support when you need it, and also feel the warmth of sharing your own experiences with other women who need your help. It's a win-win connection!

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You are not alone

What Our Members Say:

"I registered here as it seemed to be the right place to get the support and information that I needed way back when. I also wanted to receive the various checkpoints along the way. And have appreciated things such as the questions to ask at your pre-op appointment. " - zoesis

"I registered to have better access to the valuable resourses that I found available on this site. I realized that this site was not like a lot of other sites, people really cared about one another. I felt a sense of trust and security in this site. " - luvmabug

"After learning that I could receive the "checkpoint" by email, I decided that was it. I had to register. By being a registered member, I've been able to apply my knowledge and personal experiences to help fellow sisters." - jtk8e

"Its like an unspoken bond between us all - we feel each others pain, happiness, frustration and sadness and knowing we can all be a shoulder to cry on from time to time makes me feel very special." -moruya

"My questions are answered. My fears are calmed. HysterSisters has given me the help i needed, at a very vulnerable time in my life!" - chocolatechick

"This site has been an invaluable source of information and a safe place to go to ask scary and/or otherwise embarassing questions. It has also allowed me to see that many of the things I thought I was the ONLY one experienceing - I'M NOT!" - JoRaeMi

"It significantly reduced my stress level and anxiety- reading shared experinces and all that information! "Someone" who could answer those 4 am questions!" - amethyst55

"I came here because I needed info but, I got a huge bonus too. I could voice my fears and never be told I was being silly and I knew, I was not alone. Just knowing someone else had been there, made all the difference for me." - Lightning

"I registered because I had questions, and the girls here seemed to always have the answers!" - PrincessHeather

"I registered at HysterSisters so I could belong somewhere; so I could feel safe. At HysterSisters I am not alone--there is a world of other Women just like me, feeling the same fears & confusion. Sharing the same joy and happiness at each little milestone and conquest." - Cazcan

"You can only do so much lurking. You can just read, but when you have posted, and someone takes the time to respond to you personally, or even PM you, well, that speaks volumes. You can't get that kind of support from a medical site where you just look stuff up. " - sandwichqueen

"I registered because although I could read most of what I wanted to know on this site, there are questions that some people still need to ask. " - Tanis

"Acceptance Acceptance Acceptance. No matter what the problem is someone here understand how you feel, what your going through, and offers a hug and words of wisdom." - cespos

"After reading some threads, I knew I needed to be more than a browser. I finally can talk about my issues with both my upcoming Hysterectomy and the Endometriosis problems I have dealt with. The wonderful thing that I found out was that I was not alone, especially after feeling so alone for so many years. " - sandiegokc

"I looked around for about an hour and thought ok, I am joining. I had questions, I needed answers and I need a sanctuary for what I was going through. So I joined and to this say i am so glad I did." - kim308pl

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