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We know that HysterSisters is a great resource for thousands of women every day for hysterectomy and related GYN medical issues - AND we, also, know that the website is large and can be challenging to navigate if you are new. This page is for you!

Please Join Us!

Yes, you can lurk and read but you are the one missing out! As a registered member you will have access to additional content and areas of the website that our guests don't have. Join to participate to post your questions and participate in discussions on our message boards. You will be sent an email as part of the registration process.

Note: You must *click* the link in the email we send to you for your membership to be activated. Use your correct email address or this process won't work! Once you've registered and finalized, log into the message boards

Website Guidelines

Rules aren't fun but they are necessary. Please read the entire Hyster Sisters Guidelines so that you will be able to enjoy your membership knowing what is allowed and what isn't.

A few reminders from the guidelines:

  • Because we are not medical professionals, we ask that you understand that medical advice is not allowed and to reference only your experience.
  • We also ask that you do not register using a username that refers to the name of "mom" and that if you have children that you do not add them to your signature which follows every post on the message board. Feel free to add your children to your biography (found in your profile.)
  • We will edit or remove posts that do not follow site guidelines.
  • We will move posts to appropriate forums when they are posted in the wrong forums. This is to make sure you get the best replies based on our experience 14+ years online.
  • Be sure and make yourself aware of all the guidelines.

Categorize Your Interests

Look over our topics and categorize your interest: The message boards are organized by topics: Pre-Op, Post-Op, Hormone Issues, Cancer Concerns, Grief and Aching Hearts, Alternatives to Hysterectomy, etc. Click into the Forum of your topic category. You can, also, note the categories in the top of the website pages and start there to explore content and participate in our community forum discussions.

Participate - Post in the Community Forums

Inside the forum community, to post a new message (thread), after clicking into a forum category of your choice (ie. Pre-op) and click on New Topic. Follow the simple instructions to post your questions or comments. Or if you would like to reply to a thread after reading it, click on New REPLY.
Look for these buttons:

As the guidelines state, we will move, remove, edit posts to make sure they are in the correct category and appropriate for the hystersisters.com site. Thank you for your cooperation!

Your Member Controls - Settings

Your User Control Panel (also known as User Prefs or Member Settings) gives you the opportunity to edit, alter, and configure your membership settings at Hystersisters.com. Your user controls is the place to send and receive private messages, locate your posts, fill out your member survey, change your email options and more!

If you would like to be notified when someone replies to your post, you can "subscribe to thread" which is at the top of each post or you can "edit options" in your profile to receive email notifications of replies.

You can also update your surgery date, update your bio, and lots more! Check it out.

Find YOUR Posts

Once you have posted your questions in the forum community, you can always find your Threads/posts by:

  • Log in
  • Look at the BLUE BAR at the bottom of the screen
  • Click on the link at the far left: Hi [YOUR USERNAME].
  • The resulting page will show you all the threads and discussions you have participated in
  • You can also change your preferences within your CONTROL PANEL - find the link in that BLUE BAR at the bottom of the page for EMAIL OPTIONS. Sign up to be notified for any replies to your posts

Your Member Survey

We like to know how to meet your needs and it all begins with your Member Survey. This is a helpful additional set of questions that help us to help you. Please fill it out.

Receive your first member badge by filling out the member survey!

Receive a single use discount coupon in the Hyster Sisters Store when you complete your survey.

Its our way of thanking you for taking the extra time to fill out your member survey while we continue to find ways to help you, our member.

Hysterectomy Checkpoints by the HysterSisters

The HysterSisters Hysterectomy Checkpoints will help you along your surgery date schedule! Great info, personalized messages that correspond to your hysterectomy date. Don't miss out!

If you are scheduled for a hysterectomy or recently had one, this information has been gathered and prepared for you. The HysterSisters call these "Checkpoints" as there are specific points along your surgery timeline where information might be more important to you. We have a checkpoint for each step along the way.

To receive your Hysterectomy Checkpoints via website:

More Info to Help You Find Your Way Around

Articles, topic pages and other links can be found in the links in every page of the HysterSisters.com website. Check out each link/topic at the top of the pages. You will find much more information than one person could possible need, but take a peek anyway. You will know where to look when you *do* need it!

You'll find the latest posts from our busiest forums, a list of Hysterectomy Articles for Pre-Op, Post-Op, Hormone Questions and actual Surgery Stories (Princess Stories) by our members.

You'll also find our famous "Bedtime Stories for Hyster Sisters" for a grin or two.

More Help

Need more information? We try to provide you with helpful info and answers to most of your questions in easy to follow directions.

  • FAQ provides more helpful information.
  • Hyster Sisters "Contact Us" if you have checked the FAQ and need additional information.

HysterSisters Store - Hysterectomy Products

We like to call it the HysterSisters Mall. No need to put on your shoes. Have access to our favorite products through our online store. Our abdominal binder, for post-op hysterectomy can be purchased in our secured onlineHyster Sisters Store along with other great merchandise we've found and created just for the Hyster Sisters.

In our store you'll find products we've gathered over the last 15+ years that will help you with your hysterectomy preparation, hysterectomy recovery, intimacy, managing menopause and pelvic floor issues.

We've packaged some of the merchandise into value packages for a savings on our best-selling items.

Upgrade Your Membership - Crown Jewels

Upgraded Members are the Crown Jewels. These are the members who choose to help keep our website free and in return, they enjoy added benefits to their membership at Hyster Sisters. Upgrade your membership click here.

If you've noticed the added graphics by members names on our message boards, these are one of the benefits of being a Crown Jewel along with additional "smilies" to use in the community forum discussions.

Your Internet Safety

Remember when the adults said: "Don't run with scissors." "Always carry a quarter in your shoe to make an emergency phone call." There are safety concerns on the internet too. Be safe! Its important to make sure you are choose safe internet practices, even at Hystersisters.com.

Your email address is hidden from view, even from other members. Even if someone emails you through your Hystersisters email link, your email is protected from view. To reply to the member, return to the Hyster Sisters website and click on their profile email link to continue to maintain your email privacy.

We do not suggest giving out your phone number or address in Private Messages nor email and request that you do not post hospital names in your public posts. Although we like to think that everyone on the internet is safe, we would like to err on the side of caution.

Additionally, your purchases in the Hyster Sisters Store is secured and encrypted, providing you a safe environment for your online shopping transactions.

Legal Information

Hystersisters.com is an incorporated online website with a privacy policy and is a HON Code monitored site.

Most importantly, we are glad you have found us and we look forward to meeting you on the message boards! As a website that is dedicated to women to women support we welcome you with open arms.

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